Transferred Or Transfered

Transferred or Transfered: Which Is the Right Spelling?

There often seems to be a lot of confusion about the correct spelling of the past tense of 'to transfer": is it "transferred" or "transfered"? However, there is only one correct answer! The correct way to spell it is by using two r's, thus making it "transferred". Let me explain! What Is the Correct Spelling: Transferred or Transfered? Some people think that the amount of r's you should use depends on whether you are dealing with British English or American English as is the case with "canceled" and "cancelled." While that may be true for some verbs, "to transfer" is definitely not one of them. It doesn't matter whether you're writing in American English or not, the answer remains the same. "Transferred" is still the only correct way of spelling and "transfered" can't be used in any situation whatsoever. How Can You Remember Which Is the Correct Spelling? What's important to know, is...
Passive Voice vs Active Voice

Active vs Passive Voice

Using active or passive voice in the construction of sentences is a characteristic that makes the English language distinct. Whether writing for formal speeches or delivering conversational messages, these two voices are often used to convey a message. The use of passive and active voice holds a clear difference in the English language, and it is something that may confuse most writers, including native English writers. Passive voice was prominent in academic or scientific writing throughout the twentieth century. However, this has significantly changed, and today, many writers prefer using active voice to be more concise and clear. Even students at several American schools are taught to avoid passive voice because it makes the writing weak.  Making a choice between passive and active voice entirely depends on the conventions of the discipline in which you are writing and the ideas you are trying to convey. For some writing, the passive voice can...
Texting Acronyms

ICYMI, LOL, DM & Other Text Message Acronyms: What They Stand For

When you're trying to quickly type something in a text message or don't want to type out a full word to save your thumbs from fatigue, you can use text message acronyms. Below we cover some of the most popular acronyms, like ICYMI and LOL, to clear up any confusion you may have while trying to decipher a message you just received. Common Text Message Acronyms ACK - Acknowledgement Use ACK when you want to send the message that you received without sharing any further detail or any feelings associated with your reaction. AFAIK - As Far As I Know When someone asks you for more information based on what you know, you can start off your statement with, "As far as I know..." or AFAIK. For example, AFAIK Beyoncé plans to be at Coachella. AKA - Also Known As AKA was used long before texting was ever a concept. Lady Gaga fans, AKA little monsters...
How To Write A Press Release

How to Write a Press Release

Today, press releases are more important than ever. Whether you need to announce a new product/service, improve brand image, or drive audience engagement, a press release can be beneficial. Over the past few years, a press release has become an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. After all, it is a quick and easy way to get your business information in front of a large number of people.  In this post, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to write an impressive press release. However, before that, let’s learn what exactly it is. What Is a Press Release? Also known as a news release, a press release is a brief document that announces something that is newsworthy. Usually, the document is sent to editors and journalists so that they can use that information to create a news article. However, nowadays, press releases are submitted to online PR (press...
Great gift ideas for writers

36 Best Gifts for Writers, Authors, and English Teachers: Buying Guide 2020

Are you looking for a gift for your favorite writer?  Whether it's for Christmas, a birthday, or something else, you've come to the right place. As a community of writers, we can tell you the best gifts for writers. Below we've listed our favorite ideas for gifts for writers. While we have tried to provide gift options that will work for most people, we recommend that you only use the following list as a way to get ideas for the best gifts for writers. You will want to buy a gift that you know will delight your writer. Best Gifts for Writers Notebooks - A great gift for writers Notebooks are the foundation of any writer's toolkit an allow them to write as their mind wanders capturing new ideas or expressing their thoughts. You'll want a notebook that is small enough to fit in their bags or backpack. The other thing you'll...


Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review 2020

Bluehost is one of the oldest and most renowned web hosting companies in the world. It was founded in 1996, and in the last 24 years, the company has gained a strong reputation for its outstanding server performance and low-cost hosting plans. Moreover, it is popular among WordPress users as WordPress has officially recommended it. Undoubtedly, Bluehost is a renowned hosting provider, but does that mean they're the best? In this Bluehost review, we will be sharing a complete review of Bluehost so that you can decide if the provider is right for you or not. So without further delay, let's get started. Bluehost Plans & Pricing Bluehost claims to offer a wide range of hosting plans for different budgets and requirements. If you visit their website, you find that they have various hosting plans under the categories: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. Let's analyze them one-by-one. Shared Hosting Shared hosting is a...
Best Online Jobs

10 Online Jobs for 2020

Have you gotten tired of commuting to and from the office every day? Is 9 to 5 corporate job not your cup of tea? Or are you just looking to generate some additional side income to help you save more or pay off bills? We’ve listed 10 of the best online jobs for 2020 that not only offer flexibility in terms of working hours but also pay well.  1. Blogging Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn online. Google Ad is not the only way you can make money from blogging. If your blog gains popularity, you can also earn by affiliate marketing or by selling digital products.  If you're passionate about blogging and can stay consistent, you can earn even a six-figure salary.  In case you don't know how to get started with blogging, you can follow these five easy steps.   Note: Blogging may take at least 6-12 months of...
Blogging Statistics

Top 15 Blogging Statistics Every New Blogger Must Know in 2020

Are you planning to start a blog in 2020? Best of luck! Blogging is an ideal way to establish yourself as an expert in a specific industry, reach a target market, get organic searches from search engines, and set up sales funnels. In this post, we’re going to familiarize you with some blogging statistics that will not only encourage you but also help you blog intelligently. So, without further delay, let’s get to know about them. 1. Number of Blogs Worldwide There are around 600 million blog sites on the World Wide Web, out of the 1.7 billion websites.  2.Number of Bloggers and Blogs in The United States Over the years, the number of bloggers has significantly increased in the US. According to a survey, there are around 32 million bloggers in the US alone (as of 2020). Talking about blogs, Statista shows that the number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7...
manage freelance finances

How to Manage Your Finances as a Freelancer

Did you just start your freelancing journey? You must take the necessary steps to manage your finances right from the beginning. Undoubtedly, freelancing gives you the flexibility to choose which projects to work on, what to charge, and when to work, it has some cons in terms of financial independence. Even though you have regular clients, your freelancing income may fluctuate at any moment. Therefore, you must have an adequate budget to cover the dry spells. And for that, you need to manage your finances. In this guide, we’re going to share some tested and trusted tips to manage your finances as a freelancer. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.    1. Keep Your Personal & Business Bank Accounts Separate Most freelancers make this mistake and get into a hassle. When you don’t keep your personal and business accounts separate, you don’t get a clear picture of your finances.  So first, get a...
Podcast microphones

Best Podcast Microphones – Buying Guide 2020

Doing podcasts is always fun and engaging, especially if you would talk about topics that interest you the most. If you are getting enough engagement from fans and listeners, we are pretty sure that you would be inspired to share some more podcasts. But having the right topic is not enough to have a great outcome. It is also important that you have the right gadget. Hence, having the best podcast microphones is a must for you. There are a lot of podcast microphones on the market, most of which come in varying quality. Some may be inexpensive yet rather dull. Others may be excellent but are super expensive. What we recommend are those that would get the job done well while being affordable. In this article, we have curated ten of the best podcast microphones that might fit the criteria. We urge you to read through this article closely...

Grammar Tips

Capitalize My Title is a dynamic title capitalization tool used to make sure your titles or headlines use proper capitalization rules according to various style guides include APA, AP, MLA, and Chicago. It also counts your words and checks for grammar issues.
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