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The end of 2021 saw Josh Wardle give us what has now become the most popular game on the internet. Fans are hooked on it, and families are bonding over their daily wins at the game. However, trying to guess a new five-letter word each day in no more than six attempts makes its users turn to sites like WordFinderX to access the wordle solver for some help. This article will discuss how to play wordle and give you a few tricks to put up your sleeve.

History of Wordle

Wordle was first launched in October of 2021 and gained nearly a hundred players in just a month. However, according to the New York Times, Josh Wardle created the prototype in 2013 and dismissed it when his friends were unimpressed by the game. Unlike most games found on the internet today, Wordle was not created by a team of engineers. Instead, it was made by one software engineer based in Brooklyn for his partner during the lockdown.

Now, we were all bored during the pandemic. But none of us thought to create Wordle! According to Josh, the inspiration for the game rose when he and his partner, Palak Shah, ‘got really into the New York Times Spelling Bee and the daily crossword’ during the lockdown. This online game is easy to play and has been adapted into several languages worldwide. According to experts, it greatly resembles Lingo – a US television game show, and Jotto – a pen and paper game.

What started as a love story between two partners who shared a love for crosswords has become a popular conversation starter globally, from family dinners to Twitter threads. Today, Wordle has gained millions of users worldwide and has over 300,000 daily players.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle’s creator made sure playing it was easy and free of charge.

The steps on how to play wordle are as follows.

  1. Open the Wordle website.
  2. Enter your first guess and press ‘Enter.’ Your guess must be a five-letter English word. The game does not offer any clues upfront, so guessing any five-letter word will do.
  3. Once you press the ‘Enter’ button, the colors on the white boxes will change to either green, yellow, or grey to highlight your initial guess. The green box highlights a correct letter that is in the proper position on the box. The yellow box highlights a correct letter that is in the wrong position on the box. The grey box highlights a wrong letter that is in the wrong position on the box
  4. If you are playing using the standard mode, you can still make any guess in your remaining five tries. Those playing using hard mode (set hard mode via the gear icon in the top right) can only use letters from the information gathered from previous attempts.

Strategies for Solving Wordle

Solving Wordle using only six tries can feel a little overwhelming and intimidating, especially if your first guess brings back all grey boxes. You have one game in a day, and it’s the same for everyone else worldwide. So, what do you do? Strategy is your best play when you are learning how to play wordle. Here are a few strategies to help any beginner become a pro as a wordle solver.

Use a Good Starting Word

Your first guess is key to determining whether or not you will be able to solve the day’s puzzle. Seasoned wordle solvers might get it right with their first try. Once you get used to it, you will too.

Most recommend choosing a starting word with at least two to three vowels. Another popular recommendation would be to pick a word with common English letters. Peter Norvig’s analysis of Google books helps us determine commonly used letters. In order of decreasing frequency, they are E, T, A, O, I, N, S, and R. using this analysis, some of the best starting words for Wordle include NOTES, RESIN, LEAST, TEARS, TRICE, etc.

Strategically Use your Keyboard

Your keyboard can be your digital pen and paper in this scenario. It helps you rule out letters from the clues you have gained. Learning how to play wordle means perfecting your skills at elimination. Looking at your keyboard will help you analyze the letters you have already keyed in versus those you haven’t.

Some words have repeating letters, which means just because a letter showed a green or yellow highlight doesn’t mean it’s completely eliminated. Be on the lookout for such words and try to include them in your potential attempts. The goal is to solve by elimination using as few guesses as possible.

Make Sure To Use your Green and Yellow Letters in your Next Guesses

When making your next guesses try using a different word that includes the clues you found from the previous attempt. The elimination process involves taking into account the possibilities while ruling out impossibilities. Your success as a wordle solver depends on your ability to incorporate the clues into your next guesses.

The purpose of highlighting your letters in green, yellow, and grey is to help guide your guesses. The colored tiles will inform you whether you are on the right track with your words or if you need to rethink your strategy. Playing Wordle is relatively easy, especially if you know how to maneuver around the rules and play them to your advantage.

If you Need Help, Use Hints

Most people would shun the idea. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Cheating at Wordle or using hints has been made possible. Numerous websites offer clues and the actual word of the day.

Some of these sites include the following:

  • WordFinderX
  • Wordtips
  • Tom’s guide
  • OMG!
  • Capitalize My Title

Other tricks you could use as hints include the following:

  • Opening another browser in incognito mode, solving the day’s puzzle, and filling it on the window with your account logged in.
  • You can also google ‘today’s wordle answer’ on your browser and key in the word on your first try.


Wordle can be a fun alternative to the normal word games. It has gained so much traction in a limited amount of time because it has upsides that most online games don’t. Wordle can be downloaded for free, has no ads or popup screens, and allows its users to share their triumphs on social media without giving spoilers. It is also a guilt-free way of spending your time on the internet while sharpening your English skills.

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