11 Best Plagiarism Tools 2022

When you are writing an article, it is always important that you keep it 100 percent original. Whether you are writing a research paper or a blog article, ensuring an original content will surely benefit you. From being SEO-friendly to being professor-friendly, you will have no problem with your paper at. However, manually checking your article can be quite time-consuming, considering the number of references which you are going to compare it with. In some instances, you may have no idea that you are already copying someone else’s work. Here enter the best plagiarism checkers.

The best plagiarism checkers offer accurate results within a matter of time. They would tell you how much of your work is similar to someone else’s work. They could also tell if you just copied other documents without actually giving them credit. In addition to this, the said programs are user-friendly, hence they are considerably easy to use. Many of these plagiarism checkers are free, so you do not need to spend much money for quality output. Without further ado, here are ten of the best plagiarism checkers you could find online.

1. Grammarly

Commencing our list of the best plagiarism checkers online is Grammarly. Academic writers and bloggers primarily use Grammarly in checking the grammar and technicalities of their articles and social media posts. However, one of the strongest features of this software is the presence of a plagiarism checker. This feature ensures you that you do not copy other people’s work. If you click on the plagiarism button, Grammarly will scan your whole article and underline the parts that you might have taken directly from other sites online. It displays the percentage of words copied directly from other sources and the site where you might have taken it from. This would prompt you to rephrase the sentences or remove them completely from your article.

Grammarly has a free version but it has limited functions. If you want to avail of the full version, you could avail of Grammarly Premium at a set price. You will get your money’s worth anyway so it would certainly be great to use it.

2. Quetext

We also recommend using Quetext to check whether you have plagiarized your work or not. This program offers an unlimited plagiarism checker, but with a certain charge. Do not worry, this site would give you total freedom to use the said function as much as you need it. The results of the scan will be saved as an interactive report that you could view, export, or even delete within your account. Hence, you could upload multiple files for bulk checking.

Quetext has a DeepSearch feature which allows you to have your content checked for contextual plagiarism. With this feature, your content would get checked as a context of the next lines. Because of the said feature, we recommend this plagiarism checker for students who are checking the reliability of their research papers.

3. PlagScan

With PlagScan, you could check the authenticity of your text with just a couple of clicks. It offers you a plagiarism report which ensures that you do not just copy the output of others. The features which PlagScan has are above par. The Plagiarism Level would help you identify the percentage of matched content in your document. It provides a complete list of matched sources, giving you an overview of where the copied text comes from. The matches between the text and the source are highlighted. Hence, you could conveniently navigate the complete report and move from one portion to the other.

PlagScan also shortens your time of manually searching for suspicious content from Google. You could easily upload your documents to check their authenticity. You could then detect plagiarism with just a few clicks.

4. CopyScape

Althought CopyScape doesn’t check your documents, it is a create tool for checking plagiarism used on websites. You can enter a url and CopyScape will crawl its database to find if tehre are any other websites that have similar content. For each website that it finds that has duplicate or similar content, it will provide a similar score from 0% to 100% and highlight the sections that are similar. This is a create tool for finding out if anyone has copied your content and if they have, you can file a DMCA request to have the content taken down.

5. PlagTracker

We also included PlagTracker as one of the best plagiarism checkers online because of its quick and free plagiarism detection tool. This tool looks into both academic databases and websites and comparing your document with these sources. One of the benefits of using PlagTracker is that it provides detailed reports, giving users information they need as to the parts that were copied and the list of references which were used. It supports six languages, giving you the opportunity to use this software whichever language you prefer. The languages available include English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Romanian.

With the features that PlagTracker has, various could use this conveniently. Hence, teachers, researchers, students, and publishers could use this program.  Users could paste up to 5,000 words and find sections where plagiarism is present.

6. Copyleaks

You could easily find plagiarized and paraphrased content using the advanced AI Technology that CopyLeaks has. This software allows you to confirm the originality of your document with algorithms that scan and take note of textual content in particular languages. Through its cloud computing feature, you could find the exact copies of your supposedly copied content throughout the internet. It is able to scan more than 60 trillion pages from databases across the web.

CopLeaks is ideal for a variety of uses. For students, you could check the authenticity of your project, keeping your academic integrity. For businesses, you could protect your copyrights as well as secure your internal documents. This application will surely help you avoid infringement because you know that your content is original. You could now use CopyLeaks for on-the-go review with its mobile application.

7. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is a free online plagiarism checker for students and teachers. With this application, you will be able to check the authenticity of your output and remove the instances of plagiarism. Plagiarisma is relatively easy to use, thanks to its basic interface and convenient processes. What further makes it one of the best plagiarism checkers is that it is able to support more than 190 languages. This means that almost all languages – if not all – are included. Other features of this application include plagiarism check by URL and having search engine extension.

Teachers could use this tool to lessen their burden of comparing the students’ outputs with external references. Students and researchers can easily rephrase or remove the plagiarized portions of their papers. Because it is able to detect copyright infringement in your documents, you will surely avoid being accused of plagiarism.

8. Plagramme

With Plagramme, you could quickly check your paper online for plagiarism. This a free program that helps you determine the issues that exist within your document, especially if it was copied from another source. It offers you two versions, providing you distinct features per version. The free version allows you to check your documents with unlimited words. It also allows you to read the results of the scan offline because it supports PDF extraction. Though it also lets you view your report online anytime and anywhere.

The premium version of Plagramme offers you access to the significant features that it has. These include a detailed plagiarism report summary, comparison between two or more texts, and sharing your content on social media. Plagramme is available in 18 languages, and it could work in any operating system.

9. Unicheck

Unicheck helps you achieve the authenticity of your documents by combining technological advancements and intuitive design. This software does not only find the similarities found in your document, but it also compares your text with other sources. It uses hundreds of advanced algorithms to give you a comprehensive similarity report. Hence, you could easily identify common links between phrases and words. In addition to this, Unicheck also helps identify references and citations in the text as long as they are in the correct academic format. This means that this program is vital for student researchers and teachers.

This software is relatively easy to use. Its algorithms are up to date, so you will not be hard up locating for similarities online. Furthermore, you could download this software for easy checking of your documents.

10. Scribbr

With the Plagiarism Checker Scribbr, you could easily improve your research to meet your desired needs. It compares your paper with over 60 billion pages and 30 million publications for more accurate results. It highlights similar texts that may be considered plagiarized. However, commonly used phrases are ignored. Furthermore, it also detects the presence of plagiarism in paragraphs where the structure of the sentences is changed, extra words are added, and synonyms are used.

Scribbr’s plagiarism program works best for students because of its large database of scholarly sources. In addition to this, the plagiarism report contains all of the information that you need. With all the features that Scribbr has, you could remove all copied texts and make a stellar report.

11. Paper Rater

Completing our list of the best plagiarism checkers is Plagiarism Checker. With this site, you could find out if your paper is original or not. It will analyze your paper immediately and compares it with billions of online pages to ensure the authenticity of your paper. Paper Rater is very easy to use. You just have to copy and paste your text in the box provided, and this software will immediately do its job seamlessly.

Paper Rater offers free services where you could check the presence of plagiarism in your paper. However, it also offers a premium service that allows you to submit longer texts.

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