16 Best Literary Agencies to Get Your Book Published

The last thing you’d want is to be represented by a literary agency that is more clueless about how the whole publishing works than you are. For your peace of mind and higher probability of getting your manuscript seen by the top publishers in the country, you should approach these best literary agencies. They have helped published several bestsellers and have worked with renowned fiction and non-fiction writers. We’ve also included a link to their requirements so you can start submitting. 

What Is a Literary Agent? What Do Literary Agents Do?

A literary agent or a book agent represents you and your written work. Their sole duty is to put your manuscript in front of publishing houses and ensure you get the best deal possible like a higher book advance. 

Literary agents also review manuscripts and offer edits and creative insights, ensuring that the manuscript that will be presented to a publisher is in its best possible shape. They also help authors put together pitch packages and book proposals and keep track of the submissions.   

How to Find a Literary Agent?

Finding a literary agent to represent you and your manuscript can be tricky. Thankfully, there are several online literary agency databases, forums, as well as social media platforms like Linkedin that you can rely on for research. You can also type “literary agents near me” on Google, and you’ll find hundreds of literary agencies. 

Some of the best places to find a literary agent includes: 

How to Get a Literary Agent?

Choosing the ideal literary agency for your novel is easier said than done. If you want traditional publishers like Penguin Random House to notice you and your book, you’ll need the best representation possible. And that entails spending time and effort researching the best literary agencies, their history, their client list, and of course, their submission guidelines. 

To find a literary agency to represent your novel, follow these steps:

  • Research agents and create an all-star shortlist
  • Determine the suitability of each agent
  • Personalize and perfect a query letter for each agent
  • Check in again in 4-6 weeks

Pro Tip: Although it is tempting to say yes to the first literary agent who has shown interest in representing you, don’t. What’s important is that you find an agent that has a proven track record and has represented authors in the same genre as yours.

What Are the Top Literary Agencies?

With the scarcity of agents and a glut of writers, publishing can be a daunting industry for an author working alone. Luckily, you can approach the best literary agencies in the publishing industry. What are the names of these literary agencies and their requirements? You’ll find them here.

The Knight Agency

The Knight Agency's website

Based in Madison, GA, United States, The Knight Agency has secured contracts for more than 2000 book titles with top publishers. Many have made bestseller lists in publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly. They offer a range of services to their customers. This includes foreign, electronic, film, television, and audio subsidiary rights management, branding, and book marketing support.

The Knight Agency also represents fiction and non-fiction authors. In terms of submission, authors should use a query manager to submit. If you’d like The Knight Agency to represent you, please find out more about their submission details here.

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency, LLC

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency's website

Based in Amherst, Massachusetts, Linda Roghaar Literary Agency LLC is a full-service literary agency that is independent and boutique. The agency represents authors to large publishers, independent publishers, and university presses. The non-fiction division of the firm represents authors who write about everything from sports to theology to knitting.

The publications written by the agency’s authors are, for the most part, extensions of their life work. They prefer e-queries. Authors should mention ‘query’ in the subject line and should not include attachments. If you want the agency to represent you and your work, visit their website today to see their submission guidelines.

Pippin Properties, Inc.

Literary agency Pippin Properties' website

Situated in New York City, Pippin Properties mainly represents picture books, graphic novels, middle grade, and young adult fiction. They also represent adult trade publications occasionally. You may check out Pippin Properties’ submission criteria here if you want to submit your work to one of their agents.

You can only contact one agent at a time, so read the agent profiles to identify the best match. When submitting a query, paste the first chapter of your manuscript into the body of your email. Authors should not send attachments. Contact the Pippin Properties team via email if you have more inquiries.

In addition to representing authors, Pippin Properties, Inc. also works with illustrators. 

MacGregor Literary

website of Macgregor Literary, one of the best literary agencies.

MacGregor Literary has been in business for more than two decades. The agency has represented authors that have been on prominent lists, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, among others.

Their interests include autobiography, business, crime, culture, current affairs, finance, history, mystery, religion, romance, personal development, sport, suspense, thrillers, women’s interests, and contemporary among others.

Send a query with the first three chapters and a synopsis in terms of submission. If you wish for MacGregor Literary agency to represent you, you can check their submission guidelines here.

Hartline Agency

Literary agency Hartline Agency's website

Hartline Agency, which began as a major player in the Christian book market, has expanded to include the general book market. Their interest is mainly in inspirational fiction and non-fiction for adults. They also work with well-known General Market publishing houses and CBA.

Hartline Agency does not accept screenplays, scripts, poetry, children’s books and magazine articles. Authors should keep in mind that they should submit their proposals through email. Check their submission requirements here.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Website of literary agency Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Andrea Brown Literary Agency represents new and established authors specializing in children’s and adult literature. They have several co-agents in addition to its team of highly experienced agents. This structure allows the company to be active in selling subsidiary rights.

When submitting your work, they require a brief query letter that includes a description of your work. Find more on their submission details here if you want them to represent you.

Writers House

Homepage of Writers House, a literary agency

Writers House agency is one of the world’s largest literary agencies. This New York-based agency has interests in literary and commercial fiction, women’s fiction, science, and picture books. They also offer international rights, subsidiary rights, contracts, estate representation, and digital publishing services.

Flowers in the Attic by Vic Andrews, and The Patriot Threat by Steve Berr, are among its bestselling adult books. For submission, email them a query letter with your credentials and a synopsis. Visit their website to learn about their submission requirements.

Conville & Walsh

Literary agent Conville & Walsh's website

Conville & Walsh is among the best literary agencies globally, with headquarters in the United Kingdom. The firm specializes in commercial and literary fiction and may represent various publications, including non-fiction. They provide expert representation in print, audio, ebook formats, and book-to-screen rights. Conville & Walsh has represented several successful and award-winning authors from various backgrounds.

They do not accept postal submissions. Find their requirements here if you want Conville & Walsh to represent you.

The Book Group

website of The Book Group, one of the best literary agencies

The Book Group is a full-service literary agency situated in Manhattan’s financial district. They represent a diverse group of renowned authors, including critically acclaimed and bestselling novelists. They also represent renowned children’s book authors, award-winning historians, cuisine writers, memoirists, and journalists.

In terms of submission, email a query letter and 10 sample pages. Find their submission details here if you wish for them to represent you.

The Steve Laube Agency

The Steve Laube Agency's website

Phoenix-based The Steve Laube Agency is a well-known Christian market specialist who provides a wide variety of services. First is focusing on content and supporting an author in producing the most remarkable book possible with a long-term commercial appeal. Secondly, they focus on career development and provide support in growing a writer’s career. Lastly is contract negotiation, which entails obtaining the finest possible contracts for authors with publishers.

Check submission guidelines from their website.

Trident Media Group

Trident Media Group's website

Trident Media Group is a New York-based literary agency that has gained prominence by handling over 1000 authors. Many of these authors’ works have been New York Times bestsellers and have won significant accolades.

Editing, book sales, overseas rights, and contract negotiation are just a few of TMG’s offerings. Learn more about the submission guidelines here if you wish them to represent you.

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management's website

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management is located in Los Angeles and New York. They have a team of literary agents looking for fiction and non-fiction authors in various genres.

Like other agencies on our list, Dystel & Goderich boasts a long list of satisfied clients and a solid reputation. They also offer a broad range of services, including selling, negotiating contracts, collecting money for clients, and providing excellent editorial support.

In terms of submission, they require authors to send their query letters via email, with the full query in the email body rather than an attachment. Check their guidelines here to find out more.

Folio Literary Management

Folio Literary Management

Folio Literary Management represents both aspiring and established authors. The agency provides comprehensive services, including marketing, website creation, media training, and representation. The agency’s support also extends to all platforms such as film adaptations, digital publications, and apps. Folio Literary Management represents fiction and non-fiction authors. Folio Jr is a section of the organization dedicated to working on behalf of first-rate children’s book authors.

Unfortunately, this literary agency does not represent poetry or screenplays. If you think they are the best choice for your book, make sure you correctly format your cover letter, manuscript, and supplemental materials. You can check their guidelines here.

3 Seas Literary Agency

Screenshot of one of the best literary agencies 3 Seas Literary Agency's website

Seas is a full-service literary agency dedicated to advancing the careers of our authors. The agency represents over 85 authors who write romance, women’s fiction, science fiction/fantasy, thrillers, young adult and middle-grade fiction, and non-fiction. Their clients frequently appear on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly.

They have won many prestigious industry awards, including the RITA, Golden Heart, and Bookseller’s Best. Unfortunately, they no longer accept email queries. If you wish 3 seas literary agency to represent you, check their guidelines here.

Make Your Book a Reality

Even if you’ve done your homework, determining when you’ve met the proper agent might be tricky. This article helps you identify the agent who fits your genre the next time you intend to find a literary agent. Your agent will hold your hand during the lengthy process of getting your book published. Literary agents are well-versed in the process and have a vested interest in seeing their clients through the book publishing process. Finding the best literary agencies is in your best interests, whether you have just finished writing or pitching your proposal.

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