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10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Are you someone who finds it difficult to strike up a conversation with someone you just met? People nowadays are not used to having face-to-face conversations anymore. The world has gone digital, and people are content with chatting online. However, meeting and conversing with people face-to-face can help build rapport and business connections that can help you attain success. Let these 10 ways to have a better conversation guide you and help you live your life to the fullest.

1. Don’t let your mind wander off somewhere during the conversation

In other words, avoid multitasking. Focus on the ongoing conversation and don’t think about what you will have for lunch or dinner, or whether you should order take-outs later. Stay in the current moment that you’re having a conversation. Otherwise, excuse yourself and take care of your urgent matter. You may choose to return but make sure to give your full attention to the ongoing conversation.

2. Avoid pontificating at all costs

A conversation is a two-way street. If you want to speak your mind and want the others to know the beauty of it without allowing them to respond, just write a blog or deliver a speech. No one wants to talk to someone who seems to know it all. You need to assume that you will learn something in each conversation that you will have so you can listen attentively. Sometimes, you need to set aside your own opinion, which might only lead to an argument.

3. Don’t ask close-ended questions that can be answered with a yes or no

It is wise to follow the example of journalists when asking your questions. Avoid questions that can be answered by yes or no without the need to explain the reply of the respondent in detail. You can start with why, where, when, what, who, and how (5 W’s and 1 H). You will get a detailed response when you do that, and it will keep the conversation flowing.

4. Let go of the thoughts that come into your mind

You need to go with the flow. While having a conversation, someone might mention something that leads you to remember certain important events that happened. You should let go of these thoughts and not disrupt the ongoing conversation. Focus on the current conversation. It is fine to interject as long as it can help reinforce the point of the person who has the floor at the moment. You also need to make it short.

5. Openly admit that you don’t know something

If you don’t have any knowledge about the topic, admit it openly that you don’t know. Why lie about it? In fact, it may help keep the conversation flowing, and you will gain valuable information and knowledge. It will also show your honesty and interest in the subject and the conversation itself.

6. Don’t sound like you’re competing with their experiences

The people that you’re having a conversation with may suddenly talk about losing a family member, and you will suddenly blurt out that you recently lost one as well. Someone else may talk about work troubles, and you begin informing them that you don’t get along with your boss. Different individuals have different experiences even though the situations could be the same. While empathy is important, you should not equate your experiences with that of other people and instead listen and respond to theirs. When you do compare experiences, it sounds like you are competing with them by letting them know how much you’ve gone through or how amazing your life is.

7. Avoid repeating yourself

Anyone has a tendency to repeat what she or he has already said when conversing with someone or a group of people. You should avoid doing so because it makes the conversation boring and uninteresting. The conversation just keeps going in circles without any progress if you keep repeating yourself.

8. Don’t discuss details if your listeners don’t care to know

A conversation with others, especially those you just met at the party, should be lively and fun. People are not really interested to know about the dates, names, years, and other details of the subject you are discussing with them. They are b. State the details if your listener will gain a lot of benefits from it. Otherwise, make the conversation simple and enjoyable.

9. Be a good listener

To establish a good conversation, you need to be a good listener first. Most people would rather talk than listen which doesn’t create a great dialogue. When you want to enjoy a fun conversation, you need to listen to what your group is discussing. Listen well so you have a deeper understanding of the discussion and your replies make sense in the context of the conversation.

10. Make it short

When making your statements, keep them brief but meaty. Get to the point and avoid unnecessary explanations that will only make it drag on.

You need to learn how to establish a conversation without offending anybody and wasting your time. You also need to refrain from turning your conversation into a boring one. Go out and talk to people and try using the 10 ways to have a better conversation for your benefit.

Tabletop Topic Cards

If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your conversations, try these great tabletop cards to spark interesting conversations. They make great gifts and coffee table decorations.

TableTopics Original

TableTopics Family Cards

Great Conversation Starters

What is something you can tell me about yourself that will help me remember you over others?

Some believe that our identity is directly correlated to our career. What is your thought?

What is the most difficult thing for you about living in this city?

If money wasn’t a necessity, what career would you choose for yourself?

How do you separate what joy is from happiness?

What do you find is the best remedy to go to sleep on nights when you are restless?

What are the main differences between baby boomers and millennials?

What was your favorite era of music and what was played then?

What type of movies do you like to watch and what are your favorites?

What’s your favorite restaurant and why?

What’s your favorite thing to do with your free time?

Name three words that best describe you.

Funny Conversation Starters

What’s the best Wi-Fi network name you have ever seen?

What candy bar would you be?

If you could hack any computer, whose computer would you pick?

If you could have dinner with anybody, who would you pick for a date?

Would you prefer to never get stuck in traffic again, or to never get another cold in your entire life?

If you had to pick a Disney character to represent you, which one would you pick?

What would you do with your extra time if you didnt need to sleep anymore?

What was the best reason why you ever faked being sick?

What is the weirdest gift you have ever gotten in your life?

If you had to work in a circus, what would you be working as?

Who would you prefer to be able to read your thoughts, your parents or your crush?

If you had to give either caffeine or alcohol for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Deep Conversation Topics

What are your fears? Fear is one of the primal emotions of humans and knowing the answer to this will give you an insight into the person.

What is your general plan in life? Reflecting on your plan in life is one of the best deep conversation topics.

What is the lowest point of your life? The lowest point always defines the person.

What are the things that you regret? Knowing what the person used to be that they don’t want to be anymore is an effective way to get to know each other.

If you could tell something to your 10-year-old self, what would it be? Know what they value now that they didn’t before.

The thing you hate the most? There are many things that can be revealed by this question.

What do you do over and over again that you hate doing? You’ll have an insight into their routine.

What will you never give up on? You will know what is important to their lives.

How would you describe the color of the sky to a blind person? There are a lot of insightful things that can be said when asked this hypothetical question.

What is your next big step? Other people are stuck in a routine but asking them their next big step can help in reflecting.

Conversation Starters With a Guy

If you’re looking for ideas about what to text a guy to start a conversation, look below.

How was your day? This is always one of the best conversation starters with a guy.

Ask about their dreams. This will reveal their future plans and how responsible they are.

Hypothetical magic powers. Mind-reading or flight? Fire bending or water bending? It’s a fun question to ask anyone!

Worst date ever. Not only can both of you laugh at his stories, but you also know what to avoid if you guys date.

Vacation places he’s been to. You probably have been to the same places and have a lot of stories to tell

Things he’s passionate about. You will be surprised how talkative a guy is when his passion is the topic of the discussion.

Best year in his life. Having something positive and nostalgic thing to discuss is always nice.

Favorite shows or movies? You can bond over your shared taste or you can have new shows to watch!

Pet peeves? Have an insight into his temperament by asking this key question.

What are you most afraid of? This is a very personal topic but it could make you closer.

Conversation Starters With a Girl

If you’re looking for ideas about what to text a girl to start a conversation, look below.

Tell me about your family.

Tell me something about your best friend.

Tell me about your favourite song or movie

What is your ultimate goal in life?

You have three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

What was your childhood career?

What do you notice first about a guy?

Am I boring?

Favourite celeb

Do you have any pets?

The Dumbest thing you have done.

Your regrets in life?

What was your most embarrassing moment?

How long your longest relationship did last?

What are your hobbies?

What do you like most you about a guy?

Are you a dancer? And would you dance with me?

What is a deal-breaker for you?

Your favourite music.

What would your ideal date be like?

Do you have any fears in life?

What is the one thing you used to do as a child that you wish you could still do?

What do you hate most about dating?

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