36 Best Gifts for Writers, Authors, and English Teachers: Buying Guide 2020


Are you looking for a gift for your favorite writer?  Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or something else, you’ve come to the right place. As a community of writers, we can tell you the best gifts for writers. Below we’ve listed our favorite ideas for gifts for writers. While we have tried to provide gift options that will work for most people, we recommend that you only use the following list as a way to get ideas for the best gifts for writers. You will want to buy a gift that you know will delight your writer.

Best Gifts for Writers

Notebooks – A great gift for writers

Notebooks are the foundation of any writer’s toolkit an allow them to write as their mind wanders capturing new ideas or expressing their thoughts. You’ll want a notebook that is small enough to fit in their bags or backpack. The other thing you’ll want to make sure of is whether your favorite writer prefers lined or unlined notebooks. Below you’ll see our top recommended notebooks that can be gifts for writers.

best gifts for writersbest gifts for writers

Moleskine Notebook

As one of the de facto best gifts for writers, the classic moleskine notebook is a must. Moleskine notebooks generally fit the bill pretty well as a great gift for writers. You’ll want to make sure that the notebook is small enough that it can easily be carried around. Moleskines come in both lined and unlined.

best gifts for writers

Composition Notebook

A classic of high school literature classes, the composition notebook is also a common favorite among writers. The covered binding doesn’t get caught in backpacks and is likely to last as long as the pages in the notebook.

best gifts for writers

Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling has become a recent trend and many writers have adopted this method of journaling to quickly capture their thoughts throughout the day and plan their weeks. Get your favorite writer a nice bullet journal as a gift and they’ll thank you when their days are finally organized!

Writer’s Block Remedies

Writer’s blocks is no fun. As a writer, the ideas need to keep flowing. Below are some gifts you get that will make that writer’s block become the writer’s flow. There won’t be anything stopping your writer now!

writers block gift - best gifts for writers

A Block of Ideas

Most writers will encounter writer’s block occasionally if not on a daily basis. Why not get them a gift that will cure their writer’s block? This literal block features over 780 ideas to help your writer overcome their momentary inability to write. They can simply open this block anytime they are stuck and they will instantly get ideas for writing. This 3″x3″x3″ is so portable and small that it can easily be placed on any writing desk without taking up much space.

writer's emergency kit - best gifts for writers

Writer Emergency Pack

The Writer Emergency Pack contains 26 cards which should spark creative juices so that your writer can get back to writing.

A Puzzle

Sometimes all a writer needs to get going again is a break from their work. Get them a puzzle as a gift to give them an excuse to take a break.

Board Games

Board games are one of the best gifts for writers. Whether to take a break, socialize with friends, or simply to spark new ideas board games are a great gift.

Travel Scrabble

Most likely your favorite writer is also a word nerd so they’re sure to enjoy Travel Scrabble. It’s the take-anywhere version of the classic board game. The tiles click in so you don’t have to worry about tiles falling off of the board. Perfect when you are traveling in vehicles or simply at a hotel. If your friend is not already fed-up with Words with Friends, they’re sure to enjoy Travel Scrabble and might even ask whether you want to join in!


Dixit is the storyteller’s favorite game. In order to win, you have to convince everyone else that your story card is the best. What better way to be creative on a Friday night with friends?

It also won the prestigious Spiel de Jahres award for board game design in 2010, and it remains one of the board games best loved by writers.


Storymatic is not only a great card game to play with friends, but also a great writer’s block destroyer. Great dual purpose game.

Writing Software

No writer’s job these days would be complete without the best writing software to make their lives easier. Besides for reviewng our list of best distraction-free writing tools, see if they’d be interested in any of these other software tools.


Grammarly is our favorite writing tool. It comes in both a free version and paid version. You can read more about the differences here. If you want to get Grammarly Premium as a gift for your favorite writer, you can score a discount through this link.



CoSchedule is a great website for content planning. They give teams and writers incredible flexibility to schedule content creation and publishing on blogs, social media, and more. If your favorite writer owns a blog or website that regularly publishes content, CoSchedule might just be the tool they need.


They’re cliche, but if your favorite writer is a coffee or tea drinker, they will love this gift. Not only will they be able to caffeinate themselves for daily writing sessions, they can also show off their personalities with great writer sayings. Just be wary of any passive aggressive messages they may send you. You never know how true they could be!

Literary T-Shirts

If mugs aren’t their thing, how about a t-shirt? There are a lot of t-shirts out there with funny literary sayings. Perfect for your favorite writer.

A New Laptop

If you are willing to spend a little bit for, a new laptop can make all the difference for your writer. If they’ve been using the same laptop for years, they will certainly appreciate a quicker laptop with a longer battery so they focus more on the writing and less on the tech. Head over to our guide on the best laptops for writers for details on what to look for in a new laptop. You’ll want to make sure the laptop you buy has the right specs and battery life so that your favorite writer will love their gift.

Below are our two favorite laptops for writers.

Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 - Gifts for Writers

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Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook - Gifts for Writers

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Writers always need new pens. Whether their current ones have run out of ink or they’ve lost them, a new pen will always be a welcome gift. We have written previous articles about the best pens for writing and best fountain pens which you can find below.

Best Pens

best pens - writing gifts

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Best Fountain Pens

fountain pen - writing gifts

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If you want to give jewelry as a gift to your favorite writer, try this beautiful silver bracelet. It goes great with many styles and will allow your Hemingway to show off their writing pride! Here are a few other jewelry options as well.

Writing Tablet

If your writer loves to write on the computer, they might even like to handwrite. The Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad allows you to take handwritten notes and then digitize the notes automatically with the touch of a button. No more excuses for partially filled notebooks lying around.

Click Here for Details and Reviews on Amazon

Kindle Gift Card

There’s a great chance that your favorite writer also loves to read, so why not get them a Kindle gift card? With a Kindle gift card, they can purchase any book from Amazon’s wide selection to read instantly on their Kindle. Get one here.



Writing Retreats

There is no better way to get started writing than getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. Why not treat your favorite writer to a writing getaway? Doing a simple Google search will return hundreds of available writing retreats. We wrote a whole guide on how to find a great writing retreat which you can read here.

Messenger Bag for Laptop

If your writer often carries around their laptop in a backpack, this fashionable messenger will be a great upgrade. Made from high density washed canvas, genuine crazy horse leather, bronze hardware and high-density cotton straps, this laptop bag is sure to last for years and always be in fashion. It easily fits a 14-inch laptop and any additional accessories or notebooks.

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Laptop Wrist Rests

Writer’s wrists get tired after typing all day on their laptops, so why not get them comfortable wrist rests? You can get rest just for the wrists or ones that come with comfy mouse pads as well to support both wrists. Your writer friend will thank you!

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wrist rest - best gifts for writers

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