12 Amazing Web Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

As online content writers and bloggers, the internet allows you to express your creativity and share it with the world with ease. However, the internet also holds tons of distractions that may hinder your productivity. At one moment you may be writing the introduction of your next article. A moment later, you are already taking online quizzes and watching reaction videos. To rid yourself of these distractions, you need to have the best web apps for distraction-free writing.

We have collated some of the best web apps for distraction-free writing to help you focus and become more productive. Some of these apps can block social media platforms, while others mix in soothing background music. This way, there will be no disturbance to your workflow. 

1. Calmly Writer

Kicking things off our list of the best web apps for distraction-free writing is Calmly Writer. This is a professional text editor which has been designed to help you focus on what you want to tell. Thanks to its simple and distraction-free user interface, you would get o start writing without any disruptions. You could format your text by selecting and clicking on the style you want.

Calmy Writer automatically saves your text every time you make a change. It even provides an optimal viewing experience by adapting to the layout of the images and font. For those who prefer white text on a black background, this app features a dark mode. To make your writing much more distraction-free, this app has other features such as full-screen mode, turning the typewriter sound on or off, and choosing text caret color.

Calmly Writer

2. Focus at Will

Whether you are a student, a blogger, or an entrepreneur, you could work more efficiently with Focus at Will. This is an app that optimizes music to help you focus better when writing. It is engineered to provide you with the specific type of music which would soothe your brain and get it into a flow state. This would make you more focused and more productive.

Focus at Will would determine the perfect music for you by asking a few questions. The genres would range from classical to electronic. From here, you would be able to have access to over 50 channels which could help create the best focus for your distinct personality. These channels are exclusively remixed so you could not find them elsewhere. Thanks to these channels, you could make the most of your time writing and hitting your deadlines with ease.

3. Centered App

While Pomodoro timers are great for keeping you on task, the Centered app adds a whole new level to focus. With a built-in AI coach that reminds you when you’re getting distracted, tells you about upcoming breaks, and gets you back on track after your break, Centered is our new favorite productivity app. If you want even more accountability, turn on your video and work alongside fellow users.

There are a number of categories rooms that you can join so that you’re working alongside people with similar interests and you can even turn on music or other sounds (rain, etc.) for an even more immersive experience.

4. Freedom

Freedom lets you control any disruption and focus on what truly matters. It lets you block distractions so you can get your job done, whether they may be social media, videos, games, or others. Block the apps that you want when you want, making you more productive. You could even schedule your Freedom time in advance and block the apps and websites at a recurring time. This will make you productive even more.

What makes Freedom one of the best web apps for distraction-free writing is that it allows you to sync blocks across all devices. So, whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you would have complete control of your distractions. It also features a Locked Mode which prevents you from changing the settings when your distractibility is already very high.

5. FocusWriter

FocusWriter is equal parts fun and functional. It’s a word processor that utilizes a hide-away interface to reduce distractions, but since you can customize what it looks like, you can personalize it to something exciting, soothing, inspirational, or just plain cool. You can also integrate extras like a live statistics counter or typewriting sound effects. If you’ve always liked creating your own writing environments, this is a tool that can take it to the next level.

6. Poe

Poe is a distraction-free writing app that has been designed by a writer for writers. This app is named after Edgar Allan Poe, a distinguished American author. Hence, you could see that the logo is inspired by his poem entitled, “The Raven.” Launched in 2012, it has since become one of the best web apps for distraction-free writing for Windows 10 users. It features a suite of writing tools that complements its simple, clear, and usable interface.

With this app, you could automatically save your file every 60 seconds so you would never lose work again. It could notify you when you have already reached the desired word count target. It even sets an alarm for you to remind you when your writing time is over. Other features include a built-in autocorrect, quick access to dictionaries, and other resources list for writers.

7. OmmWriter

If you want an app that would make it easier for you to concentrate, try OmmWriter. It efficiently insulates your mind from any distraction and sets up a direct line between your thoughts and your text. It mimics the environment of being alone, hence you will hear your inner voice much clearer so you could delve into your creative process much deeper.

How does OmmWriter ensure a focused experience that is free from distraction? Primarily, it plays natural backgrounds and audio tracks to help you maintain your concentration and focus your mind on your words. It even creates sounds when typing to support each letter your make from your keyboard.

OmmWriter also boasts of its simplicity. The minimalist background has been designed to transport you into a worry-free environment as you rekindle with the earth. Its take on color therapy to incorporate two backgrounds provides the subconscious with stimulation of creativity.

8. Write! App

Write! is a stunning workspace to create articles and writing projects without any distraction. It comprises all the features of a great word processor that is strategically placed into a clutter-free interface. Primarily, it has a borderless user interface for distraction-free writing. The buttons and other unnecessary features are hidden. It has even a Focus Mode feature which enables a dark theme for added comfort at night hours.

This app also features powerful writing tools to maximize your productivity to write more. These tools include an intelligent spellchecker, configurable autocomplete, and productivity counters. Its minimalist writing interface will help your workflow become smoother. In addition to this, Write! allows you to back up your work to a secure cloud so you would never lose important documents in the middle of writing them. As a matter of fact, you could store an unlimited number of documents without any additional cost. You could even organize and manage your projects in folders, sessions, and tabs.

9. Ulysses

Ulysses is a distraction-free writing app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. This app offers you a simple yet intuitive workspace that you could customize according to your preference. Primarily, it has a clean and distraction-free interface that leverages modern OS concepts. Because it is clutter-free, distractions would stay out of your way and you could get around with your article in no time. In addition to this, the text editor of Ulysses is easy to use and is customizable. So, you could choose from handpicked color palettes as to how your editor would look like.

This app would also let you organize and manage your files. With a full suite of organizational tools, you could get your job done easily. For instance, it has a library which holds everything that you would write. You could even break your articles into the hierarchy as you see fit.

10. Mindful Browsing

Mindful Browsing is one of the best web apps that could help you avoid distractions when searching for references on your content. It calls your attention when you attempt to visit sites that you know would waste your time. It even reminds you of how you would rather spend your time more productively.

This open-source extension for Chrome allows you to list the websites that you would like to avoid. So, the next time visit these sites, this app would show you stunning photographs from some of the world’s best landscape photographers. It would then continue to remind you of the goals that you have set for yourself. A little motivation goes a long way, thanks to Mindful Browsing.

11. Rescue Time

With so many distractions online, you do need an app like Rescue Time to declutter your digital life and make you more productive. Primarily, this app blocks distracting websites by choosing an amount of time to focus. It sets alerts, letting you know when you have spent a certain amount of time on activities beyond your schedule. Moreover, it logs highlights of what you have done during the day. This gives you the opportunity to see how many tasks you have left and if you have ever reached your goals.

Rescue Time also gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity. It tracks the time spent on applications and websites. You could also measure time when you want it. Because of its features, you could become more productive in accomplishing your tasks.

12. Typora

Completing our list is Typora, an app which could give you a seamless writing experience. This is a simple yet powerful app which could improve your productivity by showing what matters most. It removes all unnecessary distractions such as preview window, mode switcher, and others.

Typora also has other features which could allow you to finish your task at hand. For instance, it allows you to organize your files into panels and folders. It also shows your word count so that you could keep track of your word limit. It also has a focus mode feature which helps you to focus only on the current line and blurring the others.

Bonus: News Feed Eradicator

One of my favorite Chrome extensions is News Feed Eradicator. It completely removes the Facebook News Feed on desktop and replaces it with a quote. This is not only super motivational, but also eliminates the distracting News Feed filled with wedding photos, cat videos, and other updates.

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