20+ Best Gifts for Male Teachers: Gift Ideas for 2022

Are you looking for an original and personalized male teacher gift as a thank you, for Christmas, for Teacher Appreciation Day gift, or just because? Finding great gifts for male teachers can be challenging, but we’re here to help with some of the best gifts for male teachers. Read on to find unique and personalized gift ideas.

1. Abacus Cufflinks – Great Gift for a Male Teacher

A great gift for male math teachers, these abacus cufflinks make a bold statement. Make sure that your teacher tends to wear suits before offering this as a gift.

Abacus Cufflinks - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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2. Motivational Posters

Your male teacher will love these blackboard-themed motivational posters. We’re sure that they’ll hang them all over their classroom to remind students to try their best.

Motivational Posters - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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3. Classroom Herb Garden

An herb garden is a great way for male teachers to share an experience with their students in the classroom as they watch the herbs grow together.

Classroom Herb Garden - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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4. Funny Wall Signs

A funny sign that a male teacher can hang in their classroom will give them a chuckle everyday and maybe remind his students about keeping up with their studies.

Funny Wall Signs - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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5. Whiteboard Markers and Ergonomic Eraser

If your teacher uses a whiteboard, then get them a great ergonomic whiteboard eraser and a new set of whiteboard markers. No teacher will ever have too many whiteboard markers.

6. Heartfelt Books

These books will make your male teacher feel appreciated. These heartwarming stories will remind teachers that they make a difference in their students’ lives every day.

7. Math Wall Clock

Another great addition to any male teachers’ classroom, this math wall clock will keep your students learning math all day even while they’re waiting for class to end. A great addition to any math or science classroom.

Math Wall Clock - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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8. Funny Teacher Socks

These cozy socks make great gifts for male teachers for Christmas or any other time of year. If your teacher likes rocking funny socks, these should do the trick! No one can have too many socks.

Funny Teacher Socks - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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9. XY Graph Stamp

Any math teacher who has to draw XY graphs on paper all day will love these. Just align the markers on graph paper, press, and see perfect XY axes appear like magic. This will save countless hours.

XY Graph Stamp - Great Gift for a Male Teacher

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10. Changeable Letter Board

A great gift for male teachers, this felt letter board will let him create different messages for his students each day. Anything from welcome messages to quotes of the day and fun facts, your teacher will greatly appreciate this gift.

Changeable Letter Board - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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11. Levitating Globe

For any science or geography teacher, or even just one who likes gadgets, this levitating globe will the perfect conversation piece in the classroom. It uses an inductive system to allow the globe to levitate directly above the base, even when the base is turned on its side or upside down.

Levitating Globe - Best Gift for a Male Teacher

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12. Cell Phone Jail

Cell phones are one of the most irritating distractions that teachers have had to endure in the recent decades. Your male teacher will greatly appreciate this gift to lock away phones when students start using them inappropriately in class. You might even become the teacher’s pet.

Cell Phone Jail - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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13. Chalk Markers

No teacher likes getting chalk all over their hands when using regular chalk. If your male teacher is a chalkboard user, they will appreciate these erasable chalk pens that let them write in bright, neon colors while keeping their hands clean.

Chalk Markers - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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14. Wireless Presenter

This nifty pointer, clicker, and slide controller will quickly become a favorite of your male teacher. It’s a great gift that will go a long way to make boring slideshow presentations much more engaging.

Wireless Presenter - Best Gift Ideas for Male Teachers

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15. Classic Literature Rocks Glass

Your favorite English teacher will appreciate these rock glasses for after-school indulgences.

Literature Drink Glasses

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16. Bobblehead

A personalized bobblehead is a great gift for male teachers. Find one that matches your teacher’s personality, upload a photo, and order a custom bobblehead.

Teacher Bobblehead Best Male Teacher Gifts - teachers day gift for male teacher
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17. New Pen

Teachers who write a lot can always use a new pen, especially when they have to grade papers all the time. Male teachers will appreciate a heavier pen or even a fountain pen if they want to look classy.

Luxury Pen

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Fountain Pens

Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen - Best Fountain Pens

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18. A Desk Fan

A desk fan will keep your favorite teacher cool in the summer and winter (when the heat is too high). A great gift for a home office or school desk!

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19. A Back and Neck Massager

Hours of back-to-back Zoom calls from a seated position can make any teacher’s back tired and knotted up. Give the gift of a heated back and neck massager.

back massager - best gifts for teachers

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20. Democracy Coasters

Any history teacher will appreciate these coasters or freedom.

Bill Of Rights Coasters
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21. Periodic Table Building Blocks

Any science teacher will appreciate these building blocks to teach chemistry.

Periodic Table Cubes
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Honorable Mention: New Laptop

If you’re feeling really thankful, you could always get your favorite teacher a brand-new laptop.

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Virtual Gift Ideas for Teachers

Given the current situation with virtual learning where giving some of the physical gifts below is not always feasible, we want to highlight some virtual gift ideas for male teachers.

1. Gift Cards

While gift cards can sometimes seem like the lazy way out of gift-giving, in this virtual they are a welcome gift. If you favorite teacher has mentioned a place they like to shop at, get a gift card from there. However, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

2. Create a Video Collage

Teachers love homemade gifts from students and creating a video collage is a great gift for teachers. Have your child’s classmates send in videos thanking their teacher or just saying hi. Compile the videos into one reel and send it to your teacher thanking them!

Video Collage

3. Purchase a Subscription

If your favorite teacher has a favorite subscription (Netflix, Audible, Apple Music, newspaper, magazine), you can sign them up for a set period of time. Maybe you pay a few months of their subscription or a whole year.

If you want to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription for your child’s teacher, you can do it via our affiliate link. 

netflix subscription


We hope that after reading this list, you have found a great gift for a male teacher. If you need more ideas, you can check out our list of gifts for writers.


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