Do you underline movie titles?

The style you are using should guide you on how to format your movie title. Formatting and capitalization in the different methods vary. These styles include the Chicago formatting style, American Psychological Association, and Modern Language Association techniques which all place titles of movies in italics. Other styles such as the Associated Press (AP) usually adopt quotations for movie titles.

About a movie title in the body of a given work or paper, all the listed styles above use title casing in that all the keywords within the work’s title are capitalized.

Do you underline movie titles?

In APA, MLA and Chicago styles, film or movie titles are formatted the same. In each of these styles, you should not underline movie titles – instead, they should be written in italics in the body of the text. An instance of this is as outlined below:

Avengers: Endgame
 has received heavy critic reviews for satisfying the past to deliver nothing short of a thrilling and emotional conclusion to superhero adventure.

The APA, MLA, and Chicago styles all use the case capitalization for the movie titles. All wordings, from nouns to pronouns, adjectives, verbs to adverbs are all capitalized. Nonetheless, minor wording such as conjunctions and prepositions use the lower case in the text unless they are the beginning words in the title.

It is a rule that under APA, all words that have more than four letters should be capitalized. For instance: Rick and Morty. In the reference lists, APA employs sentence case capitalization which translates that only the first words of the title, for example: For Whom the bell tolls and proper nouns such as place names and people names should be capitalized.

Under the AP style, the titles of movies are put in quotations. It is worth mentioning that standard rules for quotes within other quotes still apply. A good instance of this is:
The 2019 “Avengers: Endgame” broke the IMAX and Box office worldwide opening record to beat “Star Wars” which was the previous record holder.


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