Best Books for 3rd Graders 2022 – 3rd Grade Reading Books

Are you looking for some great books for your third grader? You’re in the right place. We have put together the list of amazing books that will spark your child’s imagination and help them develop social and communication skills. If you want to expand your child’s understanding of the world, consider the following books.  

The Fantastic Frame Series

The Fantastic Frame Series by Lin Oliver is a perfect blend of dramatic adventure and art history. If you and your kids love reading thrilling stories, this series won’t disappoint. Illustrations by Samantha Kallis make this series more interesting – you will feel like you’re actually in the jungle.

It’s a story of 10-year old Tiger Brooks and his family who move into a new house where they experience strange things such as a talking pig in a top hat! When Brooks investigates the scene with his neighbor, Lopez, they find an isolated woman with her magical golden frame through which they can go into the world’s most magnificent paintings.

Frame Series

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The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth is the mysterious journey of Milo (the central character of the story) to the Kingdom of Wisdom and his growing friendship with the watchdog. When Milo, a bored young boy, suddenly finds a magic tollbooth in his room that transports him, he goes on an adventure where he learns that life isn’t dull.

Written by Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer, this book was published in 1961 by Random House. If you’re looking for a perfect children’s fantasy adventure novel for 3rd graders, you should get it.

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Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is a series of children’s books by Betty MacDonald. This classic series helps children become better at learning and problem-solving.

If you’re searching for a fun way to keep your children engaged, go for this series. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is about a woman who lives with her dog wags, cat, and lively neighborhood.  She has a chest full of mystical remedies given to her by her husband, who was a pirate, and she saves others with her magical abilities.

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Best Friends for Frances

Best Friends for Frances is a story of two sisters named Frances and Gloria, written by Russell Hoban. Gloria wants to spend more time with her big sister, while Frances wants to become Albert’s friends. However, when Albert rejects her companionship because she is a girl, Frances realizes that Gloria wouldn’t be such a bad friend. The novel is illustrated by R. Gregory Christie, whose illustrations are ideally communicating the story.

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Muggie Maggie

Full of vibrant and colorful illustrations, Muggie Maggie is a beautiful book by Beverly Cleary. The story revolves around the experiences of Maggie Schultz, an 8-year old girl who doesn’t want to learn cursive. She refuses to learn it until she becomes the class messenger and starts taking notes, all written in cursive, to the office.  It could be useful for children who need the motivation to learn cursive.

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The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail is a children’s novel written by Richard Peck. Illustrator Kelly Murphy makes this book more interesting with her eye-pleasing illustrations. The novel is well-suited for grades three through six. Set in Victorian England, the story of the novel revolves around a mouse who wants to discover his origins by asking Queen Victoria.

The little mouse that lives in a wall sets off for Buckingham Palace to seek Queen Victoria and ask her who he actually is. The book is set in the same way as Secrets at Sea.

The beautiful story of the mouse will surely engage your young reader.

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The Trouble with Chickens

The Trouble with Chickens: A J.J. Tully Mystery is a beautify story by an award-winning author-illustrator team of Kevin Cornell and Doreen Cronin. The book is heavily illustrated; therefore, it catches the attention of readers.

It is the story of J.J Tully, a former rescue dog who is trying to take pleasure in his retirement after saving lives for years. However, his enjoyment ends when two chicks, Dirt, and Sugar, demand his help to find their missing siblings. 

Full of mystery and humor, this book is a good option for animal lovers. This chapter book is an excellent option to share during homeschooling for children ages 5 to 8.

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Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Sideways Stories from Wayside School is a funny book that will make children laugh at every moment. Written by Louis Sachar and illustrated by Adam McCauley, It’s a strange and funny tale taking place at the fictitious Wayside school. A school that was to be constructed one floor tall with 30 classrooms on one side. Instead, the builder made it 30 stories tall with one classroom on each floor. However, it is just the beginning of the eccentricity. As your children will read this book, they will find various weird yet funny elements in the story.  

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Inspired by the true event of French filmmaker Georges Méliès, the story of The Invention of Hugo Cabret sets in France. Hugo is an orphan, clock keeper, and thief who lives a secret life in Paris train station. However, things change when he suddenly engages with a bookish, eccentric girl. They together go on an adventure to solve a hidden message from Hugo’s dead father.

The attractive illustrations of Selznick are making this book easy to read and engaging.

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The Boxcar Children

The Boxcar Children is the series of children mystery books written by Gertrude Chandler Warner. This book is about four siblings named Henry, Violet, Benny, and Jessie. They take to the road after their parents die, but they eventually make a home for themselves in a discarded boxcar in the forest. Later on, they decide to live with their grandmother, who moves boxcar to his backyard so that children can use it as a playhouse.

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So these are our best pick for some great books for 3rd graders. We hope this list will help you choose the right book for your kids. 

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