5 Tips to Improve Your Email Open Rates

Email open rates vary by industry, but you’re lucky if you see over 20% open rates on every email you send. Even if you have a high open-rate, there are always ways to improve it. We have provided five guidelines below that will help you improve your open rate regardless of what it currently is.

1. Send Your Emails at the Right Time

Sending your emails at the right time when your audience is apt to open them is important. There are some general guidelines like sending early in the morning for business-related emails or evening for newsletters. However, you should test sending emails at different times with your audience to see what time works best and results in the highest open rate.

2. Format Your Subject Lines Properly

Make sure your email subject lines stand out for the right reason in your reader’s inbox. You want to make sure that you use the correct capitalization (hint: Title Case for business, Sentence case for personal) for your emails and that you use proper grammar. Install Grammarly to automatically check the grammar in your emails as you create them.

To make sure your title is formatted the best way possible, run it through our email subject line tester.

3. Keep It Short, Sweet, and Powerful

Email subject lines perform best when they are between 3-5 words long and include some power words.

Keeping your email subject line short ensures that it can be completely read regardless of how wide someone’s screen is. If your subject line is too long, the reader may not see the important part of it and skip past your email instead.

Power words usually evoke an emotion in someone which in turn causes them to take an action. They can be powerful tools to increase your open rates.

4. Add a Teaser

Teaser lines are a summary that someone can read before opening the email. They show up after the subject line in the inbox, especially on wider screens. Make sure your teaser spawns curiosity from the reader so that they are more likely to open your email.

email open rate - teaser

Most major email clients, such as MailChimp, allow you to add a teaser to any email that you are creating.

5. Make Sure Your Email Isn’t Going to Spam

The last thing you want as an email marketer is for your hard work to end up in spam. Spam filters sometimes have a mind of their own and unless you check before you send, you could end up having a poor open rate simply because your emails were sent to spam.

One way to make sure your emails get delivered is to send an automated β€œWelcome” email or email series when subscribers first give you their email address. This shows people how to whitelist emails from you to prevent them from ending up in the spam folder.

You can also use this free tool to check if your emails are likely to end up being blocked by spam filters.

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