Email Subject Line Tester

Our email subject line tester uses over 60 different data points to evaluate your email subject on a scale from 1-100 for word usage,  sentiment, and other factors that will increase your open rates. To get started, enter a subject line below and press the “Analyze” button.

Overall Score

Your total score on the left indicates how well your email subject line is likely to perform. Below are details on specific factors that contributed to this score. Read on to learn about ways you can increase your score.

Power Words:

You used the following power words in your email subject:

Power words are a great way to grab users’ attention and increase open rates. Using more power words in your subject lines will lead to better open rates and engagement with your emails.

Capitalization Case: 

Email subjects written with Title Case tend to get the most open rates. Use our title capitalization tool to automatically create title case email subjects.

Word Count: 

Email subject lines that are between 3-5 words long get the most opens because they are easier to read.

Character Count: 

Character count is also important in email subjects. A character count of 20 seems to produce a higher open rate for emails.

Number Count: 

Adding numbers into your email subject lines tends to increase open rates, especially when used near the beginning of the subject.

Has Emoji: 

Including an emoji in your subject line makes your subject line stand out from others in an inbox which makes it more likely to be opened. Gone are the days of a simple “:)” in emails. Now you should be inserting full-blown emojis. You can get some great emojis here.

Positive Word Count: 

Including emotional words with positive sentiment in headlines has shown to increase the value of headlines and the clickthrough rates.

Negative Word Count: 

Emotional words with a negative sentiment, especially when they are strongly negative, can sometimes increase the clickthrough rate since they invoke strong reactions in people.