100 Best Email Subject Lines to Get More Opens

The numbers when it comes to email subject lines are absolutely staggering. You would not believe how much email subject lines influence whether someone will read your marketing email. About 50% of people open emails based on the subject line alone. In addition, more than 60% of emails are reported as spam based on the subject line.

This shows that the subject line is very important. Your subject line has to trigger some sort of emotion within the reader for them to want to open it.

In this article, we will cover several types of subject lines including benefit-based approach, curiosity-based approach, fear-based approach, personal approach, opportunity approach, and problem-solving approach.

Benefit Based Approach Subject Lines

This approach is meant to promise the reader a certain benefit if they open the email. Here are some of the subject lines you can use in this category.

  1. “Managing A Healthy Lifestyle”

  2. “Boost Your Internet Speeds For Free!”

  3. “Design Your Space To Match Your Personality”

  4. “How To Find Cheap Clothes For Winter”

  5. “Make Extra Money From Your Trash”

  6. “Cheap And Comfortable Living!”

  7. “Buy Designer Clothes At A Huge Discount!”

  8. “Company Best-Sellers Back In Stock!”

  9. “Simple Ways To Fix Your iPhone”

  10. “How To Stay Hydrated All Day”

  11. “Best Way To Ensure Foot Comfort”

  12. “How To Get The Best Out Of Your Workout”

  13. “How To Prolong Engine Life”

  14. “How To Secure Online Packages”

  15. “Give Your Skin Some Extra Glow!”

Curiosity Based Subject Lines

This approach is supposed to trigger the curiosity of your reader. It is meant to make your reader stop what he or she is doing just to read your email.

  1. “Customers Queue For 16 Hours To Buy New Phone”

  2. “5 Incredible Ways People Are Using To Get Money”

  3. “100-Year-Old Lady Reveals Amazing Anti-Aging Secret”

  4. “How People Youth Make Crazy Money At Home”

  5. “An Early Christmas Gift For You!”

  6. “How To Live Different”

  7. “International Model Reveals Secret To Hot Body”

  8. “What Is Really In Your Food?”

  9. “5 Things You Must Know About Global Warming”

  10. “Alarming Discovery About Fast-Food Joints”

  11. “The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

  12. “Scientific Evidence Confirming the Effects Of Certain Fabric On Skin”

  13. “Open This Email At Your Own Risk”

  14. “Amazing Secret On How To Sleep Better”

  15. “A Hangover Cure?”

Fear-Based Subject Lines

The goal of this approach is to strike some fear into your reader. Fear that they might miss out on something incredible if they do not open the email.

  1. “Mega-sale ends tomorrow!”

  2. “90% off-deal expires tonight!”

  3. “Grab Your Free Item Before The Offer Closes”

  4. “Open This Email Before 30 Minutes Or You’ll Miss Out!”

  5. “Why Do You Want To Miss This Amazing Offer?”

  6. “You Are Missing Out On A Lot Of Fun”

  7. “Annual Weekend Offer. Don’t Miss Out!”

  8. “Clearance Sale Happening! Open To Find Out When!”

  9. “All Your Friends Have Subscribed”

  10. “Millions Of People Have Upgraded. How About You?”

  11. “A Rare, Once In A Lifetime Opportunity”

  12. “Offer Valid For Tonight Only”

  13. “Subscribe Before Midnight For A Massive Discount”

  14. “Buy Now! Time Is Running Out”

  15. “Last Chance To Save Some Money!”

Reminding Subject Lines

This approach is meant to remind users of certain purchases or subscriptions they made with you. It is meant to inspire them to return.

  1. “Psst! Forgot Something?”

  2. “We Miss You!”

  3. “Remember All The Fun Times We Had?”

  4. “Renew Your Subscription To Keep Enjoying Our Offers”

  5. “Come And See All The Upgrades And Changes We’ve Made”

  6. “Remember Me?”

  7. “We Have A New Offer Just For You”

  8. “Come Back And Take Advantage Of These Amazing Offers!”

  9. “Your Account Might Be Deleted”

  10. “Check Out These Amazing Deals!”

  11. “A Gift Awaits Once You Log Back In”

  12. “30% Off For Existing Subscribers”

  13. “A Friendly Reminder That Our Site Is Much Better Now”

  14. “Sale On Our Website In 12 Minutes”

  15. “What’s Going On These Days”

Personal Subject Lines

This approach seeks to speak directly to the reader as if the sender has a personal relationship with the reader.

  1. “I Read About This And I Saw You”

  2. “Happy Birthday! A Personalized Gift Just For You!”

  3. “The Story Of Your Life”

  4. “Meet Up At 8 Tomorrow?”

  5. “Can I Borrow A Bit Of Your Time?”

  6. “Why Aren’t You Happy?”

  7. “Didn’t I Tell You?”

  8. “The Secret To Success Is Within You”

  9. “Don’t You Dare Forget”

  10. “You Did That? Again”

  11. “Don’t Let This Be You!”

  12. “Did You Get My Gift?”

  13. “You Are Slipping Away!”

  14. “Strawberry Or Vanilla?”

  15. “Is This REALLY You?”

Opportunity Based Subject Lines

This approach aims to offer the reader an opportunity to get something he or she has always wanted.

  1. “That Scooter You’ve Always Wanted? 50% Off!”

  2. “Buy 2 Get 2 Free!”

  3. “2 For 1 Every Thursday!”

  4. “Prime Time To Get This Gift!”

  5. “We’ve Got Some Branded Shirts Just For You!”

  6. “Shop Now for 10% Off!”

  7. “Cheap Luxury On Offer”

  8. “Forget Those Boring Sundays”

  9. “This New Vase Will Fit Your Office Perfectly!”

  10. “An Opportunity Of A Lifetime!”

  11. “Get VIP Access!”

  12. “Enjoy Exclusive Deals!”

  13. “This Pair Of Designer Glasses Would Look Good On You!”

  14. “Your Favorite Show! 50% Cheaper!”

  15. “Change Your Life For The Better!”

Problem Solving Subject Lines

This approach is designed to help your reader solve a certain problem. The desire to solve a certain problem will induce them to open the email.

  1. “10 Ways To Make Your Skin Smoother”

  2. “Get Rid Of Those Annoying Mosquitoes”

  3. “How To Make More Money”

  4. “Get The Best Deals In The Country”

  5. “Tips To Lower Your Electricity Bill”

  6. “How To Save Money”

  7. “Drink Without Hangover!”

  8. “How To Burn Off Excess Fat!”

  9. “How To Grow A Big Beard”

  10. “5 Tips On How To Manage Acidity.


The above are just a few ways to write good email subject lines. The trick is to trigger an emotion within the reader. This is what makes the subject line effective.

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