What Are Character Count Limits on Social Media & Email?

The world of social media is exciting and fun, but the rules and best practices are ever-evolving. Tracking each social media platform can be tough, so we brought you the answers to your most pressing questions, like how many characters are allowed in a tweet? What kind of post works best on Instagram compared to Facebook? And how long can a post be on Reddit? If these are the questions you are asking, we have the answers you need.

Facebook Character Limits

Most social media platforms can relate in some way to Facebook, so let’s start here. The platform is based on your personal feed, so postings there can be of any length and contain any combination of words, pictures, or videos.

Facebook Posts Character Limits

Facebook posts can have an almost unlimited character and word count (63,206 characters), but Facebook has softly recommended that posts be between 100 and 250 characters since those get 60 percent more engagement than posts longer than 250 characters.

The inclusion of pictures and videos in Facebook posts is very popular. Captions and organization of pictures into albums are common, and videos can be captioned as well, but videos are suggested by the platform to be around three minutes to ensure more views.

Facebook Messenger Character Limits

Facebook Messenger messages are limited to about 20,000 characters. However, once you get close to this limit, Facebook may not send your messages. Facebook Messenger, is the built-in instant messaging system connected to your Facebook account, although it has to be added as a separate social media app if used off of a desktop application.

Facebook Ads Character Limits

Facebook ads also have character limits to be aware of:

  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Headline: 25 Characters
  • Facebook Text & Video Ad Link Description: 30 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Headline: 40 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Link Description: 20 Characters
  • Facebook Canvas Ad Body Text: 500 Characters

Facebook ad images can also only contain 20% text.

Instagram Character Limits

IG, as the platform is abbreviated by those in the know, is mainly a visual platform. A popular tool in captioning on Instagram is the hashtag (#), used before terms that are commonly searched or are trendy, allowing users to seek out content related to the hashtag. Hashtags can be integrated into the caption or even placed after the caption to draw attention and traffic to the post. Instagram also has a direct messaging function, streamlined since IG was acquired by Facebook, and it works just like Facebook’s Messenger.

Instagram Caption Character Limits

Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, but only the first 125 characters will be shown before the user has to click to see more. The average Instagram caption length has grown steadily over the last few years as the popularity of IG and influencers who use it have skyrocketed.

Other Instagram Character Limits

  • Instagram hashtag limit: 30 hashtags
  • Instagram bio character limit: 150 characters
  • Instagram username character limit: 30 characters
  • Direct Message (DM) character limit: 1000 characters

Additionally, Sprout Social has found that hashtags with fewer than 24 characters perform the best.

Twitter Character Limits

This social media icon uses a blue bird as its logo, and the idea of “tweeting” ties in to the simple bird logo as well as the idea that words and ideas are noisily filling up the internet just like chattering birds.

How Many Characters Are Allowed in a Tweet?

Tweets can be up to 280 characters.

Initially, Twitter’s rules only allowed users to post 140 characters, severely limiting and challenging its users to be succinct in thoughts and ideas they “tweeted.” More often than not, however, users found creative ways to get around this character limitation, so in 2017 the limit was increased to 280 characters. Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter users can also post pictures and videos, along with hashtagged key words for attention and searchability.

Other Twitter Character Limits

  • Twitter DM: 10,000 characters
  • Twitter Handle: 15 characters
  • Twitter Profile Name: 20 characters

LinkedIn Character Limits

If Facebook is the social media platform for friends and family to stay connected, LinkedIn is the platform tailor-made for businesses and commerce. Just like knowing how many characters in a tweet you have to work with, LinkedIn limits you in another way. Posts on this platform don’t have a character limit, but LinkedIn reduces the intial visibility of the post to only show the top three lines until it is opened or clicked on by the reader.

LinkedIn Status Update Length

LinkedIn status updates are limited to 1300 characters. Careful consideration is given to these first three lines, usually around 225 characters, before a link to “Read More” is shown. Any pictures or videos included in a post will be part of the post and the user’s feed.

LinkedIn Comment Length

LinkedIn comments are limited to 1300 characters.

LinkedIn Message Length

LinkedIn utilizes a direct messaging system within the platform, but users cannot message other users that are too distantly connected or unknown to themself. Invites to Connect are limited to 300 characters (though sometimes LinkedIn limits this to 140 characters. InMail messages can have up to 200 characters in the required subject line and up to 1900 characters in the body. Pictures, videos, and documents can also be shared in LinkedIn messages.


Character limits in Reddit posts are nearly limitless with 40,000 characters allowed on timeline posts or responses to other Redditors, and 10,000 on your own Reddit page or timeline.

This platform has many structural similarities to Facebook, but with a humorous or dark twist: Reddit is popular for connecting ideas, thoughts, musings, and humor. If you were ever concerned about how many characters are allowed in a tweet, Reddit has a different philosophy. These sky-high limits make sense when the purpose of Reddit is stated as a collection of forums, or groups, where people exchange ideas. Pictures, videos, and graphics are popularly attached to posts on Reddit.


An initially visually focused medium, Pinterest has evolved of late into a digitial pinboard for beautiful pictures that can also now be linked to actually purchasing the objects in the photo instead of just dreaming about them. On this platform, posts are pictures that are “pinned” to a board, or grouping of like concepts that the user self names and categorizes. Pinterest posts, or “pins”, can be labeled with up to 500 characters, and will potentially be pinned by users to their boards if the post is deemed “pinworthy” by others. Direct messaging is also available within Pinterest, and pins can be shared here as well as unlimited character-count messages.

TikTok Character Limits

The social media world is in love with all things video, so TikTok and YouTube are wildly popular and have spawned their own social media stars. TikTok is the new entrant, with a user encouraged to post a video created 15 second intervals, with the ability to string together up to four of these for one 60-second TikTok. Captions, filters, and fun “stickers” can be attached directly onto the video during editing. Captions on the stream can also be added, and the hashtag game on TikTok literally changes every day.

TikTok Post and Comment Chartacter Limit

TikTok limits posts and comment lengths to 150 characters including hashtags.

TikTok Profile Character Length

TikTok limits profile descriptions to 80 characters.

Instead of only using simply popular content-focused hashtag, TikTok also encourages specific, changing hashtags every day to encourage fresh content availability. TikTok utilizes a For You Page, or FYP, which is where high-view videos are directed, and hashtags play a big part in that. Famous TikTok users from the FYP usually have the daily popular hashtags attached to their videos, so looking to high-view videos for these hashtags is the way to go.

YouTube Character Limits

Started as a long-form video platform, YouTube has also grown in popularity and spawned many YouTube stars who cut their teeth on providing funny, focused content. Video uploads on this channel are given unlimited space for despcriptions and comments about the videos by the creator.

Similar to LinkedIn, YouTube will only show the title and year description of the video in the homepage, but once opened, users can see the complete description and details for each video. Channels for topics of interest or specific content creators can be followed by YouTube users as well.

How Long Can YouTube Titles Be?

YouTube has a 100-character limit for titles, but we recommend keeping YouTube titles to under 70 characters since anything longer than 70 characters will be truncated in most search results.

How Long Can YouTube Comments Be?

YouTube comments are limited to 9999 characters including spaces.


A mobile all-in-one app, WeChat is a social media titan that is based in and primarily used in China. Similar to the US’s WhatsApp, users can instant message, call, text, and socially interact with other users on this app. Utilizing a quick QR code scan, users can “add” each other, and then quickly interact. On WeChat, the social timeline is called Moments, where users can post unlimited character thoughts, pictures, and videos.

How Many Characters Can WeChat Messages Be?

WeChat messages are limited to 5,000 characters.

If you’ve ever wondered how many characters in a tweet you have left, just remember that most of these social media platforms provide a counter for you to keep track of. The social media content, however, is up to you.

Email Subject Character Limits

While the official limit by the RFC is 998, most email clients including Outlook and Thunderbird limit email subjects to 255 characters. Gmail truncates email subjects after 130 characters.

Despite these upper limits, we recommend email subjects that are no more than 9 words and 60 characters to improve your open rates and deliverability.

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