Does Grammarly Offer a Student Discount?

No, but you can still get a Grammarly discount on us. There is no Grammarly student discount through Grammarly’s website, but by clicking our banner below, you can get a Grammarly discount all the same. It’s like having a Grammarly student discount after all!

grammarly discount banner - grammarly review

Grammarly does have a program for educators though called [email protected] which works with educational institutions to provide Grammar tools for teachers and students. If you are interested in getting a [email protected] account, check it out here.

How to Get the Grammarly Discount

You can watch this short video or follow the steps below to get the Grammarly discount:

  1. Click this link or the banner below:
    grammarly discount banner - grammarly review
  2. Look for this banner at the top:
  3. Click “Go Premium” and register for Grammarly Premium.

Should You Get Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium does offer a lot of great features that extend the functionality of the basic Grammarly and Grammarly Chrome plugin. We offer a great guide that walks you through the pros and cons of Grammarly Premium here.

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