How to Make an Essay Page Count Longer

Writing an essay or any text content that requires a certain page count within a certain time-frame can be mind-boggling. Some people find themselves helpless in this situation while others strive to resolve this issue by using wordy sentences. Though this technique helps in increasing the page count, it makes the content weaker. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can increase your text and essay page count without compromising on quality. So, without any delay, let’s learn how we can increase essay page count.

Know Your Aim For Making Your Essay Longer

Before you start writing, you should be aware of the exact page count you have to achieve. Do you need to write four pages, five pages, or a hundred pages? Until it is clear, you can’t measure your goal accurately.

So, first of all, read all the requirements of your assignment carefully. After figuring out what page count you’re aiming for, you can think about shortcuts to achieve it.  If you have given a 1000-word essay, you can provide 250 words per page. Though it may vary according to your font size, type, and your spacing choice, it’s a standard rule. 

So how can you increase your page count?

Add Relevant Examples

Adding examples is probably one of the best ways to increase the page count of your essay without adding fluff to it. Go through your essay and look for a place where you can insert an example to clarify your statement. Not only will it make your point clearer and give your readers more information, but it will also increase your page count.

Make Your Paragraph Spacing and Font Size a Little Larger

It is another ideal method to lengthen your essay. A minor space addition can increase your total page count to some extent. The good thing is that a reader probably won’t be able to determine the disparity between 1.15 and 1.5 paragraph spacing.

Similarly, you can increase your font size to some degree. If it is 12p, you can change it to It will increase the page count and also the readability of your text. Don’t forget that large fonts reduce clutter and look good from even distance.

In addition to this, you may also consider putting additional space between your bolded words. After all, they need some space to breathe and shine. If you think some sentences of your paragraph need more attention, you can bold them. However, you should avoid overdoing it.

One last way is to add double spaces after periods instead of single spaces. This can easily add a few extra lines. 

Add Some Quotes

When you use an appropriate quote in the opening paragraph of your content, you add a thought to your writing that often engages your readers. 

In addition to your opening statement, you can use quotes to give strength to your arguments in the essay. So, if you want to add a few more words to your content while providing value, you must try this technique.

Use Stats, Surveys, and Studies

By including this type of information, you not only increase your page count but also credibility and authenticity to your writing. If you find you need only 150 to 200 words to meet your target length, this practice can be quite helpful. 

Always use stats or studies that are highly credible. They should offer clarity and strength to your viewpoint. An essay that has stats, surveys, and studies provides a vast wealth of knowledge to readers. 

Address Different Perspectives 

Addressing different viewpoints in your essay is an excellent way to increase page count and improve the quality of your content simultaneously. 

Clarify how these additional viewpoints are distinct from your own conclusion. Also, give a solid reason for how your standpoint is better than others’.   

Note: Address different viewpoints only when you have good reason to do that.

Give Your Subheadings a Concluding Sentence

Introduce each subheading of your essay with a sentence that states your opinion. Then provide some supporting evidence for your argument in the body. Finally, conclude your paragraph by brief statements of your points or opinions. 

Increase the Size of Margins

Though it won’t increase your word count, it can make your essay appear longer and, therefore, increases the number of page count.

You can increase all your margins (top, bottom, left, and right)  by a quarter of an inch or less. Adjust your margins smartly so that they don’t make any significant visible changes that are easy to notice.

Reduce the Number of Pronouns

Changing pronouns can help you increase the page count to some degree. For instance, instead of writing “he/she” or “they,” you can use names “Elena” or James and David.” 

However, don’t use this method excessively as writing out names is too wordy. Use them only when they don’t spoil the quality and readability of your content.

Consider Reworking Your Intro and Conclusion

If you have tried everything to meet the set page count target, but are still a few words short, you should consider reworking on your introduction and conclusion. These are the sections where you can easily add some text.

Read your introduction and see if you can add one or two more sentences without spoiling the stance. If you don’t find any suitable place, you can start your introduction by asking a question. 

Remember, it should be an important question that encourages readers to continue reading to find the answer. Don’t ask a routine question.

In addition to this, if you notice that your introduction doesn’t show a clear roadmap of your writing, you can add some sentences to explain the structure of your essay. This will increase your word count

Similar to the introduction, read your conclusion to find spots where you can add some text. If there is any long sentence in your conclusion, break it up to elaborate. Also, summarize all the major points of your essay to offer a sense of closure.

Final Words

At last, check if you have added everything you were supposed to. If you still need to cover some words, reread your essay carefully, you will surely find some spots where you can add some quality content. It will increase your page count while still improving the quality of your work.

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