GrammarlyGO Review: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

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Grammarly has been our long-time favorite for its great grammar and spell-checking tools that integrate with almost every writing program we use. In March 2023, Grammarly launched GrammarlyGO, a new product that provides on-the-go writing assistance through the power of AI. GrammarlyGO is designed to be a “personal writing assistant” that helps users write clearly and effectively no matter where they are. Get 50% Off GrammarlyGO

What Is GrammarlyGO?

While Grammarly’s products have always been powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the proliferation of AI writing tools, like ChatGPT and Jasper, over the past few years spurred Grammarly to launch their own AI-powered writing assistant that goes beyond just checking grammar and spelling. GrammaryGO’s goal is to help people write better either by giving them prompts or guidance on their initial writing, or providing helpful rewrites of existing content.

GrammarlyGO is built into Grammarly’s existing platforms including the web tool, browser plugins, and mobile app. All you have to do is look for the GrammarlyGO prompt or menu item which we’ll show you how to do later in this article.

GrammarlyGO Features

Overall, GrammarlyGO brings powerful AI writing assistance capabilities to Grammarly. The aim is to help users communicate clearly and effectively wherever they are writing. Here are some of the features of GrammarlyGO that go beyond what Grammarly Premium offers.

AI-Powered Writing Assistance

Like the web version, GrammarlyGO uses AI to provide real-time feedback on aspects of writing like grammar, punctuation, word choice, conciseness, tone, and more. The AI is meant to improve the clarity and impact of the user’s writing.

Prompts for Your Writing

Never get stuck again. Start any document with ideas or structure provided directly to the page you’re on. Brainstorms, outlines, and fresh insights are all at your disposal.

Custom Goal Setting

Users can select different writing goals within the app, such as sounding professional, friendly, or academic. The AI will then tailor suggestions based on the chosen goal.


GrammarlyGO can automatically summarize long blocks of text to help users be more concise. This is great for replying to emails so that your responses are concise.

Mobile Accessibility

The app allows users to get writing suggestions and corrections on their phones or tablets rather than just through the Grammarly web app or browser extensions. This makes it easy to use Grammarly while on-the-go.

The app is also compatible with text messaging apps, so users can leverage GrammarlyGO while texting on their phones.

Who Should Use GrammarlyGO

A wide variety of audiences can use GrammarlyGO. It’s particularly useful for the following audiences:

  • Professionals: GrammarlyGO helps professionals ensure that written communications like emails, messages, and documents convey their intent. GrammarlyGO assists with tone, word choice, brevity, and grammar. These are all important features for professional communications.
  • Students: With compatibility for texting and goal settings tailored to academic writing, GrammarlyGO is likely designed partly with students in mind. It can help them improve their schoolwork and other academic writing needs. Students should just be careful relying fully on GrammarlyGO for generating homework assignments because the accuracy is not fully proven, and teachers can flag AI-generated content.
  • On-the-go writers: Anyone who frequently writes on their phone or tablet while traveling, commuting, or in other on-the-go scenarios. GrammarlyGO provides real-time writing help without needing a computer.
  • Non-native English speakers: The AI corrections, word choice suggestions, and explanations of grammar rules could aid non-native speakers in improving their English writing skills. This expands Grammarly’s reach.
  • Casual writers: Even informal writing like texts, social posts, and emails can benefit from clarity, conciseness, and grammar corrections. So GrammarlyGO can aid casual writing.

Overall, GrammarlyGO is useful for anyone wanting AI-powered, on-the-go writing assistance tailored to their goals and needs. It expands Grammarly’s already great writing toolset.

How Is GrammarlyGO Different Than Other AI Writing Tools?

There are a few key differences between GrammarlyGO and other AI writing assistants and tools:

  • Built-in Grammar/Spellchecking: Since GrammarlyGO is part of the Grammarly package, you get all of the great benefits of Grammarly.
  • Integrations: Probably the most crucial difference is the integrations. GrammarlyGO is already integrated with Grammarly plugins, so it works out-of-the-box on the web app, Chrome extension, Word plugin, and more.
  • Mobile focus: GrammarlyGO is designed specifically for mobile and on-the-go use, unlike other web-based tools that require a computer. This is its unique value proposition.
  • Goal setting: Letting users customize writing goals like tone and formality is a somewhat unique feature not seen in many other AI tools.
  • Texting capabilities: Integration directly within texting apps is innovative, allowing GrammarlyGO to improve text messages.
  • Summarization: Many tools focus only on grammar and style corrections, while built-in summarization is a bonus capability of GrammarlyGO.
  • Brand recognition: Grammarly has become a widely used and recognized writing aid, likely giving GrammarlyGO an advantage over lesser-known AI tools.
  • Free version: Grammarly includes 100 prompts/month in their free version so even free users benefit from GrammarlyGo.

Overall, GrammarlyGO brings capabilities like integrations, mobile optimization, goal setting, and summarization that make it different than competitors. And Grammarly’s brand reputation provides it an advantage in the AI writing assistant space. For more comparisons between different AI writing tools, check out our review of the best AI writing tools.

How Does GrammarlyGO Work?

In the Web App

When you create a new document in the Grammarly web app, the sidebar will give you access to GrammarlyGO.

This then brings up the chat window:

You can set the tone of your writing by clicking “Set Voice”:

Back on the main window, you can enter your prompt. I asked it to give me some blog article ideas about gardening:

When I asked it to rewrite a paragraph for an existing article that we have, I got a rewritten paragraph:

With the Chrome Extension

Using GrammarlyGO in Google Chrome is as easy as opening a document or email that you need assistance with and clicking the “Open GrammarlyGO” icon. This opens the same prompt window as the web app.

The main difference is if you are replying to an email, GrammarlyGO will take a different appearance:

If you select one of these opens or enter a reply prompt, GrammarlyGO will draft an email for you.

How Do You Get GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO is included with Grammarly. The number of prompts you get per month varies depending on whether you have the free version or Premium version. If you use the free version of Grammarly, you only get 100 prompts per month, while with Grammarly Premium, you get 1000. Using this link, you can get 50% off GrammarlyGO and Grammarly Premium.

GrammarlyGO’s Competition

Ever since ChatGPT launched, there has been an increase in the number of AI-powered tools. While some of these tools existed before ChatGPT’s launch, they have gained new awareness.

GrammarlyGO vs. QuillBot

GrammarlyGO’s main competitor is the AI rewriting tool Quillbot. In our comparison of Quillbot vs Grammarly, Quillbot was the better rewriter since it offers many more rewriting functionalities. However, Grammarly won from the grammar and spellchecking front. So if spelling and grammar are important to you, and rewriting is a nice-to-have feature, we recommend GrammarlyGO.

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