[2022 Update] Does Grammarly Offer a Free Trial?

Grammarly used to offer a money-back guarantee for one week after you signed up for Grammarly Premium so you could cancel your subscription after using it for one week, but unfortunately, they have since done away with the free trial due to rampant abuse.

That said, there are still ways to get a trial of Grammarly Premium or receive a discounted price:

1. Sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program

If you sign up for the Grammarly Affiliate Program, you can request a one-month free trial of Grammarly Premium in order to test out the advanced features. If you then write an article about Grammarly and email the affiliate team, you can receive a $25 bonus!

grammarly trial - affiliates
Ask Grammarly for a free one-month trial of Grammarly Premium when you sign up for the affiliate program

2. Receive a 10% Discount on Grammarly Premium

Capitalize My Title users get a 10% discount when they sign up for Grammarly Premium through our link or the banner below.

grammarly discount banner - grammarly review

How Do You Get a Refund for Grammarly Premium?

Unfortunately, these days it is difficult to get a refund from Grammarly for your current payment period. Their policy, as of 30-August 2019, states that “If you cancel after your subscription renewal date, you will not receive a refund for any amounts that have been charged.” You can still try contacting their customer service, but don’t get your hopes up.

grammarly refund - terms and conditions
Grammarly’s Terms and Conditions as of 30-August 2019


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