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Many parents want their children to have an edge when it comes to school. As you search for the right program, ABCMouse might be the one to consider.

ABCMouse is an online curriculum program for children ages 2-8. The child begins working on the lessons at the stage you select; the curriculum includes significant subjects like reading, art, science, math, and colors. The curriculum consists of various activities to choose from, like virtual puzzles, singing songs, and visiting the zoo. There is a great reward system where your child can get virtual money in the form of a ticket with each lesson completed.

ABCMouse landing page
ABCMouse landing page

About the Product

This learning curriculum for children ages 2-8 has won several awards and is approved by many teachers because it has over 10,000 instructional opportunities for students to learn. ABCMouse is a great interactive digital learning tool for your kids to master during pre-school and after elementary school. This program has more than 850 lessons with practice activities that guide your child down a particular learning path. incorporates best practices in education and advanced technologies for children to make learning enjoyable. The instructional content offers a differentiated learning experience for your child. The program is excellent for assisting with academic performance when students do enter elementary school.

By purchasing the program, parents can foster a solid academic achievement by encouraging a lifelong learning experience. ABCMouse is about developing an immersive and exciting instructional environment, which animates the learning process. Educational best practices combine with technology and creativity. Using this program to lay a foundation for your child will better prepare them for kindergarten and other grade levels in the elementary school curriculum.

Using this program will further prepare students to enter fourth grade to read on grade level. Keep in mind that less than half the children in our society are proficient in reading, and only half can do mathematics on the grade level. Although this may seem dismal, it is, by and large, the reality. If your child falls within those statistics parameters, ABCMouse will offer the academic knowledge necessary to assist school-age children operating below grade level.

Without intervention, children who are behind academically often maintain the disparities in foundational development. In the end, without assistance, the lack of action can have devastating long-term implications.

Studies show that the situation is correctable; high-quality early childhood activities and an excellent reward system can dramatically adjust these academically challenged children’s learning pathways. ABCMouse is determined to deliver suitable interactive education lessons that help children acquire the basic academic skills needed to thrive in the classroom environment and beyond.

Because there are over 800 lessons and 1000 various activities to challenge the young learner, there is a strong differentiation, meaning there is something to appeal to every learning style. There audio for the auditory learner, art for the visual learner, and interactive puzzles for the kinesthetic learner.


ABCMouse includes all major academic subject areas, including reading, math, science, and social sciences, with additional programs focused on art and music. The academics also include fun activities like gardening, reading books, and virtual painting as just a few fun ways to learn while enjoying it.

Learning Paths

Within each subject area, your child will follow a learning path. Each lesson sets up the next assignment for your child to proceed to the subsequent academic development level depending on mastery. Your child must learn the skills from each section to move up to the next stage. This advancement process means your child cannot skip to the next section without being ready.


On a basic phonics level, the curriculum for reading includes the recognition of upper and lower letters. The curriculum also contains terms and word rhyming, sentence structure, and over 450 books for emerging readers.


The literacy program of offers the opportunity for early reading. It begins with learning each letter’s names and reading short stories, beginning guiding with a few words on a page and moving to paragraphs progressively.

The first-grade education also covers composition and grammar techniques, such as sentence formation and punctuation. It also includes sections for speech and writing genre instruction. The literacy curriculum of encompasses the full spectrum of children in early reading. This reading program includes learning each letter’s names and the sounds they describe to read stories, but it starts by reading a few words on a page then advancing steadily.


The Program for Math Includes the ability to recognize and number 1-120 numbers. It also includes the method of base ten, supplement and subtraction, measurement of length, time, and resources, along with value location. teaches numbers, addition and subtraction, patterns, forms, and measurements, to name a few. The math games are engaging and imaginative. They include exercise activities to make math fun while offering the practice they need to create a solid base for learning a complex subject for many students.

Science and Social Studies

The scientific and social sciences curriculum covers plants and animals, health and body, temperature and seasons, atmosphere, and planetary environments; there are maps of the United States and other regions. Besides, it teaches about the solar system and matter.

The sculpture and colors curriculum includes colors of a variety of tones and shades. The activities that go with this lesson are paint-by-numbers and a dot-to-dots letter.

The distinctive drawing and painting curriculum of offers children a chance to produce original works of art. Sports, toys, and activities for paint-by-numbers and puzzles teach kids to name and use various colors.

How the Program Works

The program begins with your child taking a placement assessment. The best thing to do is let your child take the test by him or herself. In doing this, the system can get an accurate picture of your child’s academic status. The results will determine which lesson they begin with and what path they need to take. If the child performs below academic level, the system will tailor the activities to avoid boredom and monotony.

Depending on the child’s path and comprehension level, the system will create a certain rigor to the activities and lessons. It’s always challenging to sit down with a child after a hard day of work to teach the foundational basics. ABCMouse removes the pressure by working with your child in a seamless way that tracks performance and tailors it each time they sit down to work.

The curriculum of contains hundreds of animated experiences that are incredibly interactive, each teaching a primary subject. These animated videos are engaging to children as they think of exploring different letters and nouns.

Success Tracker

With the Success Tracker, you can monitor the progress your child is making. There are easy-to-read diagrams that demonstrate both academic and curriculum-related development in addition to showing the cumulative amount of learning tasks performed in each group, whether from art, puzzles, songs, sports, and books.


Children also enjoy the reward component of the program. It’s fun to count how many tickets they got then go to the virtual store to make purchases. If they see something and don’t have enough virtual money, that becomes the incentive to work harder. It’s like receiving a paycheck for hard work. Another factor taking place is the child is also counting and doing essential math that they will use later in school.

By enticing them with tickets, helps kids to finish learning activities. The earned tickets purchase virtual objects if the number of tickets is the right price for the item. They can buy such things as fresh fish for the classroom. Kids get to have fun learning essential addition and multiplication in the form of a game, and they can obtain multiple tickets to claim prizes in the virtual store.


The avatar is fun that your child will use while on to represent him or herself. Your child gets to select all the features like a Bitmogi. There is a wide variety of avatar functionality and accessories and other avatar-related items that can buy with tickets. For example, they can get clothes, shoes, and hats.


The zoo at helps kids connect with authentic zoo creatures, including zebras, tigers, chimpanzees, penguins, and more. Your child will learn about different species, animals.


There is also the classroom aquarium; your child will pick exotic tropical fish and other things to bring in and learn lots of fascinating fish knowledge at the same time. The immersive farm features horses, pigs, and ducks, to name a few. They will see the farm animals’ adorable animation while learning fun and fascinating facts about each of them and do farm-related activities.


ABCMouse is an atmosphere that is one hundred percent healthy and friendly for children. No pop-ups or connections to other websites are used, thus removing access to potentially harmful content. They make sure the enjoyable curriculum for children is one hundred percent interactive. In comparison, ABCMouse also does not display any ads.


You can sign up for just $9.95 a month. You can include up to four children who have access to use this program. ABCMouse offers a free one month trial with a subscription. If it’s not for you, you can always cancel.

What’s in the Free Trial

If you want to try, you get a free 30-day no-obligation trial that will provide access to all that the learning program has to offer. The one-month trial allows access to the entire 9,000 reading, science, math, and art activities in the educational curriculum.

Is Abcmouse Worth It?

We think it is worth it. You cannot, as the saying goes, put a price on the education of your child. ABCMouse is a web-based learning program for education that’s great for homeschooling. ABCMouse has plenty of engaging, instructional content with ten different levels, 850 lessons, and more than 10,000 unique learning opportunities to keep young learners involved during homeschooling hours.

ABCMouse also has its curriculum and lesson plans, so it’s ideal if you’re looking for a program with a built-in curriculum, so you don’t have to build your own. ABCMouse also includes what are called quick enrollment. If your family does not like, you can cancel your account at any time; you can’t beat it.


Researchers have found that ABCMouse speeds up learning and encourages children to make substantial improvements in early reading and math skills. The program gives your child the ability to work on laptops, tablets, and smartphones; ABCMouse is accessible to families on a low-cost subscription basis. In both the Kids and Education areas, ABCMouse ranked as the leading children’s learning software. It is a great educational software for homeschooling and remote learning.

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