Back to School Supply List 2019

Getting your kids ready for school and shopping back-to-school supplies sales used to be a headache. You’d have to get in the car, drive to Staples, and hope they had the Mead 5-subject spiral notebook your child wanted otherwise you’d be on the end of a public temper tantrum.

Thanks to Amazon and all of the other online retailers, that’s no longer the case! You can click a few buttons online and have everything shipped to your home. We’ve made it even easier by compiling all of the common school supplies your kids will need below. We’ve sectioned everything by grade level so you can quickly find the appropriate school supplies and add them to your cart.

Go ahead and shop away!

Kindergarten School Supplies


Elementary School: Grades 1-3 School Supplies


Elementary School: Grades 4-5 School Supplies


Middle School School Supplies


High School School Supplies


College School Supplies

Academic Supplies



Cleaning Supplies

Dorm Furnishings

Dorm Supplies



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