Online Back to School Supply List 2021

Getting your kids ready for school and shopping back-to-school supplies sales used to be a headache. You’d have to get in the car, drive to Staples, and hope they had the Mead 5-subject spiral notebook your child wanted otherwise you’d be on the end of a public temper tantrum.

This year, in particular, it’s hard to know whether schools will be in-person or not. And if even if schools are in-person, it’s far easier to order school supplies online than run to the store with a mask and buy. Regardless of the school situation, the school supply list below will work for both in-person schooling and homeschooling.

Thanks to Amazon and all of the other online retailers, that’s no longer the case! You can click a few buttons online and have everything shipped to your home. We’ve made it even easier by compiling all of the common school supplies your kids will need below. We’ve sectioned everything by grade level so you can quickly find the appropriate school supplies and add them to your cart.

Go ahead and shop away!

Kindergarten School Supplies

Kindergartners mostly need supplies that help them explore their creativity. Since their hand-eye coordination hasn’t fully developed, most of the supplies such as blunt-tipped scissors and wide-ruled paper are designed to give kindergartners a margin of safety during activities during their school days. Below we have captured the most common school supplies that are needed for kindergartners.

Elementary School: Grades 1-3 School Supplies

As first through third graders begin to develop more skills, their need for supplies increases. While a lot of the supplies are similar to those of kindergartners, the main additions include index cards and pens. This allows for more permanent writing methods and ways to quickly memorize facts.

Elementary School: Grades 4-6 School Supplies

Once students have gotten to fourth through sixth grade, they are a little more mature and will begin to require some more advanced school supplies. Since they are also preparing for middle school, they need graph paper, organizational supplies (such as binders), and planners.

Middle School School Supplies

Middle school is where students transition from kids to teenagers. Since middle school years are formative in a teenager’s life, the school supplies you buy will likely define your student’s status in the social hierarchy at school. They’ll likely need a lock for their locker. They will also need more advanced supplies for math classes such as a protractor and graphic calculator as well as college-ruled notebook paper for essays.

Middle Schools SuppliesHigh School School Supplies

High school prepares students for college so they likely will need a step up in their school supplies. They’ll be taking multiple classes with multiple teachers so organization is key. Many of the advanced classes will have their own list of required supplies that are teacher-dependent and you may need to buy textbooks as well.

High School Supply ListCollege School Supplies

College supplies vary widely and is mostly dependent on the student’s preferences. We’ve listed some of the basic supplies that are common for new dorm life and college classroom life, but what you actually need will probably be defined by your student.

Academic Supplies



Cleaning Supplies

Dorm Furnishings

Dorm Supplies


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