10 Best Online Educational Games

Gaming in education has become a trend over the past few years. It is an excellent approach to help kids develop creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and improve memory capacity.

Online educational games are quite helpful for students who get distracted easily or have a short attention span. Besides this, educational games also play a significant role in making kids more computer-literate.

So, when game-based learning has so many advantages, why don’t you incorporate it into your kids or students’ curriculum? For your convenience, we have put together some of the most popular and impressive online education games for kids.

Check them out below.

1. FunBrain

Founded in 1992, FunBrain is a popular educational game website that features a wide variety of exciting games for kids up to grade 8. The games are arranged into sections: Reading, Videos, Playground, Math Zone, and Games.

To find the relevant games for your kids, you simply have to select a grade, and several games will load in front of you immediately. Next, click on the Play button to start a game. FunBrain games are an excellent way to teach your kids basic Math, Grammar, History, and Science.

Playing games on FunBrain is absolutely free as the company makes money through advertisements running on its website.


2. PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids website has a lot of super-exciting educational games and activities for preschoolers. The games are organized into sections including healthy habits, teamwork, science, math, and more. 

PBS Kids has a dedicated section to the emotional and social development of kids.

You will be pleased to know that some games available on PBS Kids feature characters from famous PBS shows such as Curious George, Sesame Street, etc. 

Since the website doesn’t show any irrelevant advertisement, you can rest assured that your kids will learn safely.


3. National Geographic Kids

What can be a better way than this to make kids aware of animals and the natural world? The website provides more than 100 interactive games related to animals, adventure, science, and geography. Besides this, it also hosts engaging quiz and puzzle games.

Interested kids can also take a virtual tour of different countries and learn some interesting facts about distinct geographical locations. Isn’t it exciting? 

Although all games on National Geographic Kids are free, some content might be available via paid subscription only that is $29 for a year.


4. Sesame Street

Sesame Street has a preschool educational game series that is designed to educate kids with the basics of math, science, dance, language, and different cultures. The website teaches kids through games, videos, and art tutorials. You can choose from hundreds of videos and games to help your kids learn rhymes, letters, colors, animal sounds, and more.  


5. Poptropica

Developed by Pearson Education in 2007, Poptropica is another popular online game for kids. The content of the game is targeted toward kids aged 6 to 15. In the game, players have to reach to different island dealing with snakes, criminals, and other difficulties. 

Though it is a multiplayer game, children can play it alone. Poptropica educates and entertains kids by its fascinating stories, games, and quests.


6. ABCYa

ABCYa offers free educational games and activities for kids up to 6 grade. A lot of preschools in the country use this website as a learning tool to help pupils practice different educational concepts. The website can be used to help kids learn numbers, letters, art, and more. Besides this, ABCYa also hosts some exciting games on animals, food, and cars.

While most of the games on ABCYa are self-explanatory, some may require you to read instruction.

ABCYa games contain ads that can be removed by signing up for the paid subscription. The good thing is, the website works flawlessly on both desktop and tablet.


7. Primary Games

Primary Games website is particularly aimed at kids in primary schools. It has a variety of games and activities designed according to school syllabus for subjects like language arts, math, science, social studies, and more. 

Primary Games also features a dedicated curriculum guide for teachers where they can search for a game matching their school’s curriculum.

The website hosts more than 1000 kid-friendly games, and each game is checked for the safety of kids.


8. Arcademics

Arcademic hosts a lot of fun-filled educational games for pupils up to grade 8. The website has a wide range of subject-related online games. Parents and teachers can use this platform to teach their kids or students counting, addition, subtraction, language arts, computer typing, geography, spellings, and more.

What makes Arcademics different from other online educational games is, it blends arcade-style games with educational concepts. In these games, players earn points by answering correct questions. 

Similar to actual arcade games, players can see their leader boards and contestants. 

To play games on Arcademics, you don’t need any registration. You can play games for free without logging in.


9. FactMonster

Developed by Infoplease, Fact Monster holds a wide range of educational games and quizzes for elementary school kids. Since educational professionals design the content available on this website, it helps kids with their homework as well.

FactMonster contains rich content on subjects like history, geography, maths, science, language arts, and more. 

Speaking of games, kids can play math flashcards, hangman, roman numeral challenge, quizzes & trivia. Additionally, the website provides educational tools like conversion calculator, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.


10. GameClassroom

Parents or teachers who are looking for online educational games for kids in kindergarten through grade 6 can find GameClassroom very useful. It has a large number of games lined up with curriculums followed in the state schools.

Owned and operated by Earlier Media, GameClassroom enables you to sort games and other educational content based on skill types like reading games, problem-solving games, etc. Most games are free, but some may need you to get a membership to play.

Bonus: ABCMouse

ABCMouse is a great educational software program that guides students through math, social studies, language, and more through series of fun games and exercises. The curriculum consists of various activities to choose from, like virtual puzzles, singing songs, and visiting the zoo.

So these are some of the best online educational games that you can use to take your kids’ learning to the next level from the comfort of your home.

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