Best Tips and Tools for Homeschooling Your Kids

As the majority of schools have closed across the United States due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, parents are finding it challenging to keep their kids engaged and learning during the day. 

If you’re also struggling to homeschool your kids, read this guide till the end. We’re going to make you familiar with tips and tools to keep your kids happy, healthy, and learning at home during this coronavirus crisis.

Tools to Homeschool Your Kids

Check out The School Website

The majority of schools that have shut down due to COVID-19 are offering online learning resources to their students. Check out if your school is offering classes via Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, or any distance learning apps. See if your child’s school teacher or principal has given any guidance for a homeschool curriculum.

Educated & Entertain Your Kids with PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a broadcasting television network that broadcasts educational videos and games. It also features a daily newsletter that shares tips and tricks to help kids play and learn at home. You can create an account on their website to get tips to keep your kids learning at home. 

PBS Kids has a separate PBS LearningMedia section on its website where you can find classroom-ready digital resources for your kids. You can select the grades and subjects you want to teach your kids. 


Scholastic Learn at home is another ideal platform to keep your kids learning and entertained during school closures. It is designed to support learning opportunities for those students who are unable to attend school. 

The platform helps you keep your kids fresh on their academics. The platform is suitable for students from Pre-Kindergarten to 9th grade. Every day they offer four distinct learning experiences that are built around exciting yet meaningful stories. At the moment, they’re offering 20 days of lessons (daily 3 hours) for grades from Pre-K up to 9th grade. 


BrainPOP is an educational website that is often used in the classroom. Now the site is offering free access to educational assessments and videos. You can sign in BrainPOP using your G Suite Education account. It has online resources for all the major subjects, including English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art & Music, Health, Engineering & Tech. 

Make Use of Free Educational Websites

Numerous educational websites are offering free subscriptions during school closure. The Facebook group, Amazing Educational Resources has put together the list of some popular free educational sites for homeschooling. Another great one is All Digital School. These websites provide online resources for subjects like English, Maths, History, general reading, and more.

Tips to Homeschool Your Kids During COVID-19 Shutdown

Create a Daily Schedule

At home, there is no bell ringing to tell your kids when it is time for their next class. Therefore, it’s essential that you create a strict schedule so that your kids can follow the same discipline they obey at their school.

Create a daily schedule for their study, meals, chores, and other activities. Display the schedule in a place where everyone in the family can see it. 

Besides this, you must incorporate a proper recess period in the schedule. In a general school setting, children are allowed to go to recess. So, homeschooling shouldn’t be any different.

If you notice your kids are struggling through any assignment, give them a quick 15-minute break. Most parents don’t realize, but it does wonder. 

Watch Webinars

Numerous authors and YouTube Channels are hosting webinars for students of all grades. For example, Khan Academy is offering a lot of free educational videos on numerous subjects taught in US schools. 

Besides this, Mystery Science has also taken an initiative to offer free science lessons during school shut down due to coronavirus. It is helping parents to give their children science lessons. Mystery Science covers almost all the popular science lessons taught in schools. To access these lessons, you will need to sign up on their website.

Make Learning Fun

Don’t be too hard on your kids. Homeschooling during this virus attack shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Think outside the box to teach your kids. For instance, your grocery items can be lessons on shapes, sizes, and colors for your kids. You can also do art and craft projects with your household items.   

Don’t forget to entertain your kids as well. You can watch the live streaming of Cincinnati Zoo with your kids and educate them about different animals and their activities. The zoo is live-streaming some of its popular animals, such as Fiona, hippo, etc.

Play Some Music with Your Kids

Playing music is an ideal way to stay calm and positive. Find out some music that is linked to books you’re reading with your kids. Pick up any instrument and make up songs together. SmartMusic company is offering free access to its SmartMusic subscription. It is a web-based music education tool for people of all levels. The company will continue this free access through June 30, 2020

Other Services

Many organizations are coming forward to help students learn while out of school. Spectrum has announced to offer free WiFi and broadband internet access to students affected by the Coronavirus closure. This free service will be available for 60 days, starting from March 16, 2020. 

Besides this, some authors are also organizing online reads aloud on social media for elementary school kids. You can use out read-aloud from the following authors.

Final Thoughts

The quick spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 has left more than 2 million students in the United States without access to school learning. It is making parents feel stressed about what to do to keep their kids learning while they are stuck at home. Since parents are juggling with their own work as well, it is not easy for them to help their kids cover the complete curriculum. 

In this post, we shared some homeschooling tips and tricks to keep your kids healthy and learning during this virus outbreak because we believe that learning must go on in any situation. 

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