Understanding the Power of Yet and How It Fosters a Growth Mindset

Yet may not seem as impactful as other words like efficient and skilled. But, the power of yet is far more than you could have ever imagined. Just by adapting it in your life, you can change your outlook and set foot in the growth mindset.

The “Power of Yet” Meaning: What Is It?

Many believe that basic qualities like talent and intelligence are fixed traits. This puts us in a fixed mindset situation, limiting us to what we can achieve. This is where the power of yet comes in. The “power of yet” is about having a growth mindset. It is rooted in how you approach failure to say that you can’t do something “yet” instead.

Carol Dweck is a Standford University professor and the mind behind the “power of yet.” In her book “Mindset,” she discusses the effect of a positive growth mindset.

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She argues that people can achieve success if they believe in their most basic abilities. And one does not need to have a high IQ or be the smartest in the room, but only dedication and discipline as the primary tools.

What Is the Impact of Yet?

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset picture

The power of “yet” is based on the idea that individuals are on a journey to knowledge, where learning should never stop, and self-improvement is better than staying in comfort zones. Below are some of the impacts of “yet.”

1. Growth Mindset

Yet creates a growth mentality, positive expectations, and high hope. This psychology enhances self-efficacy that often transforms difficulties into possibilities. It also maximizes small wins and encouragement to inspire personal change.

2. High Hope

More often than not, failure indicates a finality in the subjects’ minds. Replacing the words “failed” with “not yet” has been found to have dramatic influence over growth and resilience instead of festering the thought of incompetence. Yet also encourages us to become better and instills a sense of possibility and self-confidence.

Dweck’s model assumes that there will be another time to try and perform better and that the current failure is just but a stepping stone.

3. Positive Expectations

Dweck claims that an employee’s performance can always be encouraged by using “yet” as it conveys that failure and difficulty are opportunities to halt, reassess, and deploy new strategies for overcoming the challenges.

So, whenever you don’t understand a concept, the power of yet encourages you to push even better until you get the desired result.

What Is the Benefit of Yet?

According to Dweck’s book, leaders can maximize the use of “yet” in several spheres of the working environment. These are performance appraisal, training, worker motivation, and career development.

Leaders can also observe significant employee improvement whenever they incorporate the power of “yet” to communicate with underachieving or new employees. This allows employees to understand that they can accomplish what they desire, but they are not simply there “yet.”

This benefit is not limited to the workplace, though. In a study, students in a growth mindset group displayed higher effort and motivation than those in the stages of memory class.

How to Utilizer the Power of Yet

We all can improve, and all the strength and encouragement are already within us. Below are a few tips on harnessing the power of yet to nurture a growth attitude.

1. Be Mindful of Negative Self-Talk

According to Carol, having a positive mindset whenever facing a challenge will make you unstoppable. And negative talk will always distract you. If you give in to them, you risk losing all your progress, and failure might be imminent.

2. Identify Your “Can’t”

As a rule of thumb, if you believe you cannot do something, chances are you will fail at it even if you try. If you believe you cannot lose weight, you won’t. If you cannot penetrate a certain market, you will most likely put less effort in and eventually fail at it too. The key is detecting your can’t and adding “yet.”

If you need any help understanding this concept, here’s a great Sesame Street song about not giving up by using the Power of Yet:


3. Face the Challenge

Life is full of sharp turns that are bound to slow you down in your quest for success, but how you tackle problems in life will set you apart from the crowd. Remember, the strongest individuals have had to learn how to dodge the curveballs of life.

Your Turn

Whether you are a student or a professional, the power of yet is impactful! If you can’t draw, say, “I can’t sketch yet.” When you learn a new skill, say, “I’m not an expert yet.” Whatever what’s holding you back, just add the power of yet and work on achieving your goal.

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