Is New Year Capitalized?

During the holidays, the use of new year vs. New Year is confusing for most people and this should never be the case. It is important for everybody to have the right understanding of the proper capitalization of both holiday terms and holidays in order to avoid embarrassment when sending out holiday greetings. In this FAQ, we’ll answer the following questions:

Let’s start with the first question.

Is New Year Capitalized?

The short answer is that New Year (and Happy New Year) are capitalized.

This a very common question especially for teachers just before schools break for the holidays. It is also a conundrum for anyone who sends out holiday cards.

Why New Year Is Capitalized?

The distinction between new year and New Year depends on whether the reference is being made on the year or the holiday itself. If a reference is being made on the holiday, then it should be capitalized e.g. Happy New Year!

However, when someone is making reference to the year itself then it should not be capitalized e.g. It is the second day of the new year.

It is grammatical and customary to capitalize both secular and religious holidays. In addition, when the words eve and day constitute the holiday name then they should be also capitalized. This is regardless of whether the name of the holiday is shortened or not e.g. New Year’s Eve.

One easy way to remember is never to capitalize in instances when you are using an article such as the or a.

So, is new year capitalized? It depends on how it is being used.

Is There an Apostrophe in Happy New Year or Happy New Year’s?

First off, the correct phrase is “Happy New Year’s” not “Happy New Years.” There is an apostrophe when you have an “s” after “Year” since the full phrase “Happy New Year’s Day” is possessive.

It can be confusing around the New Year whether you wish someone a “Happy New Year” or “Happy New Year’s.” When do you use the apostrophe-S vs not? Generally, these two phrases can be interchanged, but one makes more sense on December 31st than the other.

You only really use “Happy New Year’s” on December 31st or January 1st because you are wishing someone a happy “New Year’s Day” on that day in particular. Most people drop the “day” as the last part of that phrase which is where the confusion comes in. Again, if you say one or the other no one will correct you (unless your grammar teacher cousin is at the party).

New Year Zoom Backgrounds

New Years Eve 1

New Years Eve 2

New Years Eve 3

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve Virtually This Year

When New Year’s Eve comes around, it might be hard to fathom that most celebrations in person won’t be happening this year, just like many other things throughout the year.

Because of the threat of public safety continuing to be a reality, we can’t help but wonder if it is better to stay home and host our own virtually with friends and family. Like everything else, virtual celebrations have become even more popular in today’s society. Plus, it’s not like you will be missing anything because the most popular celebrations will be held virtually this year such as the ball drop in Times Square.

For those of you who plan to stay up for the virtual New Years celebrations, then holding a virtual party will be the thing to do. However, if you have never hosted one, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with how to pull it off. Luckily though there are quite a few ideas that’ll have your virtual party the highlight of the year.

1. Consider Your Guests

It’s always important to keep your guests in mind and the type of parties that they like. Do they party hard or are they more laid back?

No matter which route you decide on, it’s important to remember that your guests will likely expect a way to “escape” from their home in order to enjoy some community fun.

Also, make sure that your virtual party includes a welcoming feeling. You may also want to include details for attendance such as donating for tickets. Nowadays, feeling included and diverse can go a long way.

2. Go All Out

Just because it will be virtual doesn’t mean it still can’t be all out. You can easily make your party huge just as if it were in person. You can do this by incorporating the best available audio and designs and great schedule of events like a DJ.

Although it all may seem intimidating, it really does not require you to be knowledgeable in party planning. As long as you keep everything as interactive as possible then you will create a successful venue to remember.

As part of your New Year’s virtual party, you can also implement a dress code and include themed activities that guests can participate in. If you want, you can preplan the alcohol by including it in the ticket price. Then, you can send the bubbly at the time of purchase.

3. Host a Fun Class

If you would rather be more nonchalant, then you can include a fun class that is focused on improving themselves. This will be a great way to start your virtual New Years positively. You can also provide a presentation on a subject that interests everyone and provides a good amount of enjoyment. The topic can be anything so make sure to be creative and have fun with it.

If you are unable to brainstorm ideas, then there are plenty of ideas that you can utilize online. You can use them to inspire your own ideas or conduct the same ideas. Also, make sure to set aside time to answer questions following the presentation so to maintain a connection with you.

4. Explore the Crafty Side of You

Being creative and crafty can go a long way while enjoying a virtual celebration. This is where you will be able to bring out the best in you and your friends. A great example would be a party that creates and decorates masks in preparation for a masquerade party.

Having a craft party may surprise you with just how much success it could generate for your attendees. If anything, it will surely motivate others to socialize virtually.

5. Hold a Relaxation Party

You have to admit that this year was not the greatest. Causing so much stress that anyone could use a spa day or a day to relax it all away. This is why a yoga-inspired relaxation party is perfect. You can make it any type that you feel like and you can have it wild or mild.

The ideas are truly endless and you can incorporate many other ideas to create a theme such as a magic party or with a variety of music.

6. Virtual Taste Testing

Creating a taste testing virtual party is a great way to celebrate new years eve virtually and share favorite foods as either the main party for midnight or as an early social event that the host gets together. No matter which one you do, you will surely enjoy the bubbly when the New Year comes rolling in at midnight.

To get started, have a list ready that you send to your virtual attendees to buy. Include what the event will entail as well as the price for tickets. When you receive the orders, go ahead and purchase the same items for you.

7. Gather for a Game

A game night is a great way to bring in teamwork among friends. The game can be any type of theme that involves a group and does not need to an over-the-top event either. Some examples of a theme may include a scavenger hunt or trivia questions that surround the same theme. To take it one step further, you can center your party on a murder mystery and have everybody in costumes and decked out with themed props.

If you haven’t noticed, holding a themed event will always be the best idea while being at home. Not only that, but they help all guests feel welcomed and loved.

8. Coordinate with Party Favors

Creating packages full of party favors and mailing them to your attendees for your virtual New Year’s Eve party is another simple idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve virtually. You can include balloons, noisemakers, hats, tableware, horns, and streamers. If you are worried about being short on cash, then you can point your attendees in the right direction to the same store that you ordered from so that they also have the same items.

9. Create a New Year Time Capsule with Predictions

Prior to the stroke of midnight, request that your attendees choose a person and write down a prediction for the coming year. This is a fun way to have fun with friends and can spark a lot of interest in what to expect from a person and the New Year. After each prediction is given, save them in your cloud as your virtual time capsule. Then, when 2022 comes around, gather your friends and make the reveal and compare the accuracy of the predictions to the year.

10. Include Virtual Backgrounds

A lot of programs permit users to incorporate different virtual backgrounds. With these, you are able to create any type of festive surrounding that matches your holiday. You can include fireworks in the background, confetti-filled, or anything that you feel would be appropriate. You can even put out decorations in your own home to use as a background for live streaming with friends and family.

11. Break out the Karaoke

Nothing makes a party like some good music and to make it more fun you can break out a karaoke machine. Having some karaoke will help turn a hectic year into a relaxed new year by having fun and laughing as music is sung as best as possible.

So remember, whether your event includes games, music, or food, making it fun and inclusive is the key to making a bad year become memorable in the end.



Hopefully, we have cleared up any confusion that might exist when sending out holiday cards to your friends and family. Spread the word on when New Year is capitalized and help everyone to ring in the new year correctly.

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  2. One mistake in the article — the correct expression is “Happy New Year,” not “Happy New Year’s” or “Happy New Years.”


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