Is Constitution Capitalized?

While most people have no problem with the basic capitalization rules, when it comes to more difficult capitalization questions people start getting confused. When it comes to the government, when and where should you capitalize? Is the word constitution capitalized?

Is Constitution Capitalized?

When it comes to the word constitution, it all depends on if it is being used as an adjective or to refer to the legally binding document.
Even though the constitution is not a proper noun, when it comes to the legally binding document in the US, it should be capitalized. For example, “America’s original Constitution has been stored in the national archives.”
When using the constitution as an adjective, you’re supposed to write it in lowercase. If you are also using it in a descriptive manner, it should be in lowercase. For example, “our singing group needs a better constitution.”

Capitalization and Government

What are the capitalization rules in regards to the government? For starters, you’re supposed to capitalize the word government only if you are referring to any sovereign nation e.g. it is the Government’s duty to provide medical services to its citizens.
All government departments are supposed to be capitalized e.g. Federal Bureau of Investigation except when they are used as an adjective. The capitalization rules also apply to some government terms like the cabinet, administration, federal, etc.
When it comes to the government, capitalization rules may not really apply. While normally the word constitution would be in lowercase, when referring to the government’s document, it is capitalized. In such a scenario, it is treated as a proper noun and thus capitalization has to apply.


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