Best Zoom Backgrounds for Teachers

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Zoom took over the world in 2020 and has been integral in all fields of work including teaching. As teachers, we want to make sure that our students not only respect us but also listen to us and hopefully learn something. While virtual learning cannot actually emulate the real-world classroom, Zoom backgrounds can at least make your virtual classroom seem more realistic and fun. Below we have captured some of the best Zoom backgrounds for teachers that you can use to spruce up your daily teaching routine.

Classroom Rules

Set clear expectations with your students by outlining the rules of your classroom. Use this Canva template to quickly convey what will be allowed in your classroom.

Classroom Rules

Chalkboard Zoom Background for Teachers

Relive the glory days of chalkboards in the classroom by using this retro Zoom background. You can edit the text to say anything you want, from today’s agenda to tonight’s homework. Use this Canva template to give your virtual classroom a “real classroom” look and feel.

Zoom Chalkboard Background

Chalkboard Zoom Background

Holiday Zoom Backgrounds

Set clear expectations with your students by outlining the rules of your classroom. Use this Canva template to quickly convey what will be allowed in your classroom.

Fall and Halloween

Here are some great Zoom backgrounds for fall and Halloween.

Fall Zoom Background


Typically Thanksgiving is a time for fun classroom crafts, but this year is a bit different so try one of these Zoom backgrounds.

Pasted Into Best Zoom Backgrounds For Teachers

Thanksgiving Background 2

Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays 1

Pasted Into Best Zoom Backgrounds For Teachers

Field Trips

Since field trips aren’t possible at this time, give your students the feel of being on a field trip with these Zoom backgrounds. If you want to add your own image for a different museum experience, feel free to edit these templates from Canva below. You can even get royalty-free images from Pixabay or other online sites.

A Day at the Louvre

Explore art history with your students on a field trip to one of the greatest art museums in the world. It may not be open to tourists, but it’s open to your classroom!

Canva Louvre Museum Local Landmark Zoom Background Yaydqc2z41c

A Day in Ancient Egypt

Perfect for a lesson on the building of The Great Pyramid of Giza or life along the Nile.

Canva Pyramids Zoom Virtual Background Rv T3ai6szo

A Day with Dinosaurs

Teach your students about the giants that walked the Earth millions of years ago.

Dinosaur 60588 1920

Be Right Back Zoom Background

If you told the class to take a break, are waiting for class to officially start, or you need to quickly go to the bathroom, wrangle your kids, or something else, throw up this Zoom background. Customize the name, colors, and anything else you want.

Orange, Yellow And Blue Education Zoom Background

What Size Do Zoom Backgrounds Need to Be?

The best Zoom background size is 1920px by 1080px. However, many of the templates on this page are 1280px by 720px which is perfectly acceptable. Zoom can handle many sizes of images but will scale images that don’t have a 16:9 ratio width to height.

It really depends on how large your students’ screens are any whether they will notice the resolution difference.

How Do You Install Zoom Backgrounds?

Before we get to our recommended Zoom backgrounds for teachers, let’s discuss how to install them. Installing Zoom backgrounds is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the Zoom desktop client and install it. You cannot use custom backgrounds in the browser version.
    Download Zoom
  2. Open Zoom and click on the gear icon
    Zoom Background Settings
  3. Click on “Background & Filters”
    Zoom Background Settings Upload
  4. Click on the plus sign to add a new image or video.
    Zoom Background Add New Image
  5. If you need to flip the background because the text is backward, just check or uncheck the “Mirror my video” option.
    Mirror My Video Zoom

My Background Image Is Reversed

If you upload your image or video to Zoom and the image is reversed or the text is backward, just click the “Mirror my video” checkbox on the “Backgrounds & Filters” screen.

Zoom Mirror My Video To Flip Background


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