8 Activities & Things to Do With Kids at Home

Stuck at home with the kids because of unforeseen circumstances? Fortunately, we have a bunch of creative and enriching ideas that will keep the kids busy and entertained for days to come. We found many great activities for kids to do at home. 

All of these ideas have an element of applying creativity and learning. Online tools or outdoor activities for kids all encourage and lead to self-guided or at least enthusiastic play. This will buy parents time to work on their own work or necessary life/adulting chores. Even if you are not able to get those chores done while the kids play, you will at least not hear, “I am bored!” from the other room. This may be why you searched for things to do with kids at home. Let’s turn that frown upside down.

We hope that our list of activities for kids to do at home appeals to kids of multiple ages and that diversity of these options will give you ideas that will last a month or more. 

Top Things to Do With Kids at Home

1. Kid’s Outdoor Gardening 

Gardening is an excellent opportunity to play and learn about both biology and healthy eating. I cherish close memories of gardening with my mother. She finally allowed me to get my hands in the dirt (with gloves). We planted pansies and tomatoes. Your children will enjoy getting outside, in the safety of your yard, with safe kids gardening tools. Moreover, it will be important to get specialty tools for the kids that are not too sharp. 

Here is a list of the top kids gardening tools of 2020. Knowing that the tools are safe, you can enjoy sitting outside, writing on your laptop or reading a good book while the kids play and dig in the dirt nearby. We also would love to hear if you decide to dig into the dirt with them.

child gardening2. Learning a Musical Instrument

There are excellent tools online to learn a new instrument. Orchestra Central is an excellent source to learn about instruments for beginners. They offer great guides to begin playing the violin, viola, cello, piano, and other instruments.

learning violinIf you would rather your kids learn an instrument the old fashioned way, there are lesson books for beginners that you can order online. Dust off that upright piano in the house that hasn’t been touched in a while and encourage your kids to play the beautiful instrument. Here are some beginner piano books for your kid to practice at home.


3. Online Education Courses for Kids

There is a multitude of online learning courses available on the world web. One of the various websites will be your perfect fit for things to do with kids at home. Here are a few of our favorite sites:

1. Alchemie

Augmented reality learning games site.

alchemie screenshot2. PBS Games

All the kid’s favorite characters are featured in a variety of games that grow kids ’ different knowledge bases on subjects. 

pbs kids game3. FunBrain

The leading online kids’ games site to do with kids at home.

You can find more educational games and courses here and here.


4. Coding Lessons

There are plenty of online coding lessons. Coding is a great way to learn logic, math, and computer language skills that will last a lifetime. Here are a few to consider to get your kid started:

1. CMU CS Academy

screencapture-academy-cs-cmu-edu-splash2. Tynker

tynker online3. Code Advantage

code advantage

5. Crafts and Thank You Coloring Pages

Thank you cards can lift the spirits. We love these thank you coloring pages. They are relaxing for both adults and kids. There are endless printable sheets on Pinterest. We recommend taking photos of the finished products and sending them virtually.

Coloring is a great option but we have also seen so many Instagram stories with amazing craft ideas for kids. The key will be to find crafts that you can do with the supplies you have at home. 


6. Watch the Animals at the Aquarium and Zoo on Live-Stream

This article from CBS News gives you links to many of the zoos and aquariums across the country with free live-stream videos of animals. It is like a field trip without leaving the living room and without an admissions fee. Adults have been loving it and my partner and I enjoyed watching a panda rub its back on a tree for an hour.

Your kids will love the various animals and request to watch a different animal each day or hopefully they do…everybody has their favorites. Our cat’s favorite is the aquarium animals and watching fish tanks. 


7. Play With Chalk on the Sidewalk or Pavement

My parents in their 50s have been taking more walks than ever. The sidewalk drawings and encouraging message on the sidewalk lift their spirits. If the weather permits, there is nothing more fun than drawing on surfaces that your whole neighborhood can see. Get a sidewalk chalk set from Amazon.

chalk8. Do an Online Escape Room

Not only did Peters Township Public Library launch a Harry Potter escape room that allows you to visit Hogwarts virtually from home, but there are also many online escape rooms. 
hogwarts escape room
KidzSearch Games highlights what seems to be a never-ending list of online escape room options for kids.

P.S. On April 1st, JK Rowling launched a ‘Harry Potter at Home’ Digital Hub’ with endless things to do with kids at home. You will enjoy the variety for all of the lovers of the Wizarding World.

Check it out: https://www.wizardingworld.com/collections/harry-potter-at-home

hogwarts at homeConcluding Thoughts on Things to Do with Kids at Home

We hope this list of 8 major activities to do with your kids while stuck at home gets you through rainy days and sunny days at home without going too crazy. Ultimately, your kids will be grateful that you took the time to find activities for them to do at home. Keep on investing in your kids, it is the best you can do during this time. Let’s stay positive and spend time doing things that will give us joy. 


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