QuillBot vs. Grammarly: Which Writing Tool Is Better?

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Grammarly has been a mainstay as an online grammar, spelling, and writing checker for years, but QuillBot is a newer tool that is seeking to usurp Grammarly’s throne. Though both tools are designed to help you write better, there are some significant differences between them. 

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If you’re confused about which tool you should use, read this comparison guide till the end. We will be comparing these two tools in terms of accuracy, user-friendliness, spelling, editing features, and customer service response. 

For this review, we will demo both products using an article about lawn care from one of our portfolio websites.

1. Interface & Design

You won’t be able to take maximum advantage of any tool if its interface is not user-friendly. So don’t forget to check with design and interface before investing in any proofreading tool. Let’s find out how good Grammarly and ProWritingAid are in terms of ease of use.


Web Editor

Grammarly features a clean web editor. You can upload your document by clicking on the “upload” button or simply copy and paste your text in the editor. The good thing is, you can add this tool to Chrome as an extension, making it exceptionally easy to use.

Apart from this, identifying errors is not that difficult with Grammarly. You will see your mistakes broken into categories. You simply need to click on your errors to see the suggestion.

Google Chrome Extension

Grammarly has a Google Chrome plugin that plugins into most forms on the internet automatically so that you can check your grammar as you go. The Chrome plugin also auto-corrects your writing as you type, so you edit less later.

Microsoft Word Editor

The Word editor works just like Grammarly’s web editor, except that the suggestions are embedded directly in Word so you don’t have to leave your favorite writing software.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word
Grammarly for Microsoft Word

You can even use Microsoft’s Editor side-by-side with Grammarly’s editor.

Grammarly and Microsoft Editor
Grammarly and Microsoft Editor


Web Editor

Compared to Grammarly which is centered around grammar checking, QuillBot‘s web tool has multiple tools including a Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, Summarizer, and more. These tools serve different purposes, so they are found on different pages. Below are screenshots of the various tools offered by QuillBot. All of these tools have some kind of text editor.

QuillBot Web Editor
QuillBot Web Editor
Image 14
Grammar Checker
Image 18
Plagiarism Checker
Image 28

Google Chrome Extension

Like Grammarly, QuillBot has a Chrome plugin that will show up in just about any text form on the web, including while we were editing this article.

The biggest disadvantage of QuillBot’s Google Chrome plugin that we found was the lack of auto-correction as you type. This is one thing that Grammarly has nailed. While it may seem trivial, Grammarly has built such robust AI that their auto-correction is almost always 100% correct.

QuillBot GOogle Docs
Google Docs Integration
QuillBot in Gmail
Gmail Integration

Microsoft Word

QuillBot’s Office integration is very similar to Grammarly’s. QuillBot brings some of the functionality of the web app to Word including the Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, and Summarizer to Word. However, the interface is clunky and doesn’t provide all of the functionality of the web editor.

QuillBot Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Plugin

Grammarly vs. QuillBot Result

Winner: Grammarly

Grammarly eked out a win here because the interfaces for third-party integrations (Chrome and Word) were much better than QuillBot’s. QuillBot’s web app is pretty simple and well-designed, but it has a way to go with third-party integrations.

2. Features

Both Grammarly and QuillBot support a variety of features to help you write better content.


Grammarly comes with both a desktop app and a web version and can be integrated into Microsoft Word. The browser extension is also very helpful to automatically correct grammar and spelling mistakes in email and other web forms. Both the desktop and web versions support multiple platforms. Moreover, you can use it on your Android and iOS phones with the mobile app. It supports both the free and paid versions.

Some of the major features of Grammarly include:

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Spelling
  • Punctuations
  • Tone detector
  • Passive voice detection
  • Word variety
  • Style suggestions
  • Repetitive words
  • Weak adjectives
  • Word variety

Note: The Free plan has limited features only. You will need to upgrade to the premium version plan to access all the features (such as writing style suggestions and advanced grammar issues).

150 critical grammar and spelling checks
250+ additional advanced grammar and spelling checksX
Vocabulary enhancement suggestionsX
Genre-specific writing style checksX
Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pagesX


QuillBot’s primary goal is to help you rewrite content and that’s what their core features are geared towards.


The paraphrasing tool (known as the Paraphraser) is QuillBot’s bread and butter. This is the tool that sets QuillBot apart from other grammar and AI copywriting tools.

The paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite content in order to make it more concise, make it longer, make it sound a different way, or change it in several other ways.


You can select from seven different “modes,” including formal, simple, creative, and shorten, that change how your text sounds. You can also choose how many “synonyms” to replace your text with.




Like the Paraphraser’s Shorten and Simple modes, the Summarizer will take text and distill it to its essence. It lets you choose the keywords you want to highlight in the summary. You can also choose between Paragraph mode and Key Sentences mode which will determine how the output is formatted.

Summarizer output with large input document
Summarizer output with a large input document


The Co-Writer tool is essentially a text editor, research tool, citation tool, grammar checker, and Paraphraser tool all in one. It lets you look up content on the web within the tool and then paraphrase, rewrite, or edit it. It’s a way of bringing all of QuillBot’s tools into one screen so that you don’t have to shift around.

Co-Write Tool

The Co-Writer tool lets you

Features in Free vs. Paid Plans

The free version includes:

  • Paraphraser: 125 word limit
  • Summarizer: 1,200 word limit
  • Access to the Chrome plugin

The paid version improves on this with:

  • Paraphraser: unlimited words
  • Summarizer: unlimited words
  • Plagiarism Checker (20 pages per month)
  • Grammar Checker
  • Co-Writer
  • Microsoft Word plugin
  • Access to the Chrome plugin

Grammarly vs. QuillBot Results

Winner: Tie

The two products are almost like apples and oranges; hard to compare. QuillBot is designed for rewriting content while Grammarly is built for editing documents.

3. Accuracy

Accuracy is an important feature to look into when choosing a proofreading tool. After all, everyone wants their content to be correct.


It’s hard to compare the accuracy of QuillBot and Grammarly’s rewrite tools since QuillBot has a tool dedicated to rewriting with multiple settings to optimize the rewriting while Grammarly offers pointed suggestions in its editor alongside grammar and spelling suggestions. To give you an overview of the accuracy, we recommend reviewing the QuillBot and Grammarly suggestions below.

QuillBot’s Paraphraser

QuillBot’s power comes from the different modes and synonym settings that let it rewrite content.

Standard Mode
QuillBot’s rewritten content with the default settings (Standard mode and Level 2 synonyms)
QuillBot Synonyms Setting at Level 4 (Premium Plan)
QuillBot Synonyms Setting at Level 4 (Premium Plan)

Grammarly’s Rewriting Suggestions

Grammarly offers some rewriting suggestions (around clarity or redundancy) in their web editor and Chrome plugins.

Grammarly's Rewriting Suggestions
Grammarly’s Rewriting Suggestions

Grammar Checker

In this section, we’ll compare Grammarly and QuillBot’s grammar checkers’ accuracy side-by-side for the same demo document.

We’ve been using Grammarly for years on our websites and have found that it catches most errors.

Image 14
QuillBot identified 23 errors
Image 39
Grammarly Premium identified 53 errors vs the free version identified 9 errors

As you can see from the side-by-side comparison of the two products, Grammarly Premium flagged more issues (53 errors vs. QuillBot’s 23 errors), including the British version of the word “fiber”. However, QuillBot still performed better than the free version of Grammarly (23 errors vs. Grammarly Free’s 9 errors).

When we evaluated the entire article, Grammarly Premium showed more errors than QuillBot. Considering that you have to pay for QuillBot Premium in order to get the grammar checker, this doesn’t seem worth it if you’re just looking for a grammar checker.

Grammarly vs. QuillBot Result

Winner: Grammarly for grammar checking; QuillBot for rewriting

Grammarly and QuillBot have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of accuracy depending on how you use them. Grammarly gave more suggestions for grammar/spelling editing, while QuillBot offered a lot of helpful tips to rephrase our writing.

4. Integrations


The Grammarly Chrome plugin works with most browser forms including email, WordPress, Google Docs, and more.

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They also have plugins for Microsoft Word and Outlook. You can even download a desktop version of Grammarly for Windows or a mobile keyboard for your phone.


QuillBot has a Chrome plugin and a Microsoft Word plugin. The Chrome plugin works with most browser forms including email, WordPress, Google Docs, and more.

The Chrome plugin does a decent job providing recommendations in Google Docs, but lacks robustness in Gmail.

QuillBot GOogle Docs
QuillBot in Google Docs
QuillBot in Gmail
QuillBot in Gmail

The Word plugin is convenient but is also lacking quite a few options that the web editor offers including the Plagiarism Checker and Co-Writer. The options for the Paraphraser and Summarizer are a bit hidden as well making the overall experience quite clunky.

Word plugin
Word plugin

Grammarly vs. QuillBot Result

Winner: Grammarly

Grammarly has more integrations than QuillBot and offers more recommendations in the Chrome plugin. Also, QuillBot’s Word plugin is lacking some of the core features that the web editor offers.

5. Pricing

Pricing is also an important factor to consider when choosing a proofreading tool. Let’s compare how much these two tools cost.


Grammarly’s Google Chrome plugin is free but only offers limited editing checks.

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Grammarly Premium monthly plan costs $30 per month while the quarterly plan costs $20 per month. If you buy Grammarly premium for a year, you will need to pay an average of $12 per month which works out to $144. You can try out its free plan to find out whether or not you need to upgrade to the paid plan.

However, if you use this link, you can get 20% off Grammarly plans (50% off for back-to-school Sept 1- Sept 30) which leaves you with the following pricing:



QuillBot also offers a free plan with limited checks. You are limited to 125 words per Paraphraser run and 1,200 words for the Summarizer. You don’t have access to other tools including the grammar checker.

Want to get try QuillBot?

Give QuillBot a try for free. You’ll have limits, but you’ll understand whether it is the right tool for you.

Quillbot Free Vs Premium Plan Features

QuillBot’s premium plans are more affordable than Grammarly’s. The longer the term you pay for in advance, the more money you’ll save. A monthly subscription will set up back $19.95/mo. while paying for a full year in advance will only cost $8.33/mo.

Quillbot Pricing

QuillBot vs. Grammarly Result

Winner: QuillBot

QuillBot is cheaper than Grammarly ($99.95 compared to $144 for an annual plan). However, you can use this link to get 20% off a Grammarly Premium account if you prefer a writing tool with superior grammar-checking capabilities.

6. Customer Support

As technical issues might happen at any time, you must have immediate access to a support team. Let’s find out how proactively Grammarly and ProWritingAid handle customer issues.


Grammarly offers 24/7 support via submitting a ticket and email. You can also visit their help center and go through the knowledge base to find an answer to your queries.


The QuillBot support team is available from Monday to Friday. They may have delays on weekends and federal holidays. You can contact them via their “Contact us” page and email. They also have an FAQ page where you can find articles on specific technical issues.

7. Pros & Cons

Like every proofreading tool, Grammarly and ProWritingAid have some pros and cons. We have listed some major ones below. This section will help you make a better decision.

Grammarly Pros

  • Grammarly underlines all the incorrect words and allows you to edit a document in real time.
  • The tool is quite user-friendly. Even beginners can use it without any prior training.
  • It is designed to offer a quick check for your writing.
  • Comparatively, it’s more accurate, especially for non-fiction writers.
  • It gives you indirect account-based document storage.
  • For more, check out our full Grammarly review.

Grammarly Cons

  • Grammarly Chrome extension is not compatible with a few websites.
  • Though the majority of the mistakes suggested by Grammarly are correct, sometimes it catches wrong mistakes.
  • The free version is only suitable for grammatical and spelling errors.

QuillBot Pros

  • Excellent text rewriting capabilities.
  • The Co-Writer tool lets you do research, rewrite, and edit your content in one tool.
  • The Chrome extension and Word plugin allow you to use QuillBot in your existing editing environments.
  • For more, check out our full QuillBot review.

QuillBot Cons

  • In comparison to Grammarly, it has slower editing, especially when you add a large segment of text to edit.
  • Only available in English right now.
  • QuillBot does not have a mobile application for Android and iOS.
  • The plagiarism checker and grammar checkers are only available for the premium plan.

Final Thoughts

We think Grammarly and QuillBot are both great writing tools. Grammarly is better for those looking for a robust grammar checker and writing coach while QuillBot is better for rephrasing and rewriting your content. However, QuillBot is cheaper which may make it a better option for those on a budget.

If you can afford to spend a little bit more for a premium, we recommend Grammarly. You can give both a try for free before you decide to pay.

In this post, we compared Both Grammarly and QuillBot in terms of pricing, ease of use, features, customer support, and more. We’re confident that after going through this guide, you can better decide which tool is useful for you.  Check them out at the links below:

Grammarly: https://grammarly.com

Grammarly Discount

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QuillBot: https://quillbot.com

Try QuillBot

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Which Is Better: Grammarly or QuillBot?

From our analysis, we think that Grammarly is better if you’re looking for a grammar or plagiarism checker whereas QuillBot is better if you’re looking for a tool that helps you rewrite your content. QuillBot’s grammar checker and plagiarism tools aren’t on the same level as Grammarly’s, but QuillBot’s rewriting suggestions are better than Grammarly’s since that rephrasing is their bread and butter.

Can You Use Both QuillBot and Grammarly’s Chrome Plugins Together?

Yes! You can use both Grammarly and QuillBot’s Google Chrome plugins at the same time. You will just see more errors and suggestions identified.

Below is an example of using both QuillBot (widget on left side and sidebar) and Grammarly (bottom left) at the same time in Google Docs.

Grammarly and QuillBot

If there are overlapping suggestions, you will see a word or phrase double underlined.

Read More

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