16 Free Textbook Websites

Textbooks are not only expensive; they are also too heavy to carry! Thankfully, there are plenty of free textbooks websites so you can save money and your back. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to scour the internet for these websites β€” we already did the hard work! We even found a forum wherein you can share and request a textbook title. So, sit back and relax. Here are the best 16 free textbook websites you should visit.

1. Library Genesis

Homepage of LIbrary Genesis

Library Genesis is home to hundreds of thousands of books, including textbooks. Everything is organized into four categories – non-fiction, fiction, scientific articles, and magazines. All you need is to enter the title of the book you’re looking for, and this free textbook website will pull up all the available downloads.

Each search result includes the author name, publisher, and publication date to ensure you’re downloading the right book. And once you’ve located the right book, you’ll just need to choose the mirror link for the download.

2. Archive.org

screenshot of Internet Archive's website for free textbooks.

Archive.org is created by the Internet Archive has been offering free textbooks since 2009. It provides free audiobooks, ebooks, and a good collection of textbooks in full-text PDF. You will find a wide variety of subjects, including Business and Technical Studies.

A few things that make this site stand out are its interface and navigation options. You can search the site and navigate to specific categories and sub-categories without having to skip over links or take any time-consuming steps.

3. PDF Drive

Homepage of PDF Drive website

PDF Drive is a cloud storage site that lets you download your favorite free PDF files to your computer. There are over 77 million eBooks, and they are all free to download. And, the best part? There are no download caps to worry about. Plus, navigating the website is straightforward – you can either use the search bar or toggle the category menu on the right column.

4. Open Library

A picture of Open Library's website for free textbooks.

Open Library is among the best websites to download textbooks for free. Currently, they have over 23,000 textbooks free to download, but you’ll also find other books related to history, medicine, music, science, religion, and more! Plus, Open Library allows you to create an online account for easier access to books that you’ve borrowed.

5. ZLibrary

ZLibrary's homepage for searching and downloading free textbooks.

Unlike other websites on our list, Zlibrary’s homepage is pretty basic. You have three options – books, articles, and the sign-up link. When you click books, you’ll be redirected to a different website wherein the “most popular” are based on your location. Their book collection spans over 9 million choices. On the other hand, they have a whopping 83 million articles available for download.

6. OpenStax

Open Stax's website for downloading textbooks and resources.

OpenStax is supported by Rice University and provides free textbooks to read online or download. The site is under a Creative Commons license to allow users to download and share the books freely. Plus, its downloadable course materials come from other universities worldwide, so you can rest assured that they are high-quality texts.

7. Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library's website for searching textbooks.

Open Textbook Library’s online catalog is significantly less than other websites for free textbooks. However, you’ll have peace of mind that the book you’re getting is licensed, meaning it’s safe to download. Another benefit of using Open Textbook Library is its proper textbook categorization.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg's website screenshot.

Project Gutenberg is one of the trusted and oldest websites to download books. Their collection is mostly old and classic books, which can be a good thing when your professor asks you to read history textbooks and novels.

9. PDF Search Engine

Website of PDF Search Engine

PDF Search Engine is not technically a website but rather a search engine like Google. You just enter the title in the search bar, and PDF Search Engine will pull up all the possible websites to download the textbook. However, the search results are a hit and miss. Nonetheless, using PDF Search Engine can come in handy.

10. [email protected]

A picture of ScholarWork's website

[email protected] is maintained and managed by Grand Valley State University Libraries. Their catalog is mostly research papers, journals, and other scholarly works from students and faculty members. Open textbooks are also available but are limited compared to other websites we’ve mentioned.

11. Textbooksfree

A screenshot of Textbooksfree's website.

TextBooksFree feels and looks like it’s stuck in the early 2000s, but don’t judge by its cover! Once you select the appropriate category on the homepage, you’ll be presented with hundreds of textbook options.

12. Mobilism

screenshot of Mobilism forum for free textbooks.

Mobilism is not exactly a website. It’s a forum wherein members can share their textbooks and ebooks. Books are segmented across different forum topics, but you can always use the search bar for quicker navigation. Another advantage of using Mobilisim? You can also find Android and iPhone apps.

13. Bookboon

Free textbook website Bookboon's homepage.

BookBoon is another wonderful website to visit for your textbook needs. However, you’ll need to sign-up to view or download a book.

14. BookFI

Bookfi's homepage website for free textbooks

BookFI offers many different digital books and documents that you can read online or download. Plus, they have many books on various subjects, so you will never run out of reading material. So how do you use this website? Just enter the textbook title on the search bar.

15. Open Access

Open Access's website showing different books for free.

Open Access or OAPEN for short is home to thousands of open access books that you can either view or download. The free textbooks are categorized by subject. Like other free textbook websites, you can always use the search bar to locate the book that you need.

16. Directory of Open Access Books

Open Access Books's website feature top subjects for free textbooks.

Directory of Open Access Books or DOAB makes it extra convenient to view, access, and download open access books. And, like all other free textbook websites, you don’t need to spend a dime. DOAB is also a part of the OAPEN Foundation.


Before you buy a textbook and waste hundreds of dollars, make sure to visit these top 16 best free textbook websites β€” you’re more than likely to find what you need for the next sem!

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