Different Ways to Say “I Love You”

The more time you spend with someone special, the harder it gets to think up new ways to say I love you. You may have pored over lists of I love you so many quotes in an effort to find new ways and words to make her feel special or you may think your ability to speak those words to make her feel special is so competent that you will never run out of ways to say I love you. Whichever camp you find yourself in, provided below are some other phrases you can resort to when that I love you so much quotes list runs low.

32 Ways to Say “I Love You” Without Saying “I Love You”

  1. You are the first thing on my mind and the last thing I see each day.
  2. You are my BAE.
  3. Most people resort to coffee to get through the day. Me? I have my love for you.
  4. If the people in my life were parts to a giant robot, you would be the head; I would be lost without you.
  5. You are the silver lining of my storm-cloud-filled life.
  6. Whenever the world seems to make no sense, you are my Rosetta Stone, giving me clarity.
  7. I consider my life to be all the fuller because you are a part of it.
  8. Since I met you, I have noticed that I seem to smile a lot more than I used to.
  9. You are my favorite distraction.
  10. I just called you so I could hear your beautiful voice.
  11. While I will always have your back, your front is just as amazing to be around.
  12. You drive me crazy-but the good sort of crazy.
  13. I want to grow old with you.
  14. I would like to share each and every one of my breakfasts with you.
  15. You constantly remind of how lucky I am to know you.
  16. There is no one I’d rather borrow fries from.
  17. Thank you for being you.
  18. I have feelings for you.
  19. I have fallen for you. Hard.
  20. You are the light of my life through the good and the bad.
  21. Can you tell that I have a big crush on you?
  22. You leave me breathless.
  23. You push all of my buttons in just the right way.
  24. You make me want to be a a better person and the best version of myself I can be.
  25. Do you happen to have any wanted posters? I ask because you have stolen my heart.
  26. I mean, sure, we could go out to eat, but it will be a light bill; you are all I want.
  27. Rubies are crimson, topaz? yellow hue. I might not have much, but I do have you.
  28. I made you [their favorite food] for dinner.
  29. I’ve become rather accustomed to your face.
  30. I would rather get into a fight with you than look at another person.
  31. I can spell my favorite thing in the world with just one letter: “U.”
  32. I may have done horribly in school but I think our chemistry is A-plus.

Lengthy Ways to Say “I Love You”

  • You may feel like a non-player character at your job, but I see you as that one character in the video game that the game makers charge extra to access because she is such a powerful character in the game.
  • Before you ask me if that outfit looks good on you, I should let you know that you’re seeking input from a biased source-I always think you look good.
  • You are the cheese to my macaroni. Two things that are 100 times better when brought together.
  • I seem to have developed an illness, specifically love sickness. The only cure? You.
  • Other people thing I’m crazy because I ‘go too far’ but you are the one person who tells me I never go far enough. You get me.
  • You are a real miracle-worker you know that? Here you are, someone who has managed to flip my world upside down and inside out yet has somehow also managed make me feel like my world would be poorer if things were “normal.” You are amazing!
  • You know that thing you do where you are amazing and make a person’s world a better place just by existing? Think you could teach me sometime?
  • Being with you is like a trip to outer space, I find myself breathless and you lift my spirits higher than I could have imagined.
  • Home may be where the heart is, but with someone like you, you carry a piece of my home with you wherever you go.
  • They say that you can’t sleep through life, but those people have no idea that being with you is like a dream.
  • They say you should store the things that are most precious things to you in a vault. The main problem I have with that is you would run out of oxygen.
  • I swear, you are like a gravity well in that everything feels lighter around you yet I am also crushing on you hard.
  • Do you have any ideas for numbers with the lottery? Being lucky enough to know you has me wondering just how much more I can defy my odds of failure.
  • You have lit a fuse in my heart and its hard for me to contain the battery of joy it set off.
  • There is something about your aura that leaves me feeling content, even when you are nowhere near me.
  • I can’t believe that, out of the sizable pool of candidates, you chose me to be your special someone when there are so many better candidates.
  • I thought something was wrong with my vision so I went to the eye doctor. He said that I only had eyes for you.
  • The world could throw me every curve ball imaginable but having you with me means I know I can endure it.
  • There are few things in this life worth living for: a good meal, a good night’s rest…and you.
  • I may not be certain of a lot of things but I truly think that you are The One.
  • Everything about you and all that you do adds to my joy, removes my sorrow, and multiplies my bliss!
  • They say that actions are better than words, so let me prove it. [make the sign for “I love you” in American Sign Language].

How to Say “I Love You” in Other Languages

  • (In Japanese) Either “aishiteru” or “anata ga daisuki desu”
  • (In Spanish) “Te quiero”
  • (In Danish) “Jeg elsker dig”
  • (In Esperanto) “Mi amas vin”
  • (In Filipino) “Mahal kita”
  • (In French) “Je vous aime”
  • (In Hawaiian) “Aloha au iā ‘oe”
  • (In Hungarian) “Szeretlek”
  • (In Irish) “Tá mé i grá leat”
  • (In Italian) “Ti amo”
  • (In Korean) “Salanghae”
  • (In Latin) “Te amo”
  • (In Polish) “kocham Cię”
  • (In Portuguese) “Eu amo Você”
  • (In Welsh) “Rwy’n dy garu di”
  • (In Greek) “Se agapo”
  • (In Chinese) “Wǒ ài nǐ”
  • (In German) “Ich liebe dich”
  • (In Russian) “Ya lyublyu tyebya”
  • (In Swahili) “Nakupenda”
  • (In Hindi) “Main tumase pyaar karata hoon”
  • (In Hebrew) “Ani ohevet othah” for gentlemen and “Ani ohev otach” for ladies.
  • (In Sindarin Elven) “Gi melin!”
  • (In Klingon) “bahng-WI’ shokh”

Ways to Say It Without Using Your Mouth

  • Do some household chore they have been complaining about as a surprise.
  • Bring them a cup of coffee made exactly how she likes it.
  • Have their car washed and waxed.
  • Send flowers to their job.
  • Watch their favorite piece of media with them.
  • Memorize and recite their favorite piece of prose or poetry.
  • Draw the phrase “I love you” on their bathroom mirror with your finger. While the text will fade as the moisture evaporates, they will see your “secret message” every time it fogs up from running the hot water.
  • Send them a music video whose song title matches how you feel about them.

Wrapping Things Up

So what are your favorite quotes or ways of telling that special someone “I love you?” Maybe after reading all of these ideas, you have been struck with some creativity and manifested your own unique way of conveying your adoration. The start of your day is one of the best times to find inspiration as it is when our creative energies are at their most charged. What other sorts of ways to say “I love you” can you think of?

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