Paragraphs That Express Your Love: Love Paragraphs for Him

When you buy a card for the man you love, for his birthday or for Valentine’s Day or just for fun, do you write paragraphs for your boyfriend in it? So many cards seem so impersonal or too saccharine. Don’t you wish you could write short paragraphs for your boyfriend or your husband to tell him how you feel?

Whether love has just sprung up between the two of you or whether it is many years old, here are a few brief love paragraphs for him. You can copy them, edit them, add or delete words, make them your own. These can be your paragraphs for him.

Love Paragraphs for Him

I remember when we met how handsome and witty I thought you were. You were so kind and gentle. I think I fell in love with you then. And in all the time since, through good times and bad, I have never stopped loving you. Today I wanted to tell you how very special you are. I thought about copying a love poem, but I think I’ll just say this. My darling, I love you now and will love you throughout my life and beyond.

You are my heart. I cannot help but love you. Your eyes see me as I am and you love me still. You found me and we became two in one. Our souls have melded and we are bound. You are stronger in some ways, I in others and we have accepted each other as equals, partners in life. I will stand with you, I will love you forever.

When we are apart, I miss you. Even if only for a few hours, I miss you. I wish I could take you with me everywhere. Or you could pick me up and put me in your pocket and carry me along during your day. I’d sit back and watch what you do and we could talk about it all at night. We are bound together. And I love you beyond belief.

I am glad I found you. You make me so happy that joy bubbles up and I can’t help but smile all day. When I see you, my whole being warms with pure delight. My days and nights are filled with love and laughter. You are so good for me, sweetheart. I love you.

When we met, I was in a dark place. Then I saw you. I saw more than just your handsome face. I saw your gentle, loving soul, your brilliant mind, and the laughter in your eyes. And I fell hopelessly in love with you. And, miracle of miracles, you loved me as well. Now my world is bright and full of light. I have you. I love you.

I was lonely and then I met you. I thought I knew what love was and then I met you. I thought I was happy and then I met you. Now my life is filled with love and joy. Thank you, my love, for coming into my life. Thank you for being you. I love you so much.

Love comes in many forms. When we first met, it was a tornado, a tsunami that swept over us and bound us together. Now so many years later, it is a soft spring breeze, a wave so full it pushes us forward gently, hand in hand. The ties we have between us are built of memories and kindness and family. They will never break. I love you so.

Do you remember when we were young and so much in love that the rest of the world just went away? Do you remember how nervous I was when you took me home to meet your family? Do you remember our wedding and how happy I was? You make me just as happy now. You and only you can make the world go away and leave us in our own space, filled with love. After all this time, I still love you, more than ever before. You are amazing.

Today is not your birthday or any special holiday. It is a day like any other in my life, only made special by you. Any day I spend with you is special. You are my world and I love you.

What is love? What is this rush of emotion every time I see you? Why do I love you? Is it because you are brilliant? Or because you are honest with everyone, including yourself? Is it because you’re responsible and kind and gentle? Is it because you’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met? Probably all of those. I will follow you anywhere. I love you.

I remember a pop song about dancing, not just dancing, but on the ceiling. She sang of that magical feeling of falling in love. I thought then how perfect the description was. We have danced on walls, on ceilings, on the surface of the sun, and down the Milky Way. The magic still lives. I love you.

Our love is the light of my life. My feelings for you guide everything I do. That love leads me down pathways of beauty and peace to you, the center of my universe. You are my past, my present, my future, my love.

You brought love and hope into my life. Where there was loneliness and darkness, you replaced them with light and laughter. Now you are the center of my existence. You are my heart. I wanted you to know how much I love you.

Some say that love does not obey logic or reason. They say that you can fall in love with a man who’s no good. I say that the man you love is a reflection of yourself. If you are honest and kind, you will love a gentle man, a good man. And that’s why I love you. You are my knight in shining armor. You are kind and gentle and you carry laughter in your pocket. I admire and respect you, my love, and I will always love you.

Before we were lovers, we were friends. I think that’s why I fell in love with you. You’re just so likable. You’re friendly and smart, funny and kind, and you love to do so many of the same things I do. We can hike up a mountain or sit in front of a fireplace, cuddled up together, reading books, and be happy. We are comfortable with ourselves and with each other. I really, really like you. And I love you now and forever, my darling, my friend.

Today will be a special day because we will be together. Have I told you recently how much I love you? How I watch you sometimes at night when you sleep, amazed at the miracle of you? How I smile every time I think of you? How my heart leaps up when I see you? You are the center of my life and everything revolves around you. And every day is special when we are together. I love you.

When I look at my future, I see you. I want you to be with me throughout my life. I love you so deeply, that were I to lose you, the hole in my heart, in my life would never be repaired. I would never be whole again. We are soulmates and friends and lovers. Let us walk this path together, my love. Stand beside me. I love you.

One Final Paragraph for a Boyfriend or Husband

You came into my life when storms raged and I needed help. You reached out to me and pulled me into your calm embrace. I knew peace and safety for the first time and I learned to love. Now I stand beside you, tall and unbowed, healed by your love. Together we can do anything. my darling. The world is waiting for us.


Pick your favorite paragraphs for him and write him a note on pretty stationery. Or buy a card and add the love paragraphs for him. Make it personal. When you write your paragraph for boyfriend or husband, make it intense. Declare your love. Tell him how you feel. Enjoy his response.

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