Best Writing Playlists & Ambient Noise: Music for Writing Inspiration

If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, you want to set the best mood possible. Music has been proven to improve writing fluency and quality. We love listening to music while writing and wanted to share some of our favorite playlists with you.

Studies have shown that students who listen to music while studying have a greater ability to focus, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase productivity. Writers can write better when they’re listening to music that sets the mood. While some students and writers have no problem working and writing in silence, there are certainly benefits for those who choose to listen to music without getting distracted.

The question remains then, what kind of music is best for writing, and most beneficial to productivity and creativity?

Isn’t Listening to Music Distracting While Writing?

It might be difficult to write a story or article that requires research in the presence of very loud, aggressive, or disjointed music. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to believe that music to suit the mood of whatever a writer is creating would act as a conduit for progress. The relaxing, motivating, or inspiring aspects of music can facilitate writing when applied in a manner and environment that encourages productive writing in the first place.

While musical tastes and preferences are largely subjective, many authors and writers have developed an understanding of what sounds, voices, or melodies might be distracting to them. In the same way, they have often developed an understanding of the music that best helps them write. If you are new to or experimenting with listening to music while you write, you may find that determining what sounds and music distracts, and which are conducive to productivity is a fairly quick process that only really takes a few minutes of your time.

Does It Matter What You are Writing About?

The subject matter of your writing can also dictate what kind of music will work best for whatever it is you are attempting to write. A writer that is looking to develop and create an article that requires research and information gathering may want to listen to music that is more ambient, closer to background noise.

For someone writing in creative prose, the most appropriate music to listen to will depend upon the mood of the prose. Authoring a romantic or deeply meaningful story may require music that is meditative or amorous in nature. Writing about mystery, suspense, or thriller might call for more intense and dramatic theme songs or soundtracks from like narratives.

What Music Styles are Best for the Genre or Topics You are Writing On?

Choosing a musical style to write to based on the genre or topic of a project is a deeply personal endeavor. An author of fantasy novels or action and adventure might be prone to listening to rock music, while the writer of an article about blue whales and the ocean may wish to listen to orchestral music. Orchestra music may also be ideal for writing on strictly informational projects and documents.

Writing a children’s story may require listening to upbeat, cheerful music for inspiration. Determining the mood of the writing will have a significant impact on which musical styles work best to inspire and motivate the writer.

The best musical style for most writing is generally slower in tempo, consistent in pitch, and at a low to medium level to maximize concentration. Of course, as with all writing styles and abilities, the best music for writing is up to the writer and what they’ve found works best for them.

Playlists for Writers

The following playlists are some of our favorites carefully selected. These playlists are calming, motivating, and contain no lyrics so you can bust through your writer’s block wall and start creating.

Deep Focus

This is one of our favorite playlists for writing. The songs on this playlist are mostly ambient noise or post-rock music, and there are no distracting lyrics to get you off your writing track.

Gentle Piano Concertos

Listen to these calming piano concertos to get your mind flowing with great ideas.

Classical Focus

This Amazon Music playlist contains some beautiful classical music pieces that will be sure to boost your focus and maybe your brainpower. Try Amazon Music Prime free for 30-days.

Stress Relief

While great for calming us down, this playlist is another great focus one.

Acoustic Vibes

If listening to smooth acoustic guitar music, then these are the playlists for you.

Writing Jazz

If you like listening to jazz, then this is the playlist for you.

Movie Soundtracks We Love

You may not think of movie soundtracks as writing music, but you’d be surprised. Epic movies usually have epic soundtracks that inspire adventure and motivate the characters (and audience) to take big steps. Just listening to some of these soundtracks can motivate you to write more.

Lord of the rings

Pirates of the caribbean

John Butler’s Ocean

There’s something about this song that just motivates us to write. We can listen to this song on repeat for hours and constantly crank out great stuff.

Ambient Sounds

If music isn’t quite your jam (pun intended), then perhaps ambient sounds are better for you. Background noise such as rain and cafe chatter may be just what you need to spur your creative juices.

Cafe Sounds

If you miss the sounds of a bustling cafe, try out this playlist of ambient cafe sounds. also has some great cafe sounds.

Rain Sounds

Listen to the relaxing sounds of rain as you write. Besides the rain playlists below, we sometimes just go straight to Rainy Mood.

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