Earn Extra Cash: Best Places to Sell Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive and take up lots of space on your bookshelf, so there’s no reason to hang onto them once you’re through with school. Why not declutter and make some cash at the same time? If you’re looking for the best place to sell textbooks, know that there are many options.

1. Chegg

Chegg's online website for selling used textbooks

If you want to sell textbooks, Chegg makes it easy. Enter your textbook’s ISBN to check its value, and then pack it up and ship it for free. Books should be in good condition, as Chegg sells and rents them. As with other similar services, seriously damaged textbooks are not eligible.

2. eBay

Screenshot of Ebay's textbooks category

eBay is one of the oldest auction sites on the web. You can sell textbooks (or almost anything else) on the platform. You will need to photograph your book, write a description, list it for sale, and wait to see if anyone buys it. But, there are actually two ways to sell books on eBay.

The classic way is to auction the book off. List it at a low price and wait for buyers to drive the price up by bidding. The trouble with this is someone might snag it at a low cost if there is a lack of other bidders. To avoid this, eBay allows sellers to list their items at a set price.

Regardless, you will need to handle the shipping yourself. You also may be required to pay fees, including a listing fee. Sometimes eBay allows new sellers to list items for free, but they still take a percentage of the profit, so keep that in mind.

3. Bookbyte

Bookbyte's website for selling textbooks

Bookbyte pays cash for your used textbooks via Paypal or a check. You can enter the book’s title, author, or ISBN on the website to see what they will pay for it. After receiving a price quote, it is valid for 30 days, so make sure you don’t wait too long to ship your book.


Craigslist's homepage

Craigslist is different from the other sites covered so far. It’s for selling items locally. Simply describe your item and location, then list it for sale. Adding photographs are not required, but doing so will attract more buyers.

Moreover, you will have to meet up with the buyer in person. Some Craigslist users have complained that buyers either didn’t show up or didn’t want to pay the full price. Is it the best place to sell textbooks online? Probably not, in terms of speed or convenience, but if you don’t want to bother packing books up and shipping them, it might be the right choice for you.

5. AbeBooks

picture of Abebooks' website for selling books online

AbeBooks is a popular online bookstore owned by Amazon. They are known for carrying many old and rare books. You can list textbooks and other items for sale on AbeBooks, but be aware there is a $25 monthly subscription fee to use their platform. This may be the best place to sell books online only if you have many expensive, valuable books.

6. Student2Student

Student2student's homepage website for selling used textbooks

Wondering when is the best time to sell back textbooks? It’s whenever students need to buy them, and Student2Student is set up for this purpose. As the name implies, there is no middleman with this service. If you make an account on Student2Student, you will sell your old textbook directly to another student who needs it.

7. ValoreBooks

A picture of Valore Books's website for selling books online

Another option for selling your old textbooks is ValoreBooks. Unlike some other sites, ValoreBooks is willing to accept damaged books as long as the damage isn’t too severe β€”minor stains and small amounts of writing inside are considered acceptable. To receive a quote, just input the ISBN of your textbook(s).

8. Amazon

Screenshot of Amazon's website

Amazon isn’t just for buying books; the platform also allows you to sell them. There are two ways of doing this. The first way is to become an individual seller on Amazon; your books will be listed on Amazon, and customers can buy them from you. The second option is to sell the books directly to Amazon through their buy-back program. You will need an Amazon account for either option.

9. Books Run

Booksrun is one of the top places to sell textbooks online

Another contender for the best place to sell textbooks is Books Run. Like other websites, you just need to type out your textbook’s ISBN to see the price. What makes it unique is they can ship it for free. Books Run allows you to scan a QR code, so you don’t even need to print out a shipping label. You will get paid within four days via PayPal or a check.

10. Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is one of the best places to sell textbooks online

Another famous bookstore with a buy-back program is Barnes & Noble. Like other sites, your textbook’s ISBN will tell you how much the book is worth. It’s a simple process. However, there is one downside β€” Barnes & Noble requires you to have at least ten dollars worth of books to sell. If your books aren’t worth that much, you won’t be able to sell them here.

11. Decluttr

Decluttr's homepage for selling books online

The aptly named Decluttr might be the best place to sell textbooks if you want to get rid of clutter. Plus, they have an app that will scan the books’ barcodes, so you don’t need to type them out. Shipping is free, and they take a wide variety of books, plus other items like DVDs and video games.

12. Slugbooks

Screenshot of SlugBooks' website, the best place to sell textbooks online

Ever heard of Slugbooks? It’s a site that allows you to plug in a textbook’s ISBN and see what prices different sites are willing to pay for it. You can compare the price to sell, buy, and even rent college textbooks. Slugbooks does not buy books directly. However, the site may be worth checking out to ensure you get the highest price for your textbook.

13. GoTextbooks

Gotextbooks's website is dedicated for selling books

GoTextbooks is a simple site designed for selling your old textbooks. You can get a price quote by typing out the ISBN of any books you no longer want. Shipping is also free. Unlike many other book-buying sites, GoTextbooks allows you to sell five or more copies of the same book. This may make it the best place to sell textbooks if you own multiples of the same title.

14. BookScouter

Bookscouter is the best place to sell textbooks online

BookScouter is not a store but rather a tool that compares the prices you can get for your textbooks from many different sellers. In fact, their ISBN search tool checks more than thirty vendors. There are just three steps: search your books by ISBN, compare the prices, and ship for free to whoever has the best deals.

15. TextbookRush

picture of Textbook's website

TextbookRush describes itself as an online campus bookstore. Their process for selling books is the usual: input the ISBN, get a price, then ship it for free. You’ll get the option of accepting cash or in-store credit, as TextbookRush also sells and rents out textbooks.

16. Cash4Books

Screenshot of Cash4books' website and how to sell

As its name implies, Cash4Books is a website where you can sell old books for quick cash. Specifically, they have an interest in textbooks. Cash4Books accepts books with both 10-digit and 13-digit ISBNs, and they are known for having excellent customer service, potentially making them the best place to sell textbooks. That being said, it can take up to thirteen days to get paid.

17. CampusBooks

Campus Books's website for selling used books

CampusBooks is a site that says it has been “making textbooks affordable since 1999.” The site has a price comparison tool if you want to check quotes from multiple vendors at once. Since different sites pay different sums for the same books, finding out where you can get the best bang for your buck makes sense.

18. Textbookx

Website of Textbookx for selling textbooks

Textbookx pays more or less for textbooks depending on their condition. They pay more for books which are in like-new condition. To sell on their site, input the ISBN and honestly select the condition of your textbook. Textbookx will then offer you a price quote. Currently, their website has a warning about supply chain issues. Many bookstores are having difficulty getting items in stock, so they will surely be happy to receive your unwanted textbooks.


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities on the web to sell your old textbooks and earn some money in the process. Some are better for speed and convenience. Others allow you to sell your books for more money in exchange for a slower selling process. It’s a good idea to try out at least a few of them to see which works best for you. Whatever decision you make, it feels great to make money while giving your used books to new owners.

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