10 Best Grammar Checkers & Proofreading Software [2021]

As writers, you always want to make sure that your writing is free of any blunders or grammar mistakes. Whether you are writing for a blog or a school essay, grammar is always a key factor you need to be wary of. You could manually proofread your article, but there are chances that you could miss a mistake. To make sure your writing is crisp and msitake-free, you need a great grammar checker. We have curated a list of the best grammar checkers so that you can relax and focus on your writing, not the editing.

In this article, I have curated ten of the best grammar checkers which bloggers, authors, and writers can use.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar checkers online. Bloggers, students, and academic writers alike utilize this software when checking for grammar, spelling, clarity, conciseness, and conventions, among other things. What makes Grammarly one of the best grammar checkers is its ability to provide you your overall score. It further gives you the opportunity to set your goals for your article.

This program offers suggestions that make articles better and easier to read. It alerts you on the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your articles. It would underline words or phrases which need correcting. By clicking these fragments, you could check and replace these blunders. For instance, it would highlight all passive voice sentences. It could also notify you when you have been wordy or if your words are complicated to read.

Apart from being a grammar checker, Grammarly also offers a plagiarism checker to check whether you have copied your article from somewhere else. If you are unsure of the way it has proofread your document, this program would send your work to a human proofreader for further checking. Another great feature of Grammarly is the Google Chrome plugin which inserts Grammarly’s suggestions into virtually every textbox in your browser be it email or blog.

Grammarly comes as a free version or a paid version. The free version is usually sufficient for most people, but if you want to use the paid version, you can get a 10% discount by click here.

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2. Hemingway App

Hemingway App makes it convenient for you to check on the grammar of your articles with ease. It highlights complex sentences and common errors. It would even highlight your sentence if it would be too complicated for your readers to follow it. When you see a yellow or a red highlight, it’s time to split those sentences into two.

When you see a purple highlight, then that word may have a simpler alternative. You may want to replace or omit the sentence. Other highlighted words would allow you to check the voice of the sentence and the presence of adverbs. The Hemingway App shows you the readability of your article, so you would know if it is easy to read or not.

3. Ginger

If you want to improve your writing skills, you could also opt for Ginger. Its features would qualify it to be one of the world’s most accurate grammar checkers. For instance, the contextual spelling checker of Ginger would spot words which are written in the wrong context. These words may include lose and loose, lie and lay, and affect and effect. It also features a vocabulary enhancement capability which helps you construct your written lexicon and enables you to comprehend more of what you are writing. As Ginger would put it, developing your vocabulary would improve your reading comprehension.

Ginger also has a rephrase capability feature which comes in handy if you want to rephrase a sentence in your article. You could even keep track of your literary mistakes using the personal trainer function. It further teaches you to overcome and avoid these mistakes so you would repeat them in the future. It even has a text reader tool that comes in handy if you want to pronounce words.

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is of one the best grammar checkers that you could avail of for free. It includes a set of features that could help you improve your style and the clarity of your writing. One of the primary features I liked from this app is its editing tool. This tool analyzes your text and highlights a variety of key writing issues to edit. These issues may include sentence structure, overused words, repeated phrases, and punctuation issues.

It assures you of optimal content that has excellent consistency, pacing, readability, and dialogue. You would surely learn while checking and editing your output. As you continue to use this application, you become a stronger writer – whether it be for blogging, for book writing, or for academic writing.

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5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a convenient grammar checker with ample features to check your grammar and conventions. One of the main features of this software is its grammar checker. This feature would look into your errors – typographical errors, sentence fragments, and incorrect capitalizations, among others. It would even check whether you have the right spelling of the words or not. You would not need to worry about the database of words because they are always updated.

Aside from checking your grammar and your spelling, WhiteSmoke also checks your writing style. This application could spot at your mistakes by matching your style with other samples. It would then recommend points which could suit your writing style. This would allow you to write at your own pace and style. Other features of WhiteSmoke would include the plagiarism checker and the translator tool. All of these features are contained in one plain yet highly functional interface which you would love.

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6. GrammarChecker

GrammarChecker is an easy yet highly efficient checker which would proofread your articles for an error-free content. It offers help to everyone who wants to build their credibility and authority as writers. Its features would let you save time while correcting mistakes and learning new grammar tips.

This app is fairly easy to use. You would just write out your text in the usual way or even paste your output from your word processing program. When you are done, you could press the free check button. You would see grammar suggestions, style suggestions, and spelling errors in your text. From here, you could apply the corrections where you need them. This program also offers a deep check feature which detects mistakes which are difficult to spot.

7. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a robust grammar checking website which allows you to find and correct the mistakes in your document. It features a proofreading system which would alert you when there are blunders in your grammar and writing styles. It suggests ways by which you could improve your article and ultimately improve your writing. Its added plagiarism checker would find out if you have copied your text from something else. This would be beneficial for SEO and academic purposes.

Using its data science and artificial intelligence, Paper Rater would generate results seconds after submitting them. It would dig deep into the structure and syntax of your text, so you would be sure that your grammars will be checked accordingly.

8. After the Deadline

With After The Deadline, you will learn to write better while spending less time editing your output. This grammar checker consists of features which would ensure you that you would get your job done. These features include a contextual spell checker, an advanced style checker, and an intelligent grammar checker. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to look for your writing errors. It will then offer smart suggestions to make your output better.

This application is available on WordPress.com as a plugin. However, it is also available as an extension in a variety of platforms. For personal use, you could get After the Deadline for free.

9. Reverso

Reverso is a great online tool which would enable you to correct your mistakes with a high degree of speed and accuracy. After going through your text, this app will offer several corrections to choose from for further improvement. It would notify which specific corrections which your documents have. You could check your grammar almost immediately, so you would not need to wait for a long time before arriving at your desired outcome. It could accept two spellings, whichever you are more comfortable in using.

This app also gives you the opportunity to look for the definition of the words, look for its synonyms, and how it would conjugate with other words.

10. LanguageTool

Completing our list is LanguageTool. This app checks your grammar and spelling without the hassle. You just have to paste your text on the space provided and click on the check text button. After going over your text, this app would show you colored words and phrases with potential errors. Click on one a highlighted word to see why it was an error in the first place. LanguageTool would provide you an explanation as to why it was a grammar mistake in the first place.

LanguageTool checks your writing style in more than 20 languages. So whether you are writing in Spanish, Tagalog, or English, this app will do its job seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

The best grammar checkers which I have discussed above are great tools in your writing career. While they do not provide the absolute corrections, they are a big help for writers who are on the go. I personally use Grammarly and Hemingway Editor, but the others are great as well! After picking the software of your choice, go ahead and have an enjoyable writing experience. Go on and give one a try.


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