Annualy vs. Annually: What Is the Correct Spelling?

Do you confuse between annualy vs. annually? You’re not alone. Many people use the wrong spelling without being aware of the error. And, most of the time, the mistake happens when you are texting or writing something. In the spelling guide, we will teach you why the latter is the correct one.

Annually Meaning: What Is It

Whenever an event only occurs once a year, the right word to use is “annually.” The Cambridge dictionary describes the meaning of annually as “once every year’’. When you search “annually” in the Oxford dictionary, it defines the word as performed, recurring, or done every year.

This word comes from the Latin word “annualis,” which was used by people as early as 1400 BC. It is also a Proto-Italic phrase that means “yearly.”

Using Annually in a Sentence

As mentioned, annually means once a year. So, if you’re going to use it in a sentence, you need to align it with the context of the sentence and make sure that the event only occurs once a year. Here are some examples to get you started.


  • Times Square is one of the famous destinations in New York. It attracts more than 40 million local and international tourists annually.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) annually grants about $4,000,000 to help old adults with chronic illnesses.
  • I’m going to sign-up for a VPN account and just pay the subscription fee annually.
  • Since every member is busy with work and personal life, we’ve going to make the event annually.
  • Regular clients are charged at a rate of $200 annually, while new clients are charged $250 until they show loyalty to the company as returning customers.

Annualy vs. Annually: How to Spell Annually?

Picture showing the correct spelling of annualy vs annually

You might find yourself spelling “annualy rather than annually.” However, the correct spelling is “annually,” not “annualy.”

When spelling the annually correctly, you should know how to write its adjective. So, why is the adjective important in this spelling? The reason is that the adverb annually has double “L” while the adjective Annual has singular “L.”

When you have this concept in mind, you never spell Annually incorrectly.

Trick to Remembering the Spelling

Misspelling is a common problem for many. You may even find it challenging to differentiate between annualy vs. annually. To help you, here are some tricks to keep in mind:

  • Use mnemonic. This is a tool to spell and memorize specific words. I.e., following the mnemonic sequence can help you differentiate words with silent letters.
  • Use Acrostic. This trick helps you understand the spelling by separating letters.
  • Practice. Take time to work on spelling by practicing.
  • Take note of your mistakes. Test your progress by noting your mistakes.
  • Write it down. Make a list of confusing words that you’re misspelling.


And, there you have it. The correct spelling is “annually,” not “annualy.” If you are still making the same mistake, always remember that word’s adjective is “annual” and you should add “ly” at the end. You can also try use our spelling tricks like using mnemonic and acrostic.

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