Is Daylight Saving Time Capitalized?


Who doesn’t like gaining an hour every fall? Unfortunately, you have to lose it again when spring comes around. But is daylight saving time capitalized?

Is Daylight Saving Time Capitalized?

According to the US Government Publishing Office style guide, the phrase “daylight saving time” should not be capitalized. They even say that the abbreviation “d.s.t.” should be lowercase.

However, it is a commonly accepted practice that the entire phrase, as well as the acronym, are capitalized such that they read “Daylight Saving Time” and “DST.”

Is It Daylight Saving or Savings Time?

The grammatically correct way to spell “daylight saving time” is without a “s” after “saving.” Some dictionaries say it is ok to say “savings,” but the generally accepted standard is to leave “saving” singular.

Occasionally people also try to may “daylight” plural or possessive, but it too should be singular.

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