50+ Ways to Say Good Morning – Good Morning Quotes & Sayings

Are you bored of the traditional ways to say good morning? A smile, nod, and a simple “good morning” are the standard routine for morning greetings in society. Why not shake it up with something more fun and creative?

We’ve put together a list to get you started on your new greeting enhancement adventure. Make your friends and loved ones blush with cutesy phrases or start the day with a bit of humor. You can even expand your horizons by saying the greeting in other languages!

Other Ways to Say Good Morning

These are less formal ways to say good morning without leaning too much toward trying to be cute or funny. They are catchy and quick greetings that can easily replace your boring go-to sayings.

  • “Top of the morning to ya!”
  • “Rise and shine.”
  • “Blessed morning, sir/ma’am.”
  • “Having a fresh start today?”
  • “Beautiful day isn’t it?”
  • “Rose with the sun today, I see.”
  • “Breathe in the morning dew.”
  • “Wake up and smell the roses.”
  • “It’s a whole new day.”
  • “Enjoying the sunrise?”
  • “Pleasant early day, isn’t it?”
  • “Hello there early riser.”
  • “It’s going to be a beautiful day.”
  • “Nice to see you bright and early.”

Cute Ways to Say Good Morning

Whether you’re talking to close friends, roommates, or your significant other, you’ll no doubt feel the need to be a little cute sometimes. It’s best to be spontaneous, but it doesn’t hurt to load up the language arsenal. Here are some cute ways to say good morning:

  • “Wakey, wakey! Eggs ‘n’ bakey!”
  • “Good Meow’ning!”
  • “Morning sunshine.”
  • “We wake to infinity, and beyond!”
  • “I’m wide awake, how about you?”
  • “Good day my friends. It is a pleasant period of early day sunshine.”
  • “Early bird catches the worm.”
  • “Another great day to be alive!”
  • “I can’t believe it’s already the next day.”
  • “Why, hello. Did you sleep well?”
  • “Enjoyed a fine nights rest, have we?”
  • “Ready to start the day?”
  • “Let’s just stay in a bit longer.”
  • “Hey! I haven’t seen you since yesterday.”
  • “Morning, it is. Good, it may be.”
  • “Once again, we rise from the dead of slumber.”
  • “Breakfast is ready.”

Funny Ways to Say Good Morning

Starting the day off with a good hearty laugh is beneficial for everyone. Landing a good joke, on the other hand, is rather difficult. So, soften up your morning audiences with a witty morning intro. You just might be the first to bring a smile to your friends and family today.

  • “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” -You’ll want to present morning coffee.
  • “Get your arse up, cranky.”
  • “Cock-a-doodle doo!”
  • “All aboard! The morning train is on the last call for boarding passengers!”
  • “Get the fart out of bed, let’s go.”
  • “Time to get out of dream time and join the dream team.”
  • “Start moving, you’re becoming a part of the mattress.”
  • “Didn’t get enough beauty rest eh?”
  • “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.”
  • “Today feels like it’s going to be a mood.”
  • “I see we’ve both woke up alive today.”
  • “Ah, another day I see?”
  • “Ah, I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”
  • “How you feeling at the butt crack of dawn?”

How to Say Good Morning in Other Languages

Saying good morning in another language is a classy tactic and will make you appear more cultured. It may just start you off in becoming fluent in another language. Learning a new language can also improve memory function. Below is a list of how to say good morning in Korean, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, and other languages from around the world.

  • Korean — annyeonghaseyo
  • Spanish — buenos dias
  • Italian — buongiorno
  • Hebrew — boker tob 
  • Japanese — ohayō
  • Chinese — zǎoān
  • Farsi — sobh bekheir
  • Thai — arùnsawat kráb
  • Hindi — suprabhat
  • Arabis — sabah al-khair 
  • Navajo — yá’át’ééh abíní
  • Dutch — goedemorgen
  • French — bonjour
  • Croatian — dobro jutro
  • German — guten morgen
  • Greek — calimera
  • Filipino — magandang umaga
  • Irish — maidin mhaith
  • Klingon — maj po
  • Bulgarian — dobro utro
  • Latvian — labrīt
  • Welsh — bore da
  • Russian — dobroye utro
  • Punjabi — sati shri akaal
  • Vietnamese — xin chào
  • Maltese — bonġu
  • Norwegian — god morgen
  • Portuguese — bom dia
  • Maori — ata marie
  • Polish — dzień dobry
  • Samoan — malo lava I le taeao

Quotes inspire us, motivate us, and remind us of the beauty of life and how to live it the best way we can. The morning is the time to set your mind for the day with the best feelings and thoughts that set the tone for a productive and enjoyable journey. We have compiled a list of good morning quote for life in general, for love, for friendship, for him, and her. These quotes emphasize health and well-being, joy and appreciation, and most importantly, the desire to have a good morning and day.

The morning is a quiet time to reflect, to connect to ourselves and our loved ones, and to feel a deep connection with life. Taking the time to read inspirational quotes in the morning gives us feelings of well-being and calm. It represents our interest in getting out of the rat race and slowing down a bit to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Good Morning Quotes

The following quotes provide great motivation in the mornings, let’s dive right in!

Quotes for Good Morning Wishes

These quotes are great for anyone who is looking to have good morning motivational quotes to help them focus their minds on a fantastic day ahead. Your subconscious mind absorbs these messages and carries you through the day with a great feeling of clarity.

1. Things are always working out for you, no matter what!

2. Today, being grateful is the priority of the day.

3. Whatever my mind can conceive, it can achieve.

4. The divine is dancing inside of you! Feel it!

5. All is well.

6. The sun is here to welcome you to your new life today.

7. Make it a good morning with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Good morning!

8. As you start your day today, remember that you are the author of your story. Make it a great one today!

9. Feeling personal peace each day is the greatest achievement a human being can have.

10. Today, stay focused on feeling great without caring what people think of you or listening to those that bring your spirits down.

11. Good morning! Life is a miracle and every breath we take is a gift.

12. A new day offers a new chance at life, make it a great day!

13. Every moment has love in it, every moment has happiness in it. Feel the love and happiness today!

14. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Good morning!

15. Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long, you’ll miss them.

16. Even though it’s Monday morning, act like it’s Saturday night.

It's Monday Morning Monday Quote (1)Good Morning Love Quotes

Love is what makes the world go round. These good morning love quotes are not onlyabout romance, but they are also meant to remind you of the infinite love that runs life. Our essence is made of love and these quotes remind us of the simplicity and beauty of life and those who we love.

1. Love is all there is, it is unconditional and it brings you the clarity you need to enjoy the day.

2. Make today another perfect day to love.

3. Perfect love is accepting the person for who they are and encouraging their dreams. Good morning!

4. I love to be silent with you…especially in the morning calm.

5. Love…it surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be.

6. I love seeing your face in the morning, because beauty is not in the face, beauty is in the light of the heart.

7. A new day to renew my love for you and realize how lucky I am to have you in my life. Good morning sweetheart!

8. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

9. In case I don’t say it enough, I want to tell you that I love you! Good morning!

10. You are not an option, you are my priority. Good morning!

11. Love is the train that takes you to wherever you want to go.

12. Love is not finding someone you can live with, is finding someone you don’t want to live without.

13. When you’re in love, the whole world shines brighter. Good morning!

14. I just woke up and already I feel the love life keeps on giving.

15. May all your morning be filled with the love and simplicity of life.

Good Morning Quotes by Famous People

Famous people for centuries have had their own good morning quotes or ways to think about morning. Find some below.

1. “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” -Mark Twain

2. “This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.” -Maya Angelou

3. “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

4. “When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” – Tecumseh

5. “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin

6. “No matter how bad things are, you can at least be happy that you woke up this morning.” -D. L. Hughley

7. “Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. Whatever it is that makes you happy.” -Rita Moreno

8. “Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.” – Emily Dickinson

9. “Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” – Lemony Snicket

10. “It sounds plausible enough tonight, but wait until tomorrow. Wait for the common sense of the morning.” – H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

Good Morning Quotes for Monday Morning

1. Drink your coffee and grab Monday by the beans. – @therandomvibez

2. Good morning to you. May the beginning of the week be the beginner of many good things to come!

3. Even though it’s Monday morning, act like it’s Saturday night.

4. Wake up on Monday and start your day with a lot of awesomeness and happiness.

5. Good morning and have a blessed Monday!

6. Start the week off right! With a cup of coffee in hand.

7. Sunday was the start of the week so your week already started off great!

8. Hello Monday! Sunday was good, and you will be even better.

9. Good morning. Monday means a new day with new hopes and new goals.

10. Definition of Monday: 1) a fresh start, 2) the chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week, 3) a great day to be alive.

11. Definition of Monday: Saturday part 3

Good Morning Quotes for a Friend

Friendships are precious gems to hold close and appreciate. These quotes about friendships let your dear friends know how much you appreciate them. A friendship must be nurtured and kept fresh. Remembering your friends in the morning is a special ritual that creates a long-lasting bond.

1. Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they will always be there.

2. When I arise in the morning I think of the precious privilege to be alive, to know you, and to be your friend.

3. Friendship is about two things: First, find our similarities, and second, respect our differences. Good morning dear friend!

4. Good morning wishes to an unconditional friend…have a great day!

5. Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get.

6. Today is a great day to tell you how much I appreciate our friendship, good morning!

7. Life is a journey full of challenges and joy, but most of all…the sweet experience of friendship. Good morning!

8. As I wake up each morning, I realize that one of the most valuable things in my life is our friendship. Good morning!

9. Your smile brings joy and fun into my life, thanks for being a loyal friend, good morning!

10. I’ve learned that people forget what you say, but they never forget how you made them feel.

11. You may have nothing in life, but if you have a good friend, you’re rich. Good morning friend!

12. The sun may light up the earth, but my life is lit up by friends like you.

13. Good morning dear friend! Wishing you the most beautiful day ahead.

14. A friend is some who strengthens you and makes you shine brighter. I’m thankful to have a friend like you, you make me shine bright!

15. We’re more than friends, we’re family! Good morning dear!

Good Morning Quotes for Him

Men are full of energy and drive to carry out life’s challenges. Showing him appreciation and motivation lets him know he is the all-powerful being he knows he is. These quotes remind men of how great they are and inspire them to have their best day.

1. Good morning handsome! Have a lovely day!

2. Good morning to the sweetest guy a girl could ask for. You are the light of my life and you fill my heart with happiness.

3. Wake up my prince, it’s time for your kiss. Good morning!

4. Good morning to my knight in shining armor. The one man who can make all of my sorrows disappear with just one kiss. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life!

5. Good morning love! Every morning brings us closer to our forever love, and I want you to know that I have an amazing life with you. I love you!

6. Good morning darling! Being in your arms is the sweetest feeling I get in the mornings.

7. A man may encounter many defeats, but he is never defeated. Have a great day!

8. Let the sun fall upon you today and be as bright as your light. Good morning my darling man, I love you!

9. You are the sweetest dream come true. Good morning handsome!

10. Good morning you sexy beast!

11. The happiest part of a man’s life is what he passes lying awake in bed in the morning.

12. Good morning beautiful man! You inspire me, protect me, and shower me with kisses. I love you!

13. It is a privilege to wake up to a sweet man like you. Good morning my love!

14. Good morning to my superman!

15. I hope you slept well, handsome! Go out and get ’em, tiger!

Good Morning Quotes for Her

Women are the givers of life and the nurtures of all there is. Women have immense strength, yet they are able to showcase unparalleled gentleness. These quotes remind her of the important role they play with their bright light and delicate essence.

1. Good morning dear! I hope your morning is as bright and gorgeous as your smile.

2. I just want you to know you’re the woman of my dreams and I daydream about you all day. Good morning sweetheart!

3. Smile in the mirror, do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.

4. The best good morning wishes to my beautiful woman, enjoy your day!

5. Good morning sweet love! The sun is as bright as you today.

6. When I look into your eyes sweet baby, I see more stars than there are in the sky. I’m glad I found you, my queen. Good morning my angel!

7. The best facial feature of a woman is her smile. Good morning!

8. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty of her soul. Good morning gorgeous!

9. May you begin with your day with a smile on your face, and with happiness in your soul. Good morning my love!

10. Good morning beautiful! You shine brighter than the sun.

11. A woman that learns to dance in the rain will never wait for the storm to pass.

12. Good morning to a wonderful woman! You have the power to create, nurture, and transform.

13. Good morning queen! A queen is not afraid to fail, she only sees it as a stepping stone.

14. A strong woman is determined to do something others are determined not to be done. Good morning goddess!

15. A powerful woman forgives, lets go, tries again, and preserveres…no matter what life throws at her.

Good Morning Affirmations

Morning is a great time to reset. Start with a morning affirmation to make the rest of your day brighter. Positive morning affirmations can brighten your day with hope. They can make you feel that what you want in life will come your way.

Say them upon awakening every morning and feel the dark clouds in your life dissipate. Repeat morning gratitude affirmations to express thanks for what you have in your life. Use these morning affirmations and morning gratitude affirmations to transform negative thinking into positive thinking and feel the happiness the change promotes.

General Morning Affirmations

I am full of energy, and I feel wonderful today.

Only good things will happen to me today.

I will have every reason to smile today.

Today is the day success comes my way.

The universe works with me today to help me accomplish all of my goals.

Today is the day I let go of all my resentment.

I love how I look, act and feel.

Nothing holds me back from doing whatever makes me happy.

Today I will start doing more fun things.

I celebrate another day that I am pain free.

Everyone I meet today makes my life better in some way.

I celebrate perfect health today.

My family understands me and gives me the support I need.

All of my ideas are accepted, and I am praised for them.

I believe that I am worthy and deserving of all good things.

I accept failure and use what I learn from it in a positive way.

Today I’ll learn another lesson I can use to improve my life.

Today is the day talents I never knew I had become evident.

My creative energy is at an all time-high today, and I use it to produce magnificent results.

I am brave and fear no challenge life gives me.

I allow myself to learn new things because I know there’s always something new to learn.

I always receive the support I need to succeed.

I always try to do what is considered the right thing to do.

“I Am” Affirmations

I am confident that all of my decisions are the right ones.

I enjoy the life I’m living.

I am treated with respect today and always.

I am grateful for all the people in my life who care for me.

I am grateful for my job and all that it offers me.

I am happy I can help people any way I can.

I am confident that the path I am on is the right one, and nothing stops me from following it to the end.

I am grateful for all the blessings I have received and for the blessings yet to come.

I am grateful for all the love I’m able to give and receive.

I am happy with myself and all of my abilities.

I am more compassionate because I can feel the pain others feel and understand them better.

I am grateful for all the kindness people give me.

I am grateful that all of my loved ones are healthy and happy.

I am ready to stop doing things that can harm me.

I am ready to show my friends how grateful I am to have them in my life.

I am grateful for nature’s beauty and for being able to enjoy its splendor.

I am thankful for my loving family.

I am eager to start the day with enthusiasm.

I am confident today will be rewarding for me.

I always advance and never look back.

Positive Affirmations for Women

I love being a woman for reasons that are too many to count.

I feel beautiful in every way because I am a confident woman.

I have a bright future because I am a woman who embraces each day with optimisim.

I carry a healthy child inside my healthy body.

My pregnancy is a blessing I’m thankful for.

I always trust my intuition.

I have every reason to be proud of the woman I am.

I accept my body the way it is, even though I know it isn’t perfect.

I view things from a woman’s perspective and pride myself on being nonjudgmental.

I exercise daily, and every day I see positive changes in my appearance.

I celebrate my femininity every day and use it to my advantage.

I’m always working hard to be the ideal mother.

I shower my children with motherly love always.

The man in my life respects me every day, and I deserve respect from him.

I am an intelligent woman who is destined to achieve her goals.

I see my efforts to become a more beautiful woman working.

Today is the day I start making healthy meals for my family.

Being a woman gives me the power to create a healthy environment for my family.

I appreciate what nature has to offer and take care of nature’s gifts.

I give thanks for all the good experiences being a woman has allowed me to have, and I look forward to more.

Positive Affirmations for Men

I disappoint no one because I am a man of my word.

I’m a man who has a lot to offer, but I won’t be taken advantage of.

I’m handsome and intelligent, and I attract women who appreciate me.

My friends appreciate me for being an honest man.

I have a great relationship with my partner because I always satisfy her needs.

I do what I can to be a better man every day.

I always try to make the woman I love happy.

I take care of myself so that I can take care of my loved ones.

I do all that I can to make the woman I love proud of me.

I am a good man, and I will spend the rest of my life proving that I am if I have to.

I am a healthy and wealthy, wise man.

I am strong physically and mentally.

Women are attracted to my good looks.

I am constantly improving myself because I attract women who inspire me to be a better man.

My hard work earns me the money I need to keep me and my family happy.

I am the kind of husband my wife is proud of.

My children love me because I am a wonderful dad.

I feel successful in so many ways, and I am such a happy man because I feel this way.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

Kids love being praised. You might also want to send them off to school with a lunch box note.

My parents love me.

The friends I have truly love me.

I am wonderful in every way.

I always try to do everything better.

I try to make my parents happy as much as possible.

I am not a sore loser or a proud winner.

I look for the lessons in life and learn from them.

I love myself no matter what.

I try again whenever I fail.

I listen to everything so I don’t miss anything important.

Failing doesn’t make me a loser, it makes me try harder.

I always try to be the best student in my class.

I always think of the possibilities instead of the unlikeliness of it happening.

I believe I can achieve.

I eat to be healthy.

I am proud to say I have the power to say no to things that can harm me.

I always trust myself because I know the difference between right and wrong.

I don’t need to change the way I look because I’m already pretty.

I am happy because a smile is prettier than a frown.

I never let a bad mood get me down.

I listen to what my parents tell me to do instead of what my friends tell me to do.

I will not only try to do my best today, I will make an effort to do so every day.

I treat myself like I am my own best friend because I want what’s best for me.

I absorb knowledge like a sponge because it makes me smarter.


So, what are your favorites good morning motivational quotes and sayings? Perhaps after reading these, you’re inspired to write your own. The morning is a great time to fill your soul with inspiration and inner knowledge. What other categories for morning quotes do you envision?

Now you can put your new lexicon of early morning salutations to a real-world test. Take your favorites out of the lists above and brighten your day. Pretty soon, you’ll be known as an early bird and rising star. Mix up your daily routine and maybe next time, you can learn some new ways to say thank you or phrases for the conversation in between.

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