Is Government Capitalized?

Government is a broad term, and depending on the way it is used in a sentence, it can be capitalized or not capitalized.

When Is Government Not Capitalized?

The government, when used as a common noun, should not be capitalized unless it comes at the beginning of the sentence. Here are instances when the word government is not capitalized:

  • The current government has failed to deliver its mandate.
  • The city government is in a financial crisis.
  • The British government is in the middle of Brexit.

The term government in these examples is not capitalized because it does not refer to a specific government. This makes it a common noun.

Examples of questions where the term government is not capitalized:

  • Why is the current government reluctant to deport immigrants?
  • When did American governments formulate an effective plan for the benefits of their citizens?

When Is Government Capitalized?

When it is used as a proper noun

When referring to a particular entity or government, it qualifies to be capitalized regardless of where it is used in a sentence because it is considered a proper noun. For example:

  • The United States Government has taken steps to boost the economy.

Here it refers to the government of a specific country and, in this case, “The United States” so it is capitalized.

  • The Australian Government has agreed to partner with the United Kingdom Government to fight terrorism.

In this case, the term government is capitalized because it refers to specific countries, i.e., the United Kingdom, and Australia.

  • The South Africa Government is reluctant to renew foreigners’ work permits.


The term “government” is capitalized when used in headlines such as newspapers and novels. Here are examples:

  • How the Government spent $150 million to prevent malaria outbreak.
  • The “Government Untold Tale” by Jason Stewart.


When used in questions, it can be capitalized. Here are examples:

  • Why did the United States Government disregard the 2018 Supreme Court ruling?
  • What led the US Government to cancel the scholarships recently awarded to needy students from across the globe?

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  1. If United Stated Government is capitalised, surely British Government should be too as it a singular organisation? Unless you’re differentiating between terms ‘UK Government’ and ‘British Government’.

    • I agree! It’s not helpful that “the British government” is given as an example of when not to use a capital “G”, followed by “the United States Government” as an example of when a capital “G” should be used.

  2. In my novel, the US Government is building a dam that will inundate the town. As the townspeople discuss the project, they are referring to the Federal Government or US Government, but they just say “the Government.” Is it proper to capitalize “Government” in that case?.


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