What Is the Abbreviation of Government?

You may want to abbreviate the word “government” if you are writing a document, text, or notes, but it can be confusing to know the correct way to abbreviate the word. While the English language can feel complex and bloated at times, do keep in mind that there are reasons for such complexities to exist. If you are looking for brevity instead, then you may be asking how to abbreviate the word “government.”

How Do You Abbreviate Government?

There is only one abbreviation for government: govt.

The capitalization and punctuation of the government abbreviation can differ but not greatly. For example, Govt, Govt., govt., or govt are a few variations that are perfectly acceptable.

Notetakers may sometimes use an apostrophe, “gov’t”, but that is not necessary or encouraged in written documents.

Government websites use the .gov domain name, so some people have also begun using that abbreviation.

Definition of the Word

Government is considered as a system in which a nation-state or community is governed. To be governed is to have a ruler or a ruling body that keeps a nation organized and secured. There are many different forms of government and there are always conflicting ideas within a nation regarding how government should be operated in how it should be managed.

For example, a democracy is such a form of government. A monarchy is another example of what a government can be.

Synonyms for the Government

Some common synonyms for the word government are as follows: Regime, ministry, administration, council, directorate, leadership, powers that be.

When to Use the Abbreviation

This abbreviation is not typically employed outside of notes, a website, or a document. This is not an abbreviation to use during impolite conversation or anything short of a formal text platform. This is not something that teenagers would employ as a hip or trendy abbreviation.

Keep in mind that when using this abbreviation for a government that you are using this only to really look in a search bar or a Web browser to find a government website. The applications for such an abbreviation in everyday conversation within the English language is far from commonplace. That being said it is still a worthwhile abbreviation that you should know and have prepared.

You will find yourself using this not often in speaking context but in a text conversation in context. And if you do find yourself speaking about this it is often employed phonetically to be spelled out loud in order to explain what the abbreviation actually is. That’s is the minutia of English language and a small sampling of the conversations you can have within it.

Examples of Sentences Using the Abbreviation

  • You can visit the white house’s website at www.whitehouse.gov.
  • For more information regarding the US government, please visit the website at https://www.usa.gov/.
  • https://www.uscourts.gov/ has all the information you need to read up on that subject.

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  1. This information is incorrect. The correct and most common abbreviation for the word “government” is “gov’t”.

    Is this an attempt to reinvent the language in the vein of the Académie Française?

    Are you, also, in favor of the absurd “s’s”, when attempting to frame a name in the possessive? Additionally, are you the organization fomenting the misunderstanding of the meaning of the word “entitled”, and thereby banning your adherents from using it in favor of “titled”?


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