Is city capitalized?


The word “city” can be capitalized depending on when and how it is used. When used generically to describe a city which could be any city, then the word “city” is lowercase. This also includes when the word “city” is used before a named place.

However, when used as part of a proper noun, the word “city” is capitalized along with the rest of the proper name. 

You can find examples of when the word “city” is capitalized and not capitalized below.

Examples of When “City” Is Capitalized

  • New York City streets are mostly one-way.
  • Richmond City Hall
  • The City gave out several citizens’ awards.

Examples of When “City” Is Not Capitalized

  • You can’t fight city hall.
  • The city of Chicago is a great place to visit.
  • The city government is too bureaucratic.

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