Twitter Fonts – Create Cool Fonts for Twitter

Enter text below to style it in one of many fun Twitter fonts including bold text, italics font, small text, bubble text, upside down text, small caps, and backwards text! For more, you can also try ourย small text generator, fancy text generator, or cursive text generator.


How to Post Cool Font Styles on Twitter

The best part about these cool font styles (and all of the other unicode text above) is that you can easily copy and paste them to social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Follow these steps to post special Twitter fonts on Twitter:

  1. Enter your text in the “Input” field above:
    Twitter Font Generator Screenshot 1
  2. Click “Copy” at the top right of the Output box or copy the text manually by right clicking or pressing “CTRL + C” to copy the text to your clipboard.
  3. Go to and enter whatever text you want to have that’s not fancy text.
  4. Paste the bold text where you want it.
    Twitter Font Generator Screenshot 2
  5. Post!

Where Can You Use Twitter Font?

You can use Twitter fonts virtually anywhere on Twitter including in your Twitter profiles, Twitter font names, tweets, and your direct messages (DMs). You can even use these Twitter fonts outside of Twitter including in text messages and blogs.

What is Fancy and Cool Twitter Font?

Twitter font is one type of several obscure characters that can be generated above are characters that are created from Unicode. Unicode is readable by computers as logical characters, but sometimes looks cool to human eyes. We’ve taken the cool looking Unicode and incorporated it into the tool above so that you can create really cool Twitter posts or Twitter profiles. The best part is that these fonts can be posted to social media to make your posts stand out.

To use the Twitter font generator tool, just enter your text under “Input” and see the result under “Output.” The other text options you can choose from above include:

  • Bold Text: Create Twitter font that is bolded.
  • Bold Italics: Create bold italicized text in serif and sans serif styles.
  • Bold Cursive: Generate bold cursive font
  • Cursive: Generate cursive font.
  • Italics: Generate italic text.
  • Small Text: Create subscript versions of text หกโฑแตแต‰ แต—สฐโฑหข.
  • Small Caps Text: Create subscript versions of text in แดฌแดธแดธ แถœแดฌแดพหข.
  • Bubble Text: Create text that is โ“’โ“˜โ“กโ“’โ“›โ“”โ““.
  • Backwards Text: Generate text that is ๊™…bแด™Awkโ†„Ad.
  • Upside Down Text: Generate text that is spษนษสสžษ”ษq puษ uสop วpฤฑsdn.

To see what other Unicode text options are available, check out this demo site.

How Can You Create Bold Text On Twitter?

You can use our tool to create bold text on Twitter. Just enter the text taht you want to bold in the “Input” box above, select “Bold,” and copy the text from the “Output” box. It’s that easy!

How Can You Post Italic Text On Twitter?

You can use our tool to create bold text on Twitter. Just enter the text that you want to bold in the “Input” box above, select “Italics,” and copy the text from the “Output” box. It’s that easy!

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