How do you post bold text on Facebook?


Did you know that you can post bold text on Facebook that will make your status updates stand out? It’s really easy to do with our bold text generator. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to our bold text generator.
  2. Enter your text in the “Input” field above:
    step 1 - enter bold text for Facebook
  3. Click “Copy” at the top right of the Output box or copy the text manually by right clicking or pressing “CTRL + C” to copy the text to your clipboard.
  4. Go to and enter what ever text you want to have that’s not bold.
  5. Paste the bold text where you want it.
    step 2 - post bold text to Facebook
  6. Post!

The best part about bold text is that you can easily copy and paste them to social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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