Six Syllable Words

Unlike three or four-syllable words, six-syllable words are hard to come by in conversations, but there are a couple that you might already be familiar with. If you are looking for more impressive big words, check out some of these good ones:


Six Syllable Nouns

Six-syllable words run the gamut regarding part of speech, connotation, and syntax. The six-syllable nouns also range from proper to common, countable to uncountable, concrete to abstract, and so on. While many six-syllable words feature a stem word with the suffix “-tion” tagged on, they are certainly not the only ones. Here are some common six-syllable words and their meanings.

  • Capitalization: The word “capitalization” has different meanings. One of the most popular definitions of this six-syllable word is when you use an uppercase letter at the beginning of a proper noun. Other meanings include a corporation’s capital fund or share and outstanding stocks. 
  • Categorization: When you place or sort something into groups of shared features; it’s a system for putting items, concrete or abstract, or ideas into groups, like when films are categorized by genre: horror, rom-com, etc.
  • Divisibility: Something’s ability to be divided. You will often hear this six-syllable noun in mathematics. For example, 12 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6
  • Disassociation: When you purposely distance yourself between a thought, action, or concept. In psychology, it’s when you disconnect from intrusive, harmful thinking.
  • Familiarization: It’s when you acquire intimate knowledge of a person or thing from repeatedly being exposed something to or participating in a thing
  • Humidification: It’s the process wherein you incorporate moisture into the air either artificially, like when you use a humidifier, or by what happens naturally in the atmosphere
  • Hospitalization: When you’re committed to a facility for medical care, whether for a short time or long term. 
  • Reconsideration: When you reflect on or deliberate over an idea, decision, or other point of reflection, like when you weigh the pros and cons of a decision 
  • Idealization: When you glorify something or someone more than it ought to be. 
  • Nationalization: This noun means to turn privately owned resources or holdings into public ownership under government control. Basically, it’s the opposite of privatization. 
  • Legitimization: When something becomes officially allowed. It also means when you approve of something that you didn’t previously approve of
  • Excommunication: This means the process of being excommunicated or banished from the church. For instance, many Catholic priests were excommunicated due to legal convictions.
  • Illegitimacy: This six-syllable noun means the state where something or someone is illegitimate. 

Six Syllable Adjectives

These adjectives are great options if you want beefy words to color your vocabulary and writing. 

  • Categorizable: When something can be classified, it means that it is “categorizable.” For instance, you can sort a book and film based on a genre. 
  • Hallucinogenic: A drug, plant, or other substance that makes you hallucinate.
  • Differentiated: When things are made differently from others in the same category. In education, differentiated lessons teach you the same principles but use different methods.
  • Identifiable: Someone or something with recognizable characteristics or features. For instance, when you label your notebook with your name, it becomes identifiable that it belongs to you. 
  • Ecclesiastical: For this six-syllable adjective, it is appropriate to use it when talking about church or other formal institutions. For example, the priest wore ecclesiastical garments during his sermon.

Six Syllable Verbs

Just like adjectives, there are only a handful of verbs with six syllables. Here are some of them:

  • Intercommunicate: This means to communicate with another person.
  • Editorialize: When you voice your opinion or views rather than just relying on the facts.
  • Overgeneralize: If you “overgeneralize,” this means that you are generalizing too much to the point that it becomes inaccurate.
  • Telecommunicate: When you send data like pictures or videos through “telecommunication.”

List of Six Syllable Words

  • Categorizable
  • Hallucinogenic
  • Differentiated
  • Identifiable
  • Ecclesiastical
  • Capitalization
  • Categorization
  • Divisibility
  • Disassociation
  • Familiarization
  • Humidification
  • Hospitalization
  • Reconsideration
  • Idealization
  • Nationalization
  • Legitimization
  • Excommunication
  • Illegitimacy
  • Saponification   
  • Biodiversity   
  • Responsibility    
  • Personification  
  • Voluminosity     
  • Desertification   
  • Extraterrestrial   
  • Accountability         
  • Encyclopedia   
  • Identification       
  • Revolutionary           
  • Characterization    
  • Generalization   
  • Beneficiary  
  • Biotechnology     
  • Humanitarian         
  • Autobiography    
  • Rationalization        
  • Initialization    
  • Adaptability  
  • Bioluminescence  
  • Electromagnetic
  • Interrogatory
  • Intercommunicate
  • Editorialize
  • Overgeneralize
  • Telecommunicate

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