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In the English language, the word medium has two plurals, ‘media’ and ‘mediums.’ ‘Media’ as we know, is a word used in the context of communication. We know about mass media, social media, news media and multimedia. But ‘mediums’ is slightly obscure and not heated commonly. But still, both plurals of ‘medium’ have significant roles in English grammar. Also, both have their own field of application. Also, ‘media’ is not specifically singular or plural; it is a collective noun. It depends upon the situation whether we recognize it as a singular noun or a plural noun. Let’s see more about these words:

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Usually ‘media’ means various means of communication. We know about social media, television media etc. But in science, it can have a different meaning. For example, the light is entering the surface of the separation of two media.

Here it is not related to communication. But still, in both cases, it is used as a plural noun. However, media can refer to a singular noun as well. Actually, it is a collective noun. Read two examples below:

1. The media is about to come.

2. The media are about to come.

Both are correct in their own sense. Hence, the sense of the sentence or the situation decides whether we call ‘media’ singular noun or plural noun.


The use of ‘mediums’ is so uncommon that some may think about whether ‘medium’ word is a grammatically legal word or not. But this is a completely legal plural noun of ‘medium’. But it’s applications are limited in the English language.

Let’s see where it can be used.

We know that ‘medium’ also refers to the person who communicates with the dead or spirits; the word ‘mediums’ can be used to pluralise that ‘medium’.

Also, of ‘medium’ refers to an outlet of communication, then ‘media’ is used as a plural of ‘medium’ not ‘mediums’.


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