Nouns That Start With A

From common nouns to proper nouns, this list of nouns starting with A will help expand your vocabulary either in writing or playing word games like Scrabble. 

Popular Nouns That Start With A

Many nouns that begin with A are used in normal, everyday conversations. Here are some of them that you’ve probably used. 

  • Air – the gases surrounding the earth that we take into our lungs
  • Apple – A round fruit with white flesh and green or red skin
  • Age – period of time when someone or something has existed or has been alive. 
  • Answer – A verbal or written response to a question
  • Actor – Someone that acts in a movie, drama, or theater
  • Aunt – Your mother or father’s sister
  • Afternoon – The period between noon and sunset
  • Apology – Admitting an error and expressing regret
  • Anger – A strong feeling of displeasure
  • Address – A place where someone lives
  • Art – anything that stirs a person’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas.
  • Adventure – Something unusual, exciting, or daring
  • Autumn – season that occurs after summer and before winter

Common Nouns Starting With A

Just like nouns beginning with N, there are also plenty of common nouns starting with A. Here are some of them: 

  • Aisle – a passage between sections
  • Altitude – elevation above the Earth
  • Ambition – the desire to achieve something
  • Anchor – a weight dropped into the water to stop a boat
  • Anecdote – a short, entertaining, and funny story
  • Antidote – a chemical that can cure or limits a poison’s side effects 
  • Argument – A disagreement between two parties
  • Assault – An act of physical or verbal injury
  • Average – Typical or common
  • Award – A reward for success
  • Adjective – A word that describes a noun 
  • Abbreviation – A shortened form of a word or phrase
  • Animal – a living being that is not a human 

Positive Nouns That Start With A

Looking for A-nouns with a positive connotation that you can use for a friend or loved one? Here are some of your choices: 

  • Aesthete – an individual who appreciates and enjoys beauty 
  • Amateur – a beginner
  • Apathy – a behavior that doesn’t show any emotion or interest
  • Allure – a quality often associated with being attractive or exciting
  • Altruist – a person who helps other individuals without asking or expecting in return
  • Angel – someone who is good or kind to others 
  • Athlete – A person trained or naturally talented in sports
  • Ambassador – an official government representative 
  • Ace – A person who is extremely skilled or knowledgeable in any field.
  • Achiever – A successful person
  • Authority – An expert in their field 
  • Adherent – One who supports, advocates, or proposes a cause
  • Adjutant – A military personnel tasked to do office work
  • Administrator – A person in charge of directing, managing, executing, or distributing civil, governmental, or religious issues.
  • Admirer – someone who greatly values, adores, respects, or approves

Proper Nouns Starting With A

Opposite to common nouns, proper nouns are specific and always capitalized. Proper nouns, even those that start with the letter A, are typically names of countries, brands, and cities. 

  • Alabama – 22nd state in the US, located in the southeast part of the country.
  • Alaska – The 49th US state, located in the extreme northwestern part of North America.
  • Arizona – The 48th and last contiguous state to join the US
  • Arkansas – The 25th state to join the US, located in the south-central part of the United States
  • Aruba – A Caribbean Island 18 miles north of Paraguana and 50 miles northwest of Curacao
  • Atlanta – The capital city of the state of Georgia
  • August – The eighth month of the year.
  • Austin – The capital city of Texas
  • Aurora – The second largest city in Illinois
  • Australia – A country consisting of the Australian mainland, Tasmania, and several smaller islands
  • Africa – The second-largest continent after Asia.
  • Argentina – South America’s second-largest country
  • Algeria – A country situated in the northern area of Africa 
  • Angola – A country in central-southern Africa
  • Austria – a central European country
a picture showing a list of nouns that start with A.

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