Jobscan Review 2023: Get More Interviews & Beat Applicant Tracking Systems

Keep getting rejected from jobs without ever talking with someone? Want an edge up in the job search? Then you need to try Jobscan. We have used Jobscan in the past to get interviews and job offers and wanted to share this Jobscan review with you.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

The majority of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems. In fact, 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use ATS to screen candidates. ATS software enables recruiting automation so that hiring managers spend less time reviewing resumes and more time speaking with actual candidates. Or so that’s the assumption. In reality, high-quality applicants get automatically rejected all of the time because of ATS.

Applicant Tracking Systems work by scanning the text of resumes and comparing the keywords it finds with those in the job description to see how closely they compare. For example, if the job description asked for a master’s degree, the ATS would likely look for the words “master,” “masters,” or “master’s” in the resume text.

jobscan resumeHow does Jobscan help you get your resume noticed?

Jobscan requires a resume and job description to work. We’ll walk you through an example with an administrative assistant resume I got from Resume Genius and a job description from Keybank.

You can either watch the video below or read through the steps below.

1. Format your resume appropriately and then paste it into the form

First, your resume needs to be ready to copy and paste as text. You can leave out your address and contact information. Make sure you use a standard resume format.

sample resume2. Copy and paste the job description

Second, copy, paste your desired job opportunity’s job posting including the job functions and qualifications. For a while, Jobscan was suggesting leaving out the ‘About the Company’ portion of the job posting because it is not speaking to desired skills or qualifications.

job description
A sample job description

jobscan - scanning input
Input your resume and job description

3. Make your resume available to employers and get your score

Third, make sure to mark the checkbox that says ‘Make my resume searchable to recruiters.’ The more eyes on your resume the better.

4. Scan your resume

Then, by letting the tool work its magic, you get a match percentage for your resume and the job posting. According to their site, “Jobscan uses an algorithm similar to what ATS use to calculate your match rate based on skill, job title, education, etc.”

jobscan review scan 1 - match rate

Jobscan will tell you which section you should focus on by placing a big red “X” next to it. In this example report, the skills and keywords sections need to be improved.

jobscan review keywords

Hard Skills

The Hard Skills section shows you which keywords for hard skills are missing from your resume. Adding these keywords will make your resume match the job description so it is more likely that you’ll be contacted by the recruiter.

jobscan review hard skills

Soft Skills

The soft skills section tells you which keywords representing soft skills should be more prominent on your resume. These skills are related to non-technical skills and usually about how you work and interact with coworkers.

jobscan review soft skills

Jobscan recommends the top keywords that you need to add to your resume in the exact tense and wording to make sure your resume scores well on ATS. This feature is called the skill keywords comparison. You will be surprised how often you may be missing the key skills in a job posting on your resume.

5. Add keywords and update your resume

Finally, add the keywords and other suggestions from Jobscan’s Resume and Job tool to your resume and continue to run the match percentage with your updated resume against your desired job. It will be a fun challenge to increase your match percentage as high as possible, with the double benefit that it will get you more interviews. Just rinse, and repeat.

Their tool is proven to work for people and any job search coach would recommend this start-up’s tool and give a perfect 5/5 star Jobscan review. We love it and though we are not in the job market, it is fun to see how well our resumes match with job postings that seem interesting to us.

Even better, the Jobscan site will also recommend jobs that match well with your resume. Finding similar job postings to your current resume will make it easier for you to continue to use the same resume with only minor adjustments for skill keywords.

Jobscan is a big disrupter that really benefits people looking for jobs. That is why we wrote this Jobscan review. We hope this tool will benefit you during your job search like it has for us.

Jobscan Review: Worth the Cost?

Absolutely. We recommend any job searcher make the investment in Jobscan. It is likely to significantly shorten your job search time since it has a proven track record of getting candidates more interviews.

Jobscan offers 5 matches per month for free, $49.95 per month ($359.80 annually) for unlimited scans. See their plans here.

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