Jasper.ai Review (Previously Jarvis.ai and Conversion.ai): Can AI Write Better Content Than Humans?

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Recently, there has been a lot of marketing around AI content writing tools. There are quite a few available, but today we’re going to focus on one of the more popular ones by providing a full Jasper.ai review.

These tools claim to help you write better content, write content faster, and give you ideas about what to write. We decided to test these assumptions by putting Jasper to the test.

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In this Jasper.ai review, we’ll explain what AI content writing tools do, tell you about the features of Jasper.ai, and show you some examples of how we tested the tool so that you can determine if it is right for you.

What Is Jasper.ai (Previously Jarvis.ai)?

Jasper.ai (formerly Jarvis.ai and Conversion.ai) is an AI-powered content writing tool that claims to help people write better content.

Just take a look at one of their ads on Facebook:

The company was founded in 2020 in Austin, TX and currently has 8 employees according to LinkedIn.

Who Should Use Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai claims that just about anyone who writes can use their tool including bloggers, marketers, copywriters, social media managers, and more.

Judging by the number of templates available, we think this is a fair assessment.

Image 2

The marketing for Jasper.ai claims to support this target audience by making pitches such as:

  • Boost ad conversions with better copy
  • End writer’s block with ideas from a robot
  • Finish your first draft 2-5X faster
  • Create original content that ranks for SEO
  • Scale up you content marketing faster

To test these claims, we put Jasper.ai to the test. In the next section, we’ll show you some demos of how we used the tool to create ideas and content.

Key Features

Jasper.ai has a few key features that we love:

  • Create over 50+ different types of content from pre-built templates
  • Generate blog ideas
  • Create headlines for social media and ads
  • Combine your most commonly used processes into “recipes” for faster content creation
  • Write and translate content in 26+ languages
  • Improve your existing content with the “Content Improver”
  • Surfer SEO integration (30-day $1 trial included)

Demos of Using Jasper.ai

In order to give you a full review of Jasper.ai, we used several examples to demonstrate the power of Jasper.ai.

In this section and the Accuracy section below, we used the following examples:

  • How to replace your showerhead
  • What is in a flu shot
  • How to forgive someone
  • Ammoon oboe product description

Generating Article and Copy Ideas

Billing itself as a way to “end writer’s block”, Jasper.ai has several tools to help you generate ideas for new articles, ads, or general copy. We used the “Perfect Headline” tool to create example headlines for our showerhead article.

Jarvis Headlines


Creating Long-Form Content

To test the long-form content creation, we tried creating an article about “what is a flu shot”. Let’s see how that turned out:

Using the Content Improver

Jasper.ai has a cool “Content Improver” feature that lets you take existing content and rewrite it. This can certainly have nefarious purposes, such as content spinning, but can certainly help to improve your content as written.

To test this feature, we tried to improve an article about how to forgive someone:


Flu Shot Article (Long Form Content)

Given the potential misinformation associated with the flu shot, we felt like this would be a good test of the AI’s ability. As expected, Jarvis.ai did include some inaccurate information. In the section about “what’s in a flu shot” we asked the program to “explain it like a 5th grader” and this is what it said:

Inaccuracies in Jarvis.ai
Inaccuracies in Jasper.ai

However, according to the CDC, mercury has not been included in flu shots since 1999.

In general, the rest of the article was ok albeit not very informative.

Image 4


Showerhead Article (Perfect Headline / Long Form Content)

Perfect Headline

First, we wanted to have Jasper.ai generate headlines for the showerhead article. We then ran these headlines through our headline analyzer and came up with the following scores:

Image 7

Our original title, “A Complete Guide to Swapping Your Showerheads,” scored a 64 while the AI-generated headline “Replace your shower head in 3 steps” scored a 69. Good job, Jasper.ai! We decided to swap the headline.

Long-Form Content

We also had Jasper.ai try to write an article that we already have live on one of our websites so that we could compare the output. The subject was “how to change your showerhead.” In general, the results were pretty good, but again not detailed enough for an actual article or for SEO. If we wanted to include this content, we would have to add a few sentences to each section.

Image 6

Can Jasper.ai be used to built affiliate websites around product reviews?

Another key question we wanted to be answered about Jasper.ai was whether it could actually be used to create affiliate websites. Affiliate product review websites focus on SEO and keyword research to drive traffic to certain products that they recommend. Generally, the information about these products is little more than what’s already available on the Amazon product page so we wanted to see what Jasper.ai would do with product-related content.

Oboe Product Description (Content Improver)

First, we ran a product description from one of our existing affiliate websites through Jasper. The results were ok, but given the technical nature of understanding what an oboe is, the AI didn’t perform very well since it compared it to “bamboo pipes and clarinets”. If we used this text on our website about oboes, oboe players would be mad. Also, we’re not sure where the $400 came from, but this is actually a rough estimate of the price of Ammoon oboes on eBay.

Jarvis.ai Review - Content Improver

Portable Fish Finder (Amazon Product Description template)

We next copied and pasted the features from an Amazon product page (Garmin Striker Plus 4) into the tool.

Jarvis.ai Review - Product Description

We pasted in the following text:

  • Includes dual-beam transducer with Garmin Chirp traditional sonar for crystal-clear images and remarkable target separation
  • Built-in Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software lets you create and store maps with 1’ contours for up to 2 million acres
  • Built-in GPS lets you mark waypoints, create routes and view boat’s speed
    Bright, Sunlight-readable 4.3” display and intuitive user interface
  • Rugged design for every fishing environment. Frequencies supported: Traditional: 50/77/83/200 kHz, Transmit power: 200 W (RMS)

We got back the following paragraphs:

The Garmin Striker Plus 4 with Dual-Beam Sonar is the ultimate fish finder for serious fishermen. With a built-in GPS, you can mark waypoints, create routes and view boat speed. The bright, sunlight-readable 4.3” display features intuitive user interface and dual-beam transducer with Garmin Chirp traditional sonar for crystal clear images and remarkable target separation. Includes Built-in Garmin quickdraw contours mapping software lets you create and store maps with 1’ contours for up
The Striker Plus 4 is the ultimate fish finder with dual-beam transducer, integrated GPS and CHIRP sonar. The built-in Garmin Quickdraw contours mapping software allows you to create and store maps with 1’ contours for up to 2 million acres. It also includes a built-in GPS that lets you mark waypoints, create routes and view boat’s speed. Plus it has a bright sunlight readable 4.3” display so you can see your screen even on the brightest days

The results are decent, but still require quite a bit of tweaking before we published them on our websites.


Not knowing exactly what inputs the Jasper.ai AI is using for their models, we were particularly concerned with plagiarism risks. If Jasper.ai copied content from the web and then reorganized it as output, that was a no-go.

First, we took the “flu shot” article and ran it through Quetext.com, one of our favorite plagiarism checkers.

Image 10

It gave us an 11% copied content score, which isn’t great. Better than we were expecting, but higher than the 1-2% we typically consider acceptable for our articles.

Next, we took the showerhead article and did the same thing:

Image 11

Again, not the greatest plagiarism score, but given how short the content is we’d expect this percentage to go down over time.

Grammar and Readability

We also wanted to test how these articles performed from a grammar and readability standpoint. We used Grammarly and ProWritingAid to check.

How did the flu shot piece do?

Image 15

Grammarly gave the flu shot article a 87/100 while ProWritingAid gave it an 82% with a reading level of grade 5.

Image 16

How did the showerhead article do?

Grammarly gave the showerhead article an 87/100 while ProWritingAid gave it an 82% with a grade 7 level readability.

Image 13
Grammarly gave the showerhead article an 87
Jarvis.ai Review - Grammar 2
ProWritingAid gave the showerhead an 82%

Overall, Jasper.ai scored well on both grammar and readability, although part of this may be because Grammarly and ProWritingAid are also built on AI platforms. Therefore, Jasper.ai likely optimizes for good AI grammar and readability scores.

How did our human-written piece compare?

For comparison, we ran the article we (humans) actually wrote and edited through Grammarly and ProWritingAid and got higher scores on grammar.

Jarvis.ai Review - Grammar


Jasper.ai offers three main pricing models, all offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis. Only the Pro and Boss Mode plans have long-form content which is what you need to generate blog posts.

Jarvis.ai Review - Pricing
FeatureStarterProBoss Mode
50+ Short-Form Copywriting Templates
Long-Form ContentX
Workspace DocsX
Jarvis CommandsX
Unlimited RunsX
2,000-3,000 Character Lookback
Project Folders5UnlimitedUnlimited
UsersUnlimited1 user included. $40 per additional user.1 user included. $50 per additional user.
Supported Languages25+25+25+
Chat Support
AI Copywriter’s Community

Want to try Jasper.ai for free?

Jasper.ai has a free trial so that you can test it, too!


Can You Get a Jasper.ai (Jarvis) Free Trial?

Yes! Jasper wants you to be fully committed to the product before you spend a dime. They offer up to 10,000 words for free. Just go here to get a free trial of Jasper.

Overall Jasper.ai Review

While Jasper.ai definitely makes a valiant attempt at replacing a human writer, we’re not sure whether we’re ready to replace our full-time writers with AI just yet. We didn’t trust the results of flu shot article, but as long as you have a fact-checker and proofreader reviewing these auto-generated articles as a sanity check, you should be ok.

After all, Jasper.ai created content still needs editing and proofreading. It is great for your “first draft” as they claim it helps with idea generation, but we probably won’t be letting it write a full article just yet. When paired with Grammarly, the results were better, but we would likely still require several hours to make an article perfect. We hope that this Jasper.ai review has helped you make an informed decision about whether to start using Jasper.ai.

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