How to Generate New Topics for Blog Articles

Are you stuck coming up with your next blog article because you can’t find the right idea? We’re here to help. We’ve had this issue many times and whether it’s just writer’s block or not understanding our audience well enough, we don’t want it to happen to you. Below we’ve outlined several methods we’ve used in the past to get unstuck and get back to blogging.

The Blog Topic Generator Method

If you haven’t tried our free blog title generator, go check it out here. You can also use our writing prompt generator. Sometimes you just need a tool that automatically generates random titles for you to spark creativity. Just enter a noun, click “Generate Blog Topics,” and away you go!

blog title generator - Rocks
Check out our blog title generator

The Nat Eliason Method

Ok, I’ll admit I don’t actually know who Nat Eliason is, but I read his article on Sumo a few years ago and I always reference it if I’m looking for new material. His article is primarily about how to grow a blog from 0 visitors a month to over 10K, but the method he describes can be applied to a blog of any size.

The basis of Nat’s method is to create a spreadsheet with several columns, each dedicated to a different category related to your primary blog topic. The example he uses is a tea blog so he creates one column for “types of tea,” another for “tea locales,” etc. He then creates a column at the end with generators, i.e. title prefixes, which he then concatenates with the words from the columns to generate an initial blog topic pipeline.

blog topic generator
Nat’s method for generating blog topics

Read the full article to learn how Nat expands on this method to create hundreds of potential article ideas ranked by SEO potential.

The SEO Method

If you have some experience with SEO and keyword research, this might be the method for you. On another blog of mine, I’ve outlined a way to generate blog topics by doing customer research through keyword research.

Essentially, you can use a keyword planner, like KWFinder, to find top searched keywords with low competition. The great part is you can look for related keywords even for very general keywords which will help you refine your blog topics.

Check out my post here on how I generate blog topics by iterating on the generic word “hiking”: Choosing a Blog Topic

Try Some Methods to Beat Writer’s Block

If all else fails you can try some basic tools for unblocking writer’s block. We wrote a post a while ago about how to beat writer’s block.

Some of our favorite ways are:

  • Change your scenery
  • Do some stream of consciousness writing
  • Look at social media or read news headlines

Read the full post here.


Hopefully, this list of methods to ideate on blog topics helped and got you unstuck! Once you have a potential blog title in mind make sure to run it through our Headline Analyzer to make sure it will do well in Google and on social media.

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