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Do you have writer’s block and aren’t sure what your next blog topic should be? Need a catchy blog title for your next post? Use our blog title generator below by simply entering a noun into the text box and click “Generate Topics.” Our blog title generator will give you 10 new blog titles every time you click “Generate Topics.”

How to Use The Blog Title Generator

Using our blog title generator is easy. All you have to do is enter a noun in the text box above, click “Generate Blog Topics,” and copy and paste your favorite. It’s that easy!

Why Are Blog Titles Important?

Blog titles are the first thing that people see when they search Google. What you include in your blog title could be the difference between people clicking on your article or clicking on a competitor of yours.

What Does a Good Blog Title Have?

A great blog title contains several components including keywords, power words, and the length. You can check your titles for all of these components by using our Headline Analyzer. Each of the titles created from our blog title generator above include a link to check it in the Headline Analyzer so you can refine it to be the best.


Great blog titles include the SEO keyword that you are trying to rank for. No matter what keyword research tool you use (we love KWFinder), you want to make sure that you find a keywrod that both represents the topic of your blog article and is relatively easy to rank for. If you use WordPress, we highly recommend getting Yoast to check whether your blog title and article contains enough of your target keyword.

Power Words

Power words are a great way to grab users’ attention and increase conversion and clickthrough rates. Using more power words in your headlines will lead to better SEO performance. We have over 600 power words that you can choose from to include in your blog title.


The best blog titles are less than 600 pixels (the standard title length that Google shows in search results) which works out to about 5-7 words. This is the ideal length for a blog title if you want search engine users to see the entire title.

Types of Great Blog Titles


Questions often trigger people to click from Google so that they can get an answer to their question. “What words are capitalized in a title” is a common question that drives traffic to our main title capitalization tool, but we also get a lot of traffic to our various FAQs that literally answer only one question each.

How Tos

People often search for instructions of how to perform various tasks online. From how you can make money from your writing to how to self publish a book, “how to” questions drive a lot of traffic.


A classic of viral blog Buzzfeed, listicles (article titles that start with a number and discuss a list of what ever the topic is) feed an instinctual desire to consume bite-size pieces of information. They are quick to skim through and are more pleasing to read than blocks of text.

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