How to Write Emotional Headlines


A headline is an essential part of article writing. It’s the first thing that grabs the attention of readers and tells them what your article is about. If your headlines are not getting clicked and shared, you’re probably not adding emotional elements to it. 

In this post, we will learn how to create emotional headlines that will help you stand out from the rest, but before that, let’s get to know what exactly is an emotional headline.

What is an Emotional Headline?

Emotional headlines are those that include words or phrases that trigger certain emotions and feelings. Emotional words are compelling and influence people to take a certain action. When you use emotional words such as guaranteed, free, easy/simple, and more in your headlines, they entice readers to click on your article. It is often noticed that happy and positive emotional headlines drive more clicks and shares.

Tips to Write Emotional Headlines

Before you start creating content for your website or blog, it’s essential to learn about your target audience. It will help you understand their emotions and feelings, and you will be able to create better headlines.

You can get to know your target readers by creating reader personas, conducting user surveys, and using tools like Google analytics. Once you have information about your readers’ age, gender, location, and income, you can create an image of your audience in your mind and write headlines that will lift their emotional level.  

Study Your Headlines Carefully

Read your headlines closely and notice the words you’re using. Also, observe how many words are used in a headline. Though most headlines are 70 characters or less, you may write a longer headline if it is evoking the emotion of your readers justifiably.

Write At least 10 Headlines Per Post

Before you make a final selection, you should write at least 8 to 10 headlines per post. Remember, the more effort you put in, the better result you will get. The transformation of your own headlines will help you understand what makes a great headline. Keep playing with your headline combination until you find the best. 

Use a Headline Analyzer tool

If you’re not sure about our headline, you can use a headline analyzer tool. There are many tools out there that can help you evaluate your headline based on different data points. A headline analyzer tool helps you make your headlines easy to read and ensure that they have a perfect score for SEO and Sentiments. With some tools, you can also check the emotional score, or sentiment, of your headline.

If you think your headline is not working as per your expectation, you can make changes to it and repost your content. Some marketers re-post their articles on social media using different headlines to see which work the best. 

Read Your Headlines Out Loud

It is one of the ideal ways to analyze if your headlines are making sense and are emotional enough. You can examine the following things after reading your headlines out loud.

  • What is my instant reaction?
  • How do I feel after reading the headline?
  • How would readers react to the headline after reading it?

Popular Words for Creating Emotional Headlines

Power words and emotional words trigger responses from potential readers. We recommend using at least one or two of these words in your headline. Whether you use these titles on social media, Youtube, email, or other channels, you will definitely get more clicks.


By nature, we people are attracted to the word “free.” We get more alert upon hearing this word. Even people can queue for hours to get free stuff. Therefore, it is a powerful emotional word to be used in a headline.


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Learning something new can be difficult for everyone. You might have noticed that people often look up the internet to find easy ways to learn new things. If your post reveals some easy ways to do something, you can use this powerful word in your headline.


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“Guarantee” is an effective emotional trigger word that provides people with assurance, trust, and security that something will work, and if not, they will get compensation.  


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The word “today” can be used to indicate two things. It tells people that the content is relevant in the current scenario. Additionally, it can be used to create a sense of urgency.


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  • Summer Sales 2020 Ends Today.


While the word “huge” doesn’t show an exact quantity, when we see this word, we often take for granted that it is very large. 


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Everything You Need

A lot of people use this phrase in Google when searching for a particular thing. When you use the phrase “everything you need” in your headline, it lets readers know that this is just the article you need.


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“Save” is another powerful emotional word in the list that enables people to take action to buy. When we see an offer of buy one get one free or 30% off, we get attracted. Using this word in your headline, you can surely get a large number of clicks.


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The internet contains a lot of fake news and information. As a result, many content creators or publishers have started using this emotional word in headlines to let users know that the information they are providing is credible.


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Nowadays, no one wants to waste their precious time. When you use words like “Instant” or “Fast” in your headlines, it states that you’re going to provide a short and straightforward article.


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  • 5 Fast Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Of course, these are not the only emotional words that you can use in your headlines. This is just to give you an idea about how you can use them in headlines. It’s advisable to choose emotional words as per the relevancy of your article’s subject; you can’t use any random emotional word in your headline.

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